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Best Dipping Belts

Do you wish to add a little more resistance to your workout routine but still perform body weight exercises? If yes, a dipping belt is your ultimate solution. They play a vital role in boosting your exercises by adding additional weight to a range of exercises such as weighted dips, weighted pull ups and weighted chin ups. As a result, they help increase your body stamina and enhance upper body muscle building.

Dipping belts are made from a range of different materials and are available in an array of styles and sizes to meet various user needs. As a rule of thumb, the ideal dip belt should be strong, comfortable and durable for an outstanding workout experience. But, that’s not always the case. There are plenty of dip belt brands claiming to be the best, making it very confusing to choose the best tool for the task… but that’s where we come in.

Perhaps you intend to buy a dip belt but you have no idea where to start? Well, you are in the right place. We have tried and tested the 5 best dipping belts to ease your selection headache. Let our ultimate guide help you compare and narrow down your picks as we help you find the best dip belt in the UK.

Our Ultimate Buying Guide For The Best Dipping Belt

What are dipping belts?

Dipping belts come as vital workout tools found in most modern gyms and back packs of many bodybuilders. It is a strap that wraps around the user’s waist that gives extra weight resilience through weighted plates and are ideal for using when using parallettes or dip bars. Hence, it makes workouts extra challenging and can promote hypertrophy. You will find most of them with a tail and a chain for attaching the weight onto. So, the weighted plates tend to dangle between your legs and let you do dips and pull-ups with ease.

Benefits of dipping belts

Here are just some of the main benefits of using a purpose made dip belt.

Excellent performance
A dip belt is a standard tool used mostly by dedicated bodybuilders and for good reasons. They allow for easy use of progressive workouts like pull-ups and chin-ups. These exercises are ideal for strengthening the back, chest, and bicep muscles. In other words, they contribute to the development of the upper body.

Designed with safety in mind
These handy tools get rid of pressure from the spine by hanging from your waist and between your legs. Hence, it offers excellent protection to your back because the weight gets concentrated on your hamstrings, glutes, and quads but not on your back. It is also safer than holding a dumbbell between your feet and offers a more balanced weight distribution.

Improves body strength and stamina
A dip belt can promote the cardiovascular system and build muscles. Typically, it will help increase muscle mass and help build strength as a result of overloading your workout. This helps in boosting your general stamina hence is beneficial to athletes. If you wish to strengthen your training a dip belt is one of the perfect choices to make.

Offers variance to your exercises
Sometimes, you can get bored having repetitive workouts for long periods. Dip belts help to make you more innovative for varied styles; thus, making your exercise regime more interesting.

They are durable
Dip belts are distinct from other forms of resistance workouts like kettlebells, medicine balls or dumbbells. They have a robust material construction and design. As a result, you should only need to buy once in a lifetime and be able to enjoy long-term use, making them highly economical.

What To Look For In A Dipping Belt

Plenty of dipping belts boast excellent design with rigid, quality and robust materials. However, there are some other considerations which you should keep in mind to find the right belt for you, they include:

Most dipping straps come in one size that fits all. The deal here is to choose one that will suit you. Most importantly, consider both your waist size and height for the best performance. One with a longer chain or strap can be best for users with a big waist and who are tall.

Dipping belts are made from various different materials; they have leather or fabric material construction. Even though they have the same durability, their comfort levels tend to vary. For example, those made of fabric materials like neoprene tend to be more comfortable but those made from leather tend to last for more extended periods of time. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the type of material that will suit your needs when buying your belt.

When alone, dip belts tend to be fairly light and portable. If you like visiting a gym for your workouts, you would want to carry your dipping strap along with other necessities such as gym shoes in your backpack. Thus, pick one with less weight for easy carrying and storage convenience without sacrificing its quality.

Chain length
No-one would want the weights attached to sit right on their crotch during a workout. Thus, it is crucial to choose a dipping belt with long straps or chains for comfortable use. Although this will compromise the belt’s portability, it enhances stability.

Our Best Dipping Belts

No we have a good understanding of what to look for, let’s explore our top 5 picks. We have listed these in preferential order (1 being our favourite) but that doesn’t necessarily mean our top pick is best for you. Be sure to read each selection and choose the belt that you think is right for your needs.

