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The JTX Cyclo 3 is a budget indoor studio cycle from leading home cardio specialists JTX Fitness. It is their entry level model and promises to deliver an impressive ride quality at an affordable price, so when we managed to get our hands on one for review purposes, we were pretty determined to give it a real good testing – the results were somewhat surprising. Read on to find out what we discovered in our full JTX Cyclo 3 review.

JTX Cyclo 3 Specs

The Cyclo 3 Indoor Racer Bike (to give it its full title) is an impressive looking spin bike considering its relatively low price point. In fact, at the time of writing it was even more affordable thanks to a sale that JTX were running (linked below) – in fact they often have some of the most competitive prices for this level of bike. Don’t be fooled in to thinking this is a cheap imitation of the more expensive Cyclo-6 though, as the Cyclo-3 more than holds its own and isn’t something we would describe as cheap from a quality point of view.

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cyclo 3 being used

The Cyclo 3 is ever so slightly smaller and has a 5kg lighter flywheel than its bigger brother but other than that, many of the internal components are the same and on the face of it, it seems that overall ride quality and build quality are on a par with the Cyclo 6. We will expand on that later.

The JTX Cyclo 3 stands at 120cm (l) x 51cm (w) x 115cm (h) and has an overall weight of 42kg with the flywheel accounting for 17kg of that. The maximum user weight of 120kg is a little less than the more expensive models in the JTX Cyclo range but that still compares incredibly favourably when you consider models such as the more expensive JLL IC300 have a maximum weight of just 130kg (and even that is impressive). This points to a high quality of build and the solid reinforced steel frame is a testament to that.

The seat to pedal distance is adjustable and varies between 70.8cm and 94.5cm which means this spin bike is probably better suited to slightly shorter users. Anyone over 6′ tall is likely to struggle with the height of this bike, but for those 6′ 0″ and under should find this bike very comfortable to use. It has a three way height and distance adjustment which is standard with indoor studio cycles.

The Cyclo 3 features an infinite number of resistance levels as this is increased the faster and harder you pedal. You can also adjust the resistance manually to have an easier or more challenging starting point as well as to mimic hill climbs and inclines. This is is a feature that really impresses on this particular bike.

Another feature that sets the Cyclo 3 apart from some of the competitor models is that it comes with SPD toe clips as standard. You can swap these out for standard pedals if you prefer or can even take an optional upgrade from JTX in the form of dual SPD and standard pedals. The SPD pedals allow for a better grip and increased effort for the user when pedalling through all planes of motion and experienced users will be glad of this addition as standard.

JTX have put most of their design efforts and budget in to the bike itself but there is a basic LCD monitor that displays your key data such as speed, distance covered, calories burned and even heart rate. The handlebars include pulse rate sensors that can measure your heart rate and they then beam this data to the display. Pretty basic stuff but it performs this task well all the same.

The braking system uses wool brake pads and there is an effective emergency stop button in case of accidents. You get a one year warranty with the Cyclo 3 (but 10 years warranty on the frame) and this includes parts and labour and covers domestic usage.

Check Best Price On The JTX Cyclo 3 Studio Cycle

Cyclo 3 Indoor Racer In Use

We tested the JTX Cyclo 3 Indoor Racer over a period of 4 weeks and in this time we really wanted to push this spin bike to its limits. We had a 5’6″ female and 6’0″ male using the Cyclo 3 in this time and both got on well with the bike in terms of finding a comfortable riding position and the level of challenge it afforded.

The first thing to point out is how stable this bike is. Despite being of slightly smaller frame size than its bigger siblings, the Cyclo 3 is still incredibly sturdy and the frame itself is rock solid. The base features adjustable feet too, so if you have a slightly uneven floor you can easily adjust each foot to make sure the bike stands completely level which eliminates any minor wobbles you might otherwise experience. This is particularly useful for users who might be looking to work out in garage gyms that are well known for being uneven.

At 42kg and with handy transport wheels the Cyclo 3 is also very easy to move around, so you can position it in a convenient location for your workout and then move it in to a corner space for storage. Of course, being a true spin bike, it is not possible to fold this bike down and so it will remain a permanent fixture wherever you decide to keep it.

cyclo 3 flywheel

Let’s get in to the nitty gritty now – what it is actually like to use the Cyclo 3. If we start by talking about what the Cyclo 3 isn’t… it isn’t an interactive or well connected bike (in terms of app connectivity) in any way – and it’s not trying to be. So, if you are looking for a Peloton type experience you aren’t going to find it here. But you also aren’t going to find the Peloton type price tag either.

Instead, what the Cyclo 3 is trying to achieve is to offer a high quality spin experience without the bells and whistles of large screens and bluetooth enabled apps. You can still access these if you wish through your own device but there is no out-of-the-box connectivity provided for using such things. In reality, you don’t need them – and for those who really do crave the live studio experience you can access these through a range of apps or YouTube channels and achieve the same motivational benefit of being in a dark room and sweating with a load of strangers – only, you won’t be able to smell them!

The Cyclo 3 really does deliver when it comes to the ride – and that’s what’s important here. The 17kg flywheel is heavy enough and well balanced enough to provide a smooth ride through the belt driven system. Even at high speeds and high levels of intensity the ride remains super smooth and you can really get in to a flow. The bike is stable and strong enough to easily support riding whilst standing which allows you to push through those higher levels of intensity.

In terms of overall comfort you are also well catered for with the Cyclo 3. The seat is incredibly well padded and although you can opt for an additional gel cover you don’t really need it with this model. The seat height and distance from the handlebars are fully adjustable and although (as we previously mentioned) this bike isn’t ideal for taller users, those between 5 and 6 feet will be well catered for in terms of ride comfort adjustments.

The handlebars are well padded (but not overly so) and provide a comfortable resting position for the arms when gripping the furthest points of the handlebars. There are multiple grip points and you can enjoy a true upright seated position or a more athletic posture if you prefer. Everything is well positioned with the LCD screen remaining in view at all times and the resistance knob being easy to change mid ride. The pulse sensors are also easy enough to use and generally we found these to be pretty accurate if not having a slight delay from heart rate changes to them being displayed – we are talking seconds here though not 10s of seconds.

The display itself is probably the most disappointing aspect of this bike, but in reality you are not buying this spin bike for its amazing all singing, all dancing on-board computer. It functions well enough and displays the data clearly and visibly, even in brightly lit rooms.

All users who are under 6 feet tall are going to find the Cyclo 3 a satisfying spin bike to use at home. It compares pretty well to the standard ones you find in most commercial gyms and anyone making the switch from commercial bikes to home bikes will find this transition pretty painless. Even advanced riders will find this bike a challenge thanks to its infinite levels of resistance and unless your leg length rules you out this bike should be a serious consideration.

Check Best Price On The JTX Cyclo 3 Studio Cycle



  • Smooth 17kg flywheel
  • Excellent value for money
  • Infinite levels of resistance
  • Max user weight of 140kg
  • SPD pedals do not come as standard (but can be upgraded)


The JTX Cyclo 3 is a really good quality entry level spin bike and JTX Fitness have delivered perhaps the best budget model available today. This model is not going to suit taller users but for everyone else it strikes the perfect balance between affordability and overall ride quality.

This is an indoor studio cycle that should last for years to come and with the current discounted price it is an absolute steal and is pretty much the best in its class.

Check Best Price On The JTX Cyclo 3 Studio Cycle