Free Standing Pull Up Bars

Free standing pull up bars are common place in gyms across the UK and for those who prefer not to attach their pull up bars to their wall at home, they can also be the perfect choice as part of a home gym setup.

Whether you are looking for a free standing pull up bar that is part of a power rack, power tower or just as a standalone unit – we have some top picks that will cover all bases.

Pull up bars that are free-standing can offer more versatility than their wall mounted counterparts and as such they are a desirable addition to the home setup. Pull ups should also be a staple in your pull based workouts and as such this could be one of the most important investments you make when it comes to your home workout equipment. As with all gym equipment, it is important to find the right mix of quality, cost, durability and usability and as such we will comment on all of these aspects and more in our reviews below.

Best Free-Standing Pull Up Bars

We have compiled a list of our top free standing pull up bars. Some of these have more functionality than others so be sure to read our reviews in full to make the right choice for you. The prices of these pull up bars and power racks vary from around £55 to over £200 and we will always try to point you in the direction of the most competitive price and you never pay more by clicking through our links.

OneTwoFit Power Tower

OneTwoFit Power TowerThe OneTwoFit is a standard power tower that provides users with the opportunity of performing pull ups, chin ups, vertical leg raises and dips and is very well made and pretty good value for money.

The OneTwoFit is made from a heavy duty metal frame and has an adjustable height between 202cm and 220cm. 120cm x 110cm is the amount of floor space needed to house this piece of equipment and it can withstand a maximum weight of almost 150kg – making it suitable for heavier users.

In terms of stability the OneTwoFit Power Tower is excellent. It doesn’t feature any extra stability than the feet but thanks to the design and weight of the apparatus itself it does a very good job of remaining stable throughout your workout. The one area we felt a little let down by this model was the padding for the pull up and chin up handles and although they are more than adequate we felt these could have been a little more padded for extra comfort. That being said, they are non-slip and provide a good grip and the position of the pull up bar handles are angled perfectly. The padding for the dips was much better and more than ample.

Overall, the OneTwoFit is one of our favourite free standing pull up bars and has the added benefit of increased functionality and can withstand the extra user weight compared to other models making this our go to choice if you are looking for a quality pull up bar that is super secure and allows you to perform a range of exercises.

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DTX Fitness Power Rack

DTX Pull Up BarIf you are looking for a simple but high quality pull up bar then the DTX Fitness Power Rack is one of the best in its class. It’s simple to assemble, relatively budget friendly and can withstand a user weight of up to 120kg for pull ups.

In addition to the pull up functionality it can also be used as a rack for squats or even for bench pressing and as such it is this versatility combined with a low price point and high build quality that makes it our number one pick.

The DTX Power Rack stands at 221cm in height (with the bar standing 214cm off the ground) and the base requires 134cm x 119cm of space. There are 28 different heights for resting a barbell and these can be quickly and easily adjusted using the clips provided.

A unique feature found with the DTX model over other models is that it can be secured to the ground using bolts provided if you so wish. This isn’t mandatory and it can certainly be used without attaching the rack to the floor but if you want extra stability then this is an excellent feature that you should look to take advantage of – and one that is lacking in most home rack models.

Whether you intend to use this rack as purely a pull up bar or whether you intend to make full use of its barbell functionality, it is excellent value for money. If you do decide to use it for squats and bench pressing in addition to pull ups and chin ups then you will find two handy plate storage bars to the rear which can comfortably hold 4 plates at least.

The DTX is made with 50mm steel tubing and the grey powder coated steel frame looks great too. The pull up bar itself is made from solid steel and really is one of the best we tested – even at this price point!

If you are looking for a solid pull up solution and you need it to be freestanding then this offering from DTX is a solid option – if you also want bench pressing and squatting functionality then in our opinion there is no better option out there.

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Sportstech Power Tower PT300

PT300The Sportstech Power Tower is perhaps the most function packed piece of equipment we tested in this roundup and as such it offers a lot more than just pull ups and chin ups. In fact, it calls itself a 7-in-1 Power Tower and with good reason. Along with the extra functionality comes an increased price so whether or not this machine is right for you will most likely depend on whether you need the ability to perform a full range of exercises on it – but if you do, then it is well worth the consideration.

