Commercial Partnerships

The aim of Fitness Brain is to provide a one stop highly trusted resource for health and fitness related information. We are obsessed with finding, testing and reviewing the best fitness equipment, the greatest supplements and providing you with health and fitness guides that will have an impact on your life.

Having such high standards comes at a cost as we employ writers, editors, researchers and other staff. This means we are reader supported through the use of affiliate partnerships with companies that supply the products we promote.

However, we have a strict policy to only provide links to companies that we have vetted and our Commercial Partnership Manager, Oliver Mallory, is tasked with this responsibility.

Introducing Oli Mallory – Our Commercial Partnership Manager

The role of the Commercial Partnership Manager is to create a tangible link between Fitness Brain and the companies whose products we promote. This means we can have even more confidence in promoting such companies to our readers which in turn helps us to achieve our editorial goals.

The commercial partnership manager works with brands to understand their ethos, understand their products more fully and to establish long lasting relationships so that we can continue to test more and more products as soon as they are released. It is also a vital link to allow us to have a heads up on the latest promotions and pricing so that we can pass those pricing updates on to our readers.

Brands We Work With

As most of our audience is in the UK we love to promote UK brands, although we do work with some international suppliers too. Our overarching principle when it comes to working with a brand is that they must produce high quality products that are safe to use or consume and that the company has an excellent approach to customer service and that the company is actually contactable.

As we have actual conversations with the brands we promote (on the telephone usually but sometimes face to face or via zoom meetings) we have a really clear understanding of how they operate. If brands are not willing to do this with us then they are likely not willing to do so with their customers.

The only exception to this is where a product is only available on Amazon – however, we are happy with Amazon as a brand to work with and they offer very good customer service.

Our favourite brands become our trusted suppliers and we so far have two brands that we class as trusted suppliers. These are brands that we are in constant communication with (often daily) and that have exceptional products matched by exceptional customer service. To see our trusted suppliers click here.

Work With Us

If you are a brand that has an exceptional product with high levels of customer service and would like to discuss opportunities to work with us please contact Oliver at