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Best Gym Bags For Women

Our editor Michelle Taylor made it her mission to find the best gym bags for women. Read on and she reveals her top 10 picks and why she loves them…

Sometimes we can overlook the smaller things – you’re all kitted out for the gym. As a woman, you have found the most comfortable footwear, your sports bra fits just right and the leggings you bought match your t-shirt perfectly.

If like a lot of people these days, you are heading to the gym before or straight after work, you need something to carry all your gym gear in. The only problem is you’ve either thrown your old gym bag away because it’s seen better days, or you’ve misplaced it since it’s been so long that you’ve needed it. Finding the best women’s gym bag might not be high on your agenda, but finding one that will stand the test of time and look the part should be.

With so many of us having to work out at home, maybe you feel now is the right time to get back into the thick of it and I’m sure you’re just as excited as I was to walk through those doors for my first session.

If you’re looking for an upgrade or just want something fresh and new, then you’ve come to the right place, as we bring you the lowdown on our 10 best gym bags for women.

Let’s not waste any time getting straight into it.

Nike Women’s Gym Club 2.0 Gym Bag

To start our list of the best women’s gym bags we have an offering from well-known brand Nike. They are renowned for making top quality sports gear and they do not let us down here.

This bag is, like most on our list, a holdall style. With a wide double zip opening at the top, as well as inner and outer pockets.

It can hold up to 24 litres and while it has a lovely compact design to it, rest assured you will be able to fit everything you need for your session in this bag.

Although, unlike the ICEIVY bag (which we feature a little further down on our list), this one does not have a separate place for your trainers, with enough space in the bag itself, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

It has two carry handles and a detachable strap, giving you multiple ways to carry it. The longer strap is comfortable when on your shoulder thanks to its durable ripstop fabric, which is seen throughout the whole bag. It also extendable so you can find the perfect fit, and it can simply be hung on your shoulder or used as a cross body bag.

Overall, Nike give us another well-made product here, which can be purchased in either black or pink.

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PUMA Women’s Evercat Dispatch Duffel Bag

Puma gives us another holdall style bag which has a long adjustable shoulder strap. It can be worn across the body or on your shoulder.

It comes in black, with the Puma name in large bronze/rose gold letters on the front, giving a hint of cuteness to an otherwise sleek design.

While this bag is a little smaller than some on this list, the space is still deceiving. It is lightweight and if you’re heading to the gym in your workout gear, it’s a perfect choice and can easily fit in your towel, drinks, and personal belongings such as your phone and purse.

You will be pleasantly surprised that you will also be able to fit your trainers in the bottom of the bag, so the lack of an extra shoe compartment shouldn’t be a big deal.

The opening to the main compartment is accessed using two zips which opens up to a wide section. Inside you get a side pocket with zip access. This is ideal for your smaller items, so they do not get lost in the vast space of the rest of the bag.

On the outer side of the bag you get another zipped pocket, giving ample storage for your keys or loose change. Although unlike other bags, this has fewer pockets, for a gym bag with simplicity and style, Puma have done well here.

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Fila Sprinter Gym Bag

Fila undoubtedly had women in mind when designing this gym bag – and we love it! We’ll start with the most important one (in my mind anyway) which is the number of pockets it has.

First of all, the main opening has two zips for you to easily put your larger belongings in. Then we have the inside mesh compartment on the lid of the bag – perfect for the likes of your keys or purse.

Next there are the two pockets either side of the bag, again that both open using zips.

And if that wasn’t enough there is also a compartment on the front side that is ideal for storing your drinks bottle.

The bag comes in 3 brightly coloured options – perfect for those that like to stand out in a crowd.

By now you will have noticed the theme – this is another holdall style bag. The large shoulder strap is adjustable, with the added benefits of being detachable and padded to give you comfort as it sits on your shoulder. Similarly, the two smaller straps also have pads making it easy to grip.

The material is made from ripstop fabric and has reinforced stitching – if you’re looking for a hardwearing, durable, and practical gym bag – look no further than the Fila Sprinter.