We have not placed the Sportstech PT300 at second on our list just for functionality alone though, and it is actually the build quality that shone out for us over everything else. It is very reasonably priced considering its versatility and it really is a great addition to any home gym setup – so long as you don’t already have something similar.

Before we look at the full range of exercises that can be performed with the PT300 lets focus on the pull up as that is the focus of this review. One aspect of the pull up bar we love with this machine is that it is height adjustable with three different heights available for the pull up bar. These can be set to a height of 202cm, 210cm and 218cm and that variation will make a big difference to the comfort levels you feel depending on your size and the way in which you are performing the exercise.

In addition to this, the grips on the bars are among the most comfortable that we tested and you will find three different grip positions available to you also. These features alone make this worth the extra investment and if you can make use of the included dip station, ab station and eyelets for cable/band workouts then this becomes a serious option for the home setup.

The PT300 is really well built and feels very secure when compared to some cheaper models. In addition to long sturdy legs there are also four suction cups attached to the underside of the legs which help with extra stability.

It comes with an e-book called ‘The Pull Up Bible’ which is well worth a look and we found that working out with the PT300 gave us a really good range of exercises to focus on.

Overall, we loved the build quality and functionality of this machine and although it lacked the scope for lower body workouts, for upper body there is little to rival it.

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Graft Power Tower

graft power towerIf you are looking for a standalone pull up bar with a dip station built in then you may want to consider the Graft Power Tower. Similar in cost to our number one choice but with the added benefit of a dip station instead of the squat rack this model is another of our favourites when it comes to performing pull ups and chin ups.

The Graft Power Tower is incredibly well made and one of the sturdiest we tested thanks to its heavy duty steel frame.

In terms of its prime function of allowing you to perform pull ups, it has one of our favourite setups for performing them with wide angled bars that sit at a 30 degree angle. These handles are well padded and although they are not quite as comfortable as the PT300 they are more comfortable than the DTX. For chin ups you of course have the straight bar which is also padded. The height is fully adjustable and this is another big plus for the Graft with a range of height between 165cm and 235cm (with 6 positions in total) making this perfect for the shorter or taller users or for those with limited head room in their home gym – for example those who have a setup in their garage.

There are well positioned and comfortable pads for the arms and elbows for performing vertical knee raises so this machine really can provide a solid upper body workout. With this model, a bench and a few pairs of dumbbells you could have the perfect home setup for a full upper body workout and take up minimal space.

Overall, we found the Graft Power Tower to be a very good free standing pull-up bar and the added benefits of the dip station make it a top choice all round at a very reasonable price.

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Hardcastle Pull Up Station

hardcastle pull up stationThis is the cheapest model we reviewed and although it does show in the build quality and overall sturdiness it has to be said that for the price we were pretty impressed by the Hardcastle Pull Up Station.

The first thing to point out is that despite a thinner steel frame than most of the models we reviewed it can still withstand a user weight of up to 120kg which is mightily impressive. It stands at an overall height of 214cm and has a floor span of 60cm x 106cm. It is one of the most compact models we tested but this does come at a price as most users will experience at least minor wobbling of the frame when in use. Unfortunately, there is no way of securing the station to the floor other than perhaps applying some sandbags or heavy weights to the feet for extra stability.

We loved the angled bar position for pull ups and the straight bar for chin ups is effective. The padding leaves a little to be desired for the pull ups but is sufficient and will prevent slippage. We also love the fact that there is a dip station built in to this piece of apparatus and this just makes it even better value for money. The padding for the arms, elbows and back on the dip station are pretty well made and much thicker which ultimately provides a good degree of comfort.

We would suggest anyone over 90kg might prefer a more heavy duty model than the Hardcastle just because of the stability issues, and anyone over 6’1″ might also prefer a taller model. That being said, if you are truly on a tight budget then this is a very good option indeed and will certainly improve your home setup if you don’t currently have a pull up bar or dip station.

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