Spinning, also known as indoor cycling is one of the best indoor cardio exercises you can do to achieve your fitness goals. But finding a home based spin bike that is up to scratch is not easy.  We had heard some great reports of the JLL IC300 PRO and so we decided to take it for a month and give it the full review treatment. This exercise bike is a premium model in the JLL indoor cycling series, it has a reasonable price point, stylish design and a range of features you would find on a commercial spin bike at your local fitness club.
Find out what we thought of it in our full JLL IC300 Pro review.

About JLL Fitness

The company behind the IC300 PRO exercise bike is one of the biggest suppliers of fitness equipment all over the world. This company has made some of the most revolutionary fitness equipment available on the market today by using the latest technology and some of the strongest materials.

With a focus on quality while offering great value for money to ensure all their customers enjoy their products and most importantly, improve their health and fitness level, JLL have gone from strength to strength in recent years. Their IC300 PRO exercise bike is proof of that as you are going to see throughout this review. So without further ado, let’s get right into it:

JLL IC300 PRO Specifications

JLL IC300 PRO Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike, Direct Belt Driven 20kg Flywheel, Magnetic Resistance, 3-Piece Crank, 7-Function Monitor, Heart Rate Sensors, Adjustable Seat, 12 Months Home Warranty

The IC300 Pro is a highly spec’d product considering it’s an upgrade from the popular JLL IC300. JLL IC300 PRO boasts high specs that many mid-priced exercise bikes find hard to match and looks stunning. It is certainly something that you would be happy to have in your home from an aesthetic point of view. It is a robust, versatile bike that offers smooth and quiet operation with constant, precise resistance. There’s generally very positive feedback for this piece of equipment from previous buyers as evidenced by the 4 plus star ratings on popular online stores.

Now that you have a general view of this product, let’s get into the specifics. For starters, it has four horizontal adjustment knobs under the stabilisers to keep it in place on different surfaces. This ensures a safe ride even if your floor is not levelled.

As for dimensions, this bike measures 131 x 51 x 112 cm (LWH). This is a slightly larger footprint when compared to a few other spin bikes in the same class, which is good as it means it can accommodate taller users better.

It has a maximum user weight of 130kg, which is comparatively high as a lot of spin bikes are quite flimsy with a maximum user weight of 100kg. However, if you weigh more than 130kg, you should consider another bike.

The bike has a sturdy construction that is capable of supporting all kinds of spinning exercises. It weighs 45kg and has a wide base, both of which can help it provide a solid workout. The weight of this spin bike is somewhat heavy though, making it difficult to transport. While the 2 built-in wheels allow for easy transportation between rooms.

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Using the JLL IC300 PRO

Using this exercise bike is made easier and efficient thanks to the many of the amazing features it comes with. Here’s a look at some of the things customers love about this item:


The biggest selling point of this bike is its performance. It is at the top of its class thanks to the following key features:

Electronic monitor

The JLL IC300 PRO features a 7-function pro monitor that displays calories, distance, odometer, pulse, RPM, speed, and time. This statistical feedback allows you to monitor your workout intensity and track post-workout performance so you can stay motivated to continue working out or change strategies to maximise your workout routine.

Two-way 20 KG flywheel

This is one of the heaviest spin bikes available with a 20 KG flywheel, which is 2k heavier than the standard JLL IC300 model. The fixed, heavier flywheel offers a wider range of resistance that can challenge even the most advanced users of spin bikes while allowing beginners to grow into their fitness level. The flywheel is bi-directional, meaning you can ride it forward or backwards to work out different muscles (quads pushing forward and hamstrings and glutes when pushing backwards).

JLL IC300 PRO Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike, Direct Belt Driven 20kg Flywheel, Magnetic Resistance, 3-Piece Crank, 6 Readout Monitor, Heart Rate Sensors, Adjustable Seat, 12 Months Home Warranty

Belt drive mechanism

The flywheel on this model is rotated by a belt-drive system, which provides a smoother and quieter ride compared to chain-driven spin bikes. A belt drive system is also low-maintenance, doesn’t require lubing, prevents things like jamming, and you won’t need to tighten up the belt.

Magnetic resistance

This spin bike comes with a magnetic resistance, which is a huge improvement from the typical frictional brake-assisted resistance found in most models. Magnetic resistance bikes tend to last longer and require less maintenance since there’s no rubbing together of components to damage any parts. They also run smoother and quieter than frictional resistance bikes.

The resistance is adjusted manually using a knob. That being said, it doesn’t have levels specified on it. But after using the bike for a while, you will better understand how much to tune the knob to generate adequate resistance for your training.

Pulse sensor handlebars

The two handlebars on this spin bike also serve as pulse sensors, allowing users to monitor their heart rate during a workout. This is particularly useful to those who want to maintain a specific heart rate during their workout.

3 crank pedals

The pedals on the JLL IC300 PRO spin bike are designed with adjustable straps and buckle to keep them in place safely and ensure they fit different size feet. The 3 crank pedal technology provides a strong stable riding experience. The pedals also feature built-in toe cages that help lock a rider’s foot into position and prevent slippage even during intense cycling.

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This exercise bike has some of the best adjustment features to suit riders of different shapes and sizes. The seat, for starters, can be adjusted up to 6 levels horizontally and up to 10 levels vertically. This provides a bespoke riding position for both shorter and taller than average riders.

It also features adjustable handlebars –up to 6 levels vertical to suit an individual’s needs. The handlebars come with safety holes on the vertical post to ensure a comfortable and safe ride.


JLL IC300 PRO Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike, Direct Belt Driven 20kg Flywheel, Magnetic Resistance, 3-Piece Crank, 6 Readout Monitor, Heart Rate Sensors, Adjustable Seat, 12 Months Home Warranty

Being able to ride comfortably for long periods is quite essential to achieve long-term fitness goals. JLL IC300 Pro’s seat has a relatively narrow design with a centre cut-out, which minimises chafing and ensures breathability. The seat is also well-padded to provide a comfortable ride. The adjustable seat and handlebars also provide enhanced comfort.


The JLL IC300 Pro has a sturdy build that gives it stability. Hence, it won’t squeak or wobble no matter how fast you cycle. This makes it the ideal spinning bike for HIIT workouts.


In addition to the key features, the JLL IC300 PRO bike comes with some useful extras that will make your workout sessions more effective. It features a water bottle holder at the side and a high-quality aluminium bottle so you can have easy access to water or other fluids during workouts. The built-in transport wheels at the front are also a nice addition as they allow for easy transport around the home.


This indoor cycling exercise bike is quite easy to assemble. It comes mostly assembled and includes all the tools needed for installation and a manual with easy to follow instructions. It takes users about 20 minutes to finish setting it up.

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  • Very affordable spin bike
  • Smooth and quiet to ride
  • Very positive user reviews of the IC300 Pro
  • Good levels of adjustability
  • Monitor is pretty basic


The JLL IC300 PRO is a great all-rounder indoor cycling exercise bike that anyone can use regardless of their fitness level. Having such an array of features, it is evident that this bike has everything that different kinds of riders would need to achieve their fitness goals. From low-impact workouts for beginners to more challenging high-impact routines for serious athletes, this bike allows for a wide range of workouts.

It is sturdy, quiet with smooth operation, comfortable, easy to set-up, and most importantly, offered at an affordable price. If you are still not convinced, then perhaps the excellent reviews on Amazon should assure you of its quality.

The JLL IC300 PRO is designed to help you enhance your cycling performance so you can burn calories, tone your muscles, and ultimately achieve your fitness goals for a healthier lifestyle.

Check Latest Price Of The JLL IC300 Pro