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Adidas Women’s Gym Bag

Next, we have a vibrant choice from Adidas. While it still has the style of a holdall, we love the edginess this bag offers.

Showing the Adidas logo in black against the neon yellow background, it oozes flair. And the mesh material all over just gives it that extra bit of style.

Following the style of most on this list, there are two smaller handles in the middle of the bag and one adjustable shoulder strap.

After the vast amount of storage compartments that Fila had to offer, Adidas seem to have gone in the opposite direction and decided not to offer such pleasure with their bag. But don’t be too disheartened because the overall space that this gym bag provides is more than enough to hold all of the required sports gear.

Inside there is a small, zipped pocket that is ideal for your little items and also a mesh pocket to the side which can easily store your purse or phone.

This bag would complete any gym goers look with its vibrant colour and sporty image. The price sits in the middle of those on this list and it is worth every penny.

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Next on our list is the ICEIVY Gym Bag and the first thing we notice are the number of compartments it has.

Firstly, you have the main zip compartment which is large enough to hold your gym gear, towel, and water bottle. As well as having a smaller inside pocket that can take care of your personal possessions such as your phone or purse.

What I really like about this bag is the fact that it is not just one main compartment, but two.

You get two separate zips that open the two main spaces. This is such a good feature when you know you don’t want to mix your gym clothes with your towel. Or you’ve come straight from work and you want to keep your work items tucked away from anything damp or dirty.

You then have another outside zip pocket – no more scrambling around for money for the locker or an extra drink. Just store your spare change in this handy little compartment.

And now onto the really useful part – the shoe compartment. Does anybody really want to put their sweaty shoes in with all their other belongings? If you’ve been for an outdoor run or you just want to keep them separate, then this bag is the ideal choice.

It comes in a choice of pink or black and it will work with any outfit you choose to wear for your session.

This bag has a few ways you can carry it too, so whether it’s just slung over your shoulder as you walk into the gym or you’re wearing it on your back as a rucksack while you go on a hike – you will be carrying this bag in comfort with its durable, extendable straps. The shoulder strap is also detachable for your convenience. The two carry handles make it easy to carry as a holdall thanks to their padding.

On top of all this, you also get a drawstring bag to keep your wet clothes or towels separate, and with the gym bag having the added value of being water resistant, it really does seem to have it all.

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Under Armour Women’s Duffel Gym Bag

Another brightly coloured choice now – this time from Under Armour. While this sits at the higher end of the price range, we can certainly see why. You can quite easily fit your gym clothes, footwear, and towel in here. Similarly if you are heading to the gym straight from work – you’ll be surprised at the space you have to fit your uniform and shoes in.

There is an inside pocket which would be perfect to store any valuables, and with a full-length zip to access the space inside, Under Armour have made a bag that is both practical and stylish.

The material is made from UA Storm technology, making it water resistant and strong enough to withstand the elements – we all know what the good old British weather can be like at times!

The extendable strap and two smaller handles give comfort while in use, thanks to the jacquard webbing they are encased in.

The geometric pattern which is wrapped all around the bag gives it a fresh look, with the subtlety of the brand name being pleasing on the eye.

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Sunfry Sports Women’s Gym Bag

Onto a gym bag now from a lesser-known brand – Sunfry Sports. This shows in the price tag, with it being one of the cheapest on our list.

But that doesn’t mean it is any less in terms of the quality. This bag comes in two colours – pink or black. It has two smaller carry handles and a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap which is padded for comfort. Being able to carry up to 35 litres it is more than capable of holding the essential gym attire.

On one side, the bag has a useful zip compartment that can easily fit a pair of trainers or shoes.

This is ideal if you have come straight from work and do not want to dirty your uniform – being able to store your footwear in this compartment is the perfect solution. Positioned on the opposite side is another pocket, again accessible using a zip and is a convenient place to store your smaller items.

The design of this bag is simple, yet charming. With a crossover design on the front that is also another zipped compartment, it is both practical and appealing to the eye.

