It seems the Strikeman Pro is able to take a few hits, even from boxer amateurs. But is it a hit in this Body Power Strikeman Pro Review, or does it get knocked over? Let’s find out!

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The Body Power Strikeman Pro is a standalone sparring partner similar to the Century Bob in design and functionality. Having heard good things about this sparring aid we thought it was about time we conducted a full review of the BodyPower Strikeman Pro.

Made from high-density foam and with a built-in shock absorbing post, this boxing partner is manufactured by one of our favourite high-quality, budget-friendly fitness companies – Body Power. If you prefer the feel of attacking a body-shaped target rather than a standard punching bag, then the Strikeman Pro might be for you – read on to find out what we thought of it in our no-holds barred review.

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Body Power Strikeman Pro Review

Every part of the Strikeman Pro can be struck. From the torso to the face, you have a good amount of body space to aim at and the first impressions are that the sizing is pretty lifelike.

Attached to a shock absorbing post, the body of the Strikeman Pro is well made and provides a good amount of lifelike feedback from one blow to the next. Unlike some other models the Body Power model is designed to be used for punches only, but the height is adjustable from a total height of 5’4″ right up to 6’1″ making it ideal for most users of varying heights.

The adjustable height range is also useful should you wish to train specifically for a fight with someone of a particular height.

The base requires filling with either water or sand, and when filled with water the overall weight of the unit is around 110kg. It will be even heavier when filled with sand and which is best for you will depend on the power of your punches. We found the Strikeman Pro to be incredibly sturdy even when filled with water and even our strongest punches did not cause it to move even a fraction from where it was situated.

The shock absorption of the post that attaches the main body to the base seems absolutely spot on with this model as it provides a good response to each blow but doesn’t move so far that it bounces back unrealistically.

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Strikeman Pro – What We Learned In 30 Days

After using the Strikeman Pro for 30 days the first thing we found was that in terms of a workout, sparring is brutal as a form of exercise. As relatively fit individuals (who do not usually train in this way), we thought we’d have an easy enough time testing out this sparring aid – we were wrong, but in a good way.

Body Power Strikeman Pro base

Anyone looking for a good cardio or endurance workout would be wise to invest in a punching bag of some description. What we loved about this model was the lifelike sparring partner that we had the pleasure of punching for a month.

You can use the Strikeman Pro with or without gloves and both options are comfortable enough. However, if you are going to be using this for the long term we would suggest using gloves as it will be less likely to cause damage over time to the equipment and also to your hands and wrists.

We did progress over time in terms of how long we could train for and how many times we felt we could go again, and as non-serious boxers we found it fun to use – certainly a lot more fun than doing a HIIT Joe Wickes workout!

Strikeman Pro Verdict

The Strikeman Pro is incredibly well made, easy to put together and easy enough to use. It can take a good pounding and will provide you with an excellent cardio workout as well as allowing you to refine your technique if you are using it as a boxing training aid.

It comes with a 2-year parts and labour warranty and user reviews are generally excellent and awash with 5 stars and we have to agree – a top buy.

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