JTX Sprint 9

We are huge fans of JTX Fitness and have reviewed pretty much their entire range of home fitness products – except one – the JTX Sprint 9 treadmill. So when one arrived at the Fitness Brain office we were incredibly excited to test it out – not only did we get to complete our repertoire of JTX products but it also meant we could bring you this JTX Sprint 9 review.

JTX Sprint 9 – An Introduction

Before jumping in to all the specs and gadgetry that the Sprint 9 offers it is probably worth introducing JTX Fitness as a brand to those who haven’t come across them before. They are a UK based home fitness company that manufacture and ship their products from their West Sussex base. They focus predominantly on cardio based equipment and their customer reviews on TrustPilot are excellent (around the 4.6/5 mark at the time of writing) with their customer service being second to none. They are a company that we have come to know very well and who we work with closely (with pretty much weekly communication between us and them) and as such we are proud to highlight them as one of our ‘Trusted Suppliers‘.

What we are basically saying is – they are blooming good company and have a great reputation.

The JTX Sprint 9 is one of their most expensive products and sits firmly at the top of the Sprint treadmill range – with only their Club Pro Professional Treadmill coming in more expensive and better spec’d.

When you take delivery of the Sprint 9 it is clear to see that it is a premium product. It has a commercial quality to it, is bigger than the other Sprint models and has a very robust feel to it.

It is aimed at serious users who demand a lot from a treadmill. It would not look out of place in a commercial gym but at the same time it is well suited to home use too. Whether you need something as beefy as the Sprint 9 at home is up for debate and we’ll discuss that in more detail as we progress through this JTX Sprint 9 review.

JTX Sprint 9 Specs & Features

When it comes to specs, the Sprint 9 is pretty much a class leader as a treadmill. That might sound like a strange statement as what else would it be purporting to be – other than a treadmill? But in a world where home cardio equipment seems to be judged on display size and connectivity, it is refreshing to see such a focus on the core functionality of the machine itself rather than just wasting hundreds of pounds on huge screen when most people have more than enough screens in their life already.

sprint 9 folded up

What the Sprint 9 lacks in screens though, it more than makes up for with connectivity and with the option of adding your own screen you are getting the best of both worlds with this treadmill.

The JTX Sprint 9 has the same 3HP (6HP Peak) DC motor that the Sprint 7 has and as such it is capable of similar top speeds of 20kph. Where you really see the difference with the Sprint 9 is with the running track – it is much larger and is only a couple of centimetres smaller than their Club Pro model.

It has an improved commercial level 8 point suspension system and what they term as the Cushionstep Pro deck. The running area itself stands at 153cm x 52cm and if you compare this to something like the NordicTrack EXP7i it actually comes in at a smidge bigger – not bad considering the Sprint 9 is £100 cheaper (at the time of writing). If we compare the running deck to the entry level Sprint 3 it is a whole 24cm longer and 6cm wider which gives you a sense of just how much bigger this unit is – for taller users or those with longer strides this is a must.

The Sprint 9 measures up at 204cm (l) x 92cm (w) x 176cm (h) which unsurprisingly makes it the largest of all the models in the JTX Sprint range and it weighs in at 131.6kg with a maximum user weight of 130kg.

There is a 12% mechanical incline and although there is no LCD screen there is a computer console with a built in 10 inch LED display that means the treadmill can be used as a standalone unit. If you want to you can use the included tablet holder to add a display and this (or any other bluetooth enabled device) can be connected to the treadmill and used with a range of running apps including Zwift.

The Sprint 9 has built in workout programs as well as easy to use manual controls and the buttons and screen are all really well positioned, easy to access and give physical feedback when pressing them to make for a really easy to use interface.

Using The Sprint 9

Being the highest spec’d of the JTX Sprint range and having used and been impressed by all the other models, we had high expectations for the Sprint 9. Upon delivery we were instantly taken with the stature of this treadmill and just how much it had a commercial quality to it.

In order to complete our Sprint 9 review, we decided to test the treadmill both with and without a connected device and app. We wanted to test out the treadmill in both its standard form and then as a fully connected, interactive home cardio solution.

We started with the standalone unit. The first thing you notice about this treadmill (and especially compared to the other Sprint models) is just how stable and robust it feels. It weighs over 50kg heavier than even the Sprint 7 and it really does show in how the Sprint 9 feels when you get on it. There are large footrests to the sides of the running track and the handle bars are longer too – both of which (coupled with the heavier base) make for a really safe-feeling experience.