If you like the idea of a cute gym bag, then opt for the pink. On the other hand, the black option gives this gym bag a little edge to it. Whichever one you choose, you’ll be carrying your gym gear in style.

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ANPTER Sports Bag For Women

We have something a little different now. This choice from Anpter can be worn in a few different ways making it completely versatile – whether you decide to take it to the gym or on your daily run, it can hold all the necessary clothing, footwear, toiletries, and drinks bottles.

It has a long shoulder strap so it can be used as a holdall or cross body bag. On the other hand, when the larger strap is not needed, it is completely detachable, and you are free to use the two straps on the back as a rucksack.

When not in use the straps can be tucked away, and they are also adjustable giving you the upmost comfort. Alternatively, you can opt to carry the bag by hand using the single strap located at the top.

The gym bag has a separate compartment for shoes and includes a smaller outer pocket with a zip opening and inner compartments to keep all your towels and clothes, as well as your important belongings separate.

You have the choice of three colours – black, green or pink. The green and pink options are both soft shades and will compliment any outfit you choose to wear for your gym session.

For the price, you can’t go wrong with this well designed and practical gym bag.

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Nike Womens Academy Sports Bag

We head back over to Nike for our next bag on the list. And with the well-known brand name comes a higher price range – but it is worth parting with your hard-earned cash for such a reputable brand that delivers on quality, and with this sports bag they definitely deliver.

While this bag appears to be similar to a lot in this review, there are a couple of differences that set it apart from the rest. Firstly, the bottom has a solid base which is perfect for a gym bag – I know I’m guilty of just slinging my bag in the boot of my car after a gruelling session.

This only comes in black, but it is sleek and stylish enough to carry with any outfit and you’ll certainly look the part walking into your gym with this bag on your shoulder.

The base has the added bonus of storage which opens using two zips – perfect for your footwear.

Again, this is a bag with a lot of compartments. There are two zip pockets on either side, another zip pocket at the front, as well as a smaller zip pocket inside the bag that is perfect for any jewellery that you make take off during training. You will have no trouble finding a space for all your possessions.

It ticks all of the boxes and we can see why this gym bag found a place on our list.

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Active Fit Gym Bag

To finish our list off, we have the Active Fit Gym Bag for you, which sits in the middle of our price range.

Again, a holdall style for you here, with an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap, as well as two smaller carry handles with padding for comfortable grip.

It comes in 4 colours – blue, black, pink, and navy blue. The bag can hold up to 30 litres, which should be more than enough to accommodate all your belongings.

Now onto the pockets and compartments. This is another bag that gives you a lot of storage solutions.

Firstly, the main zip compartment is large enough to house all your regular gym gear. You even get two separate drawstring bags that are ideal for your wet towel or your sweaty gyms trainers. It doesn’t stop there – inside you get a small, zipped pocket and a zipped mesh pocket.

It continues on the outer part of the bag, where you get yet another zipped pocket – perfect for your keys or phone that may need to be accessed quickly.

Both sides of the bag give you an elastic side pocket – being the ideal place to keep your water bottles, you can easily store it here while you are carrying the bag. From experience, there is nothing worse than opening your bag to find your drink has leaked all over your gym wear.

For the price we really cannot fault this bag, it has protective rubber feet on the base, as well as all the compartments and space – you will never run out of room to store everything you need for your gym workout.

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Women’s Gym Bags – The Verdict

Whether you are a newbie at the gym and want to walk in looking the part or you have been an avid gym goer for quite a while and you just need an upgrade on your current sports bag. There really is something for everyone on this list.

If you feel you need lots of storage (and let’s face it what woman doesn’t!), or maybe you like everything to have its own place, then the Fila or Active Fit would be your best bet.

On the other hand, you may be the type of person to just throw all their belongings into a sports bag and deal with it at the end of the session. For this reason, we’d suggest Adidas as your ideal choice.

No matter which one you choose to spend your money on, you will be glad you did. With all the gym bags we have reviewed here, you are spoilt for choice and at these reasonable prices, why limit yourself to one.

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