James Dixon takes the high-end priced NordicTrack E7.2 incline elliptical cross trainer for a spin before you spend your money. Is it worth the purchase? Find out in this honest NordicTrack E7.2 review…

NordicTrack E7.2 feature image

Although certainly not classed as a budget cross trainer, the NordicTrack E7.2 incline elliptical cross trainer comes from a highly reputable company that mainly focuses on high-end home trainers as well as high-end commercial cross trainers.

We decided to review the NordicTrack E7.2 as a high-quality cross trainer for home use and we bring you the results right here in our independent E7.2 review.

NordicTrack E7.2 Specifications

Weighing in at 96kg, the E7.2 is a serious piece of kit and is very well made. It features a heavy-duty 9kg flywheel and has 20 levels of resistance that are controlled digitally through the 13cm blue LCD centre console. In addition to the resistance levels there are also 5 incline settings between 0 and 20 degrees.

The E7.2 requires a floor space of 173cm x 66cm and stands at 171cm in height.

This cross trainer has a good level of customisability with a variable stride length of 46cm -51cm. The maximum user weight of the E7.2 is 150kg, and as such this is an excellent tool for weight loss as well as toning. It also features pre-set workouts and is compatible with i-Fit Live