York Dipping Belt

York Fitness Black Dipping Belt with Chain The York Dipping Belt is a standout contender and comes from one of the most reputable names in the industry. It comes with a reliable and chrome plated chain with welded links. Hence, relieving you the burden of extra spending on unnecessary costs and adds to the belt’s durability. This unit has an exceptional design that offers a one size that is fit for all. So, you can have the assurance that it will fit your waist and height demands with ultimate ease.

Are you looking for the best unit for effortless overloading during dipping or chinning? Well, the York Dipping Belt should be your go-to solution. The belt gives more resistance to your bodyweight exercises such as dips, chins, and pull-ups. Plus, it can hold tremendous weights of up to 40 kgs in discs without breaking.

Moreover, it features the best quality and heavy-duty leather construction. Hence, the belt tends to have extra strength and resilience – enough to last for extended periods. You will also find the belt has a soft leather material construction on the inside. So, expect to get the utmost comfort when using the strap.

This belt is pretty budget friendly and therefore you will spend a reasonable amount of money for an excellent workout experience. The best part is, this fantastic dipping strap has an overall length of 152cm, including the chain. Thus, it ensures top-notch stability for better performance.

It comes with an increased width at the rear to provide more support. It is available in black with an elegant brand name written in black and red colours. Hence, it exists as a beautiful add-on to your gym bag or workout place. At a weight of just over 1kg the York Dipping Belt is easily portable.

Besides, it has a generous sizing of 32 by 23.88 by 19.05 cm, which allows for convenient storage. So, the dip belt can fit in your bag pack with ease and enhances portability.

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AQF Dipping Belt

AQF Dipping Belt Body Building Weight Lifting Dip Chain Exercise Gym Training NeopreneThe AQF Dipping Belt comes next as one of the best bodybuilding tools the market has to offer. It is the perfect choice for handling weighted chin-ups and pull-ups. Also, it stands out as the ideal hip belt for squats. This exclusive dip belt has a width measurement of about 6.5-inch.

The good thing is, the chain is easy to adjust, meaning that there is one size for all. As a result, you won’t have worries about finding a perfect fit with this deluxe dipping belt from AQF.

The AQF Dipping Belt has a high-quality dual polypropylene and nylon padding. Therefore, it comes super strong and is highly durable. It also features an inner mesh that enhances breathability and comfort while in use.

The AQF belt boasts heavy-duty and long chains. This means that the belt can support heavy weights as you desire without breaking and gives you a good feeling of safety. Furthermore, it offers you the best way to take your workouts to the next level as it can help you break plateaus met when using other bodyweight tools.

You will find it super easy to use. It comes with a premium quality clip and chain carabiner, making it effortless to add your preferred weight attachments. The AQF woven label gives the product an incredibly striking and elegant look that you will like.

Do you want to gain triceps; chest, back muscles, and improve body stamina? If yes, the AQF Dipping Belt should be your ultimate choice. It engages the upper and lower body muscles with the utmost efficiency. This occurs during weighted hip hinges, pull-ups, dips, and hip belt squat workouts.

More so, its design allows you to add intensity to bodyweight exercises. Hence, you become stronger. It weighs only 500 grams and has a generous size to allow for easy portability.

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Ultra-Fitness Dipping Belt

ULTRA FITNESS Dipping Belt 7 inch Back Support 30'' Chain, Pro Neoprene Dip Belt For Bodybuilding With Long Clip Release System Back Support Made From Double Stitched Polypropylene (Black)The Ultra-Fitness Dipping Belt is a great choice for those who like to pull up and perform dip workouts. With a whole host of positive reviews from users and a being a consistent high performer in industry testing, this is a solid option. The belt is one size fits all, assuring you to get an ideal unit that suits your waist with no hassle thanks to the adjustable nature of it.

If you love products made of leather material, the Ultra-Fitness Dipping Belt is best for you. It boasts 100% pure natural cowhide leather construction. So, it makes it very tough, reliable, and more durable. You will enjoy using it for your pull up and dip exercises long enough, due to its endurance to any form of wear and tear while in use.

Moreover, the heavy-duty chain lets you get excellent body weight gain with confidence as it feels super secure.  The best part is, Ultra-Fitness Dipping Belt has a soft padded broad back. As a result, it allows for remarkable body support and stability. You can expect a good level of durability and this belt will hold weights of up to 120 kgs without breaking.

The Ultra-Fitness belt has a suede lining that offers extra cushioning for comfortable use but does not impact breathability. With a total length of 165cm, the belt is wide enough for a perfect fit. Through our testing we found that it will not fall while in use, unlike some budget belts. The clip included makes it easy to add weight attachments and is quick and easy to use.

If you don’t get satisfied with this dip belt, you can get your money back from the manufacturer thanks to the reliable warranty and customer support offered. The strap measures 73 by 18 by 2-cm and weighs as low as 800g. Therefore, you won’t have trouble carrying your dip strap from home to the gym.

You will like how elegant the belt looks with the natural leather colour. It’s an outstanding workout tool and is well worth the investment.

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RDX Dipping Belt

RDX Dipping Belt for Weight Lifting with Adjustable Steel Chain- Great for Chin Pull Ups, Weighted Parallel Dips, Platform Squats, Calf Raises - 6” Back Support for Powerlifting, Strength TrainingThe RDX Dipping Belt is the go-to solution for performing dips and chin pull-ups. It helps users gain upper body strength with ultimate ease and comfort. Besides, this unit stands out as a heavy-duty model, making it best for fitness and functional training drills.

It has a 32-inch HG-steel chain link and D-shackles with carabiners. Hence, it enables you to carry extreme weights with ease and comfort.

The RDX Dipping Belt features a reinforced polypropylene construction. Therefore, you can attach as heavy weights as you desire with the utmost confidence. The belt guarantees you a lifelong usage which makes it an incredible one-time investment.

The dip strap is 10-inches thick and 6-inches wide. So, it offers perfect core stability for top-notch performance. Its premium quality neoprene inner lining boasts an advanced sweat-wicking technology; this provides extra comfort and support to the back for a comfortable feel.

Thus, you can opt for heavyweight lifting, belt squat, or weighted dips. Also, you can perform weighted donkey calf exercises, among others. The outer segment has a strengthened sturdy nylon fabric material for incredible durability.

The RDX Dipping Belt can sustain tough workout sessions due to its resistance to wear and tears. The fabric construction and brand design give it an eye-catching look.

The D-shackles give a secure attachment for plates, kettlebells, and dumbbells. So, there is no need to cross your fingers, since the weights get attached very firmly to prevent falling or swinging sideways while in use.

Most importantly, the belt helps to maintain your body’s stability. Plus, the weights attached don’t bang while performing exercises. Another good thing is that you will enjoy a professional customer care service. The belt assures top-quality performance and gives you ultimate satisfaction.

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Elite Body Squad Dipping Belt

Dipping Belt - Elite Body Squad Pro Neoprene Dip Belt For Bodybuilding With Long 30 Inch Chain + Unique Double Clip Release System - 7" Back Support Made From Double Stitched Polypropolene - Strength Tested Up To 40kg The Elite Body Squad Dipping Belt might be last on our list but it is still a great choice.  It is ideal for bodybuilders interested in developing herculean biceps. This belt should be your pick if you want to gain a broad V-shaped back and chiselled horseshoe triceps.

It features superior materials and is crafted to a premium quality by a fairly well known manufacturer. You will find it with an extended heavy-duty chain which allows the belt to hold the most significant weights of up to 40 kgs without a issue. The design is such that the attachments hang away from your body to prevent injuries.

Also, the Elite Body Squad Dipping Belt boasts a well-padded neoprene construction. You will find it super comfortable and it is made to sit securely on the user’s hips. Therefore, the belt doesn’t slip or dig into the skin, unlike those made of leather. More importantly, its unique construction makes the dip belt ultra-durable.

The double-stitched polypropylene outer sheath assures you extraordinary strength and durability. The black colour and the brand label make the dipping belt super elegant. The best part is, the belt has an ergonomic design. Hence, it fits and aligns well with the shape and contour of your body.

It has an ultra-lightweight and compact design. Therefore, the dip strap is comfortable and excellent for carrying to and from the gym. Moreover, the 75-inch long chain has two clip systems for easy and fast loading and unloading of the belt. Plus, you can add or get rid of weights effortlessly.

This pro dip belt comes with an extra thick 7-inch width to provide top-notch back support, which gives extra stability for outstanding performance.

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Final Thoughts

Dipping straps are one of the best workout tools that anyone serious about their muscle gains is likely to need at some point. Whether you are a novice or at a professional level, there is much to achieve from adding a dip belt to your workout regime. Their benefits are plenty, including helping users to gain upper body muscles.

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