It’s not just on the safety front that the Sprint 9 impresses, in terms of comfort it also excels. The running track is one of the smoothest we have tested and on top of that it has a firm but supportive suspension. JTX have achieved this by utilising variable-durometer elastomer cushions that tend to be found in commercial treadmills – and this really does make a huge difference. It is also probably one of the reasons why JTX Fitness put a 3 year at home warranty and 1 year commercial gym warranty behind their Sprint 9 treadmill.

The running mat is also extremely well made and uses the JTX Black Diamond running belt. This is designed to last 50% longer than a standard running belt and also affords exceptional grip. When new, the grip is incredible – how well it would last over time we unfortunately cannot say, but certainly when new it feels great underfoot.

Using the Sprint 9 without connected apps still gives a comprehensive range of workout options. In fact, there is more than enough for all types of user to get their teeth in to. There are 24 preset programs, all of which have been designed by a personal trainer, and you can also create and save 3 custom designed programs of your own.

You can partake in interval training, target heart rate zone training, time based and distance based training and there is more than enough there to keep you motivated.

You can make use of the built in pulse rate sensors or connect a Polar heart rate strap (our preferred choice) to help work in these target heart rate zones. You can also control everything manually if you prefer and the buttons for speed and incline are conveniently located at the sides and are oversized for ease of access mid-run.

If you want to take the Sprint 7 experience to the next level you can by connecting to a third party app. JTX give you a list of apps that work well with the treadmill and our favourite is Kinomap – an app we have used on their other models. Kinomap allows you to feel like you are running in exotic (and non-exotic) worldwide locations and also has dedicated running coaches that help keep you motivated. Everything syncs to the screen so you can see your real time data and the app will send instructions to the treadmill to adjust the incline and speed as you run – allowing you to focus on the run itself. Kinomap paid plans start at around £10 per month and are well worth it although not entirely necessary.

When you have finished your workout the JTX Sprint 9 handily folds which means you don’t need it to take up quite so much space. The hydraulic system that controls the unfolding is excellent and really helps when folding it too – but don’t be fooled – the Sprint 9 is still going to take up a pretty large footprint in any room you place it. When folded it will take up a space of 116cm (l) x 92cm (w) x 180cm (h) – however, gaining this floor space back is a help.

The Sprint 9 & Its Alternatives

The Sprint 9 is a class leader at its price point in terms of the hardware. As a treadmill it is incredible. It might not have the snazziest display but that’s because JTX Fitness have put their efforts (and the costs associated with this) in to creating a really top quality treadmill. It has some great software to support it too and everything works in sync pretty well – we highly recommend it.

But, it’s always worth having a good idea of worthy alternatives. We have already mentioned the NordicTrack EXP7i and this is a great alternative with a 7 inch built in touch screen as standard. You pay around £100 more for it but it matches the Sprint 9 stride for stride with a 12% incline, a 3HP motor and a slightly higher top speed of 22kph. It’s a great machine and you get the iFit membership included for one year – but beyond that you will need to pay higher monthly costs than you would with the Kinomap app – and the Sprint 9 does have a slightly higher quality feel to it.

If you are on the lookout for something a little cheaper then the Sprint 7 is a great alternative to the Sprint 9 – but you will be giving up a bit more space on the running deck and making concessions on the quality of the suspension.

If you want gym quality in your home (or in your gym for that matter) then it really is hard to beat the Sprint 9.



  • Incredibly robust, sturdy and well made
  • You get a lot of treadmill for your money
  • One of the comfiest and well supported running tracks we have used
  • Top speed of 20kph is impressive
  • Automated 12% incline provides real challenge
  • Connect your own screen and use your own favourite apps
  • At 131.6kg this is a heavy unit for the home


The JTX Sprint 9 had the potential to disappoint us thanks to us having ludicrously high expectations. Thankfully it did not disappoint and it might just be the best all-round premium treadmill for home use of all those we have tested – and it doubles as an excellent commercial quality treadmill too.

What make it so great compared to the competition?

Well, since you asked… we love the fact that JTX Fitness put all the time, effort and money in to the treadmill itself. This has really paid off rather than looking to gimmicks to help sell these machines. The 3 year at home parts and labour warranty is a testament to how the company back their own product and gives peace of mind to consumers who are paying a princely fee for their home cardio equipment.

The Sprint 9 is premium in every sense of the word. It may be more than some home users need, but if you are looking to progress your cardio game or have multiple family members who are likely to use it then this is a great investment. It should also stand the test of time.