Are you looking to build a home gym or perhaps have a dedicated garden room in which you’d like to set up a workout space? If so, you are one of a growing number of people in the UK who are looking to ditch their expensive and sometimes inconvenient gym memberships and take a step in to the world of home workouts.

Gone are the days when working out from home delivered a sub-standard gym experience – and with a fully kitted out and dedicated space in your home – with equipment from a leading UK gym equipment supplier, a home or garden gym is more obtainable than you might think.

Home Gym Benefits

Whatever your reason for wanting a home gym, there is no escaping the wide array of benefits that come with having a dedicated space in your home for working out.

Convenience – There is nothing more convenient than being able to work out from your own home. Whether that is in a room in your house or a garden gym room – both offer a level of convenience that simply cannot be matched by a local members gym.

24/7 Access To All Equipment – If you’ve ever set foot in a commercial gym you will no doubt have experienced busy times when you simply can’t get on that one piece of equipment you need to complete your workout. This often leads to sub-optimal workouts as you have to substitute an exercise for a less effective one, or simply leads to a lack of motivation. On top of that, having your own gym means you can access it at the time that suits you – if that’s 3am after working a night shift then that’s fine, or if it means working out at peak hours then that’s good too – but in a blissfully quiet or loud as you like space (but with your choice of music).

No Restrictions – One thing we have learned in recent times is that nationwide restrictions can impact on us being able to work out. If your gym is part of your home then that will never be a problem – and on top of this, you won’t have to worry about distancing from other members or the cleanliness of the equipment.

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Claim Your Free Piece Of Gym Equipment Worth Up To £1000 With All VitalGym Build Projects

Building A Home Or Garden Gym

The problem for many people is that they simply don’t have space for a gym inside their current living space. So building a space, either as an extension to an existing property or as a garden room is a great option. Extensions require planning permission, are generally pretty costly and impact on your living space while being built – which is why more and more people are turning towards building garden hubs to use as a gym space.

There are many routes to take if you are looking at building your own garden room and there are a number of companies offering complete builds – and these rooms can be used for a range of things from offices to bars and from bedrooms to gyms. Of course, we prefer the latter but you could even consider building a multi-functional room too.

If you are considering building a garden room yourself then be sure to enlist the help of plenty of friends with a bit of knowhow and skill as it’s quite an undertaking. If like us, you prefer to leave it to the professionals, then you have plenty of choice when it comes to choosing a company – but not all will build them specifically for gym use so do keep that in mind.

One company that does is one that we here at Fitness Brain know quite well – it is UK based VitalGym. We have spoken with the team at VitalGym recently around their complete garden gym building solution and it’s pretty impressive. They offer an all-in-one solution that is incredibly cost effective, includes the full kitting out of your gym with state of the art VitalGym equipment and is usable 12 months of the year.

The VitalGym Home Gym Building Service

home gym VitalGym offer something that no other company that we know of in the UK currently does – and that is a complete home gym built in your garden that is fully kitted out as a dedicated home gym space. Their prices start from around £14,745 and they offer a range of building styles to suit your existing home and garden.

VitalGym work in collaboration with one of the UK’s leading garden building companies, Green Retreats – but the benefits of using VitalGym are found in the design of the space (as it is designed to be used as a gym space) and in that you get access to the VitalGym equipment at heavily discounted rates. So your home gym will be completely kitted out as part of the build.

Not only that, but most builds only take 2-5 days to install, are fully heated, insulated and powered.

The sizes of the home garden gyms on offer vary too so most gardens will be able to accomodate one and those with larger spaces can create larger gyms with some of VitalGym’s previous customers utilising their new home gym for client PT sessions and even group sessions.

Claim Your Free Piece Of Gym Equipment Worth Up To £1000 With All VitalGym Build Projects

Home Gym Building Process

The first thing is to 100% do your due diligence and research in to the company you are going to use (unless going it alone) and to consider type of space you want. Once you have decided on that you should look to enter a consultation/design phase where you explain what you want and think about how the space will be used. A good company will be able to help guide you through this consultation and design phase.

At the design stage it is really important to think about you want to do in your home gym. Do you need a functional area, do you need a squat rack, what about pull ups and so on. The way in which your space will be used and the equipment it needs to accomodate will all impact on the size and shape of the space needed. Ceiling height should also be a key consideration here especially if you are needing to perform standing overhead presses or needing to perform pull ups. This is where using a dedicated gym designer will come in handy – the sort that VitalGym provide.

Once you have decided on your design and have signed off on the proposal it is time to agree to and start the build. The build time can vary wildly from building company to building company but with VitalGym and Green Retreats the time the build takes is typically 3-5 days. Once the gym is built it can then be kitted out – again with VitalGym this is all done for you – and then it is time to work out.

Do I Need Planning Permission For My Home Gym?

Typically, most garden gym room installations will not require planning permission as they are classed as outbuildings and therefore fall under ‘permitted development’ rules. It is always worth checking local guidance but for the majority of builds undertaken of this nature planning permission is not usually required.

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How To Get Started With Building Your Home Gym

We can whole heartedly recommend the service provided by both Vital Gym and Green Retreats. The Green Retreats garden buildings have over 400 ratings on TrustPilot with an overall rating of excellent. The VitalGym experience is also second to none and we have first hand experience of the quality of equipment they provide. Their knowledge and expertise in the industry is second to none and they are on hand to advise every step of the way.

If you are looking to take advantage of the Vital Gym service and would like to take advantage of a free piece of gym equipment (worth up to £1000) to be included in your garden gym build project then visit them here, add your details and select your free piece of equipment. We’d suggest the Monster Squat rack!

We’d also love to see your home gym build pictures, so once you are in please send them across and we would be happy to feature them on this page.

Claim Your Free Piece Of Gym Equipment Worth Up To £1000 With All VitalGym Build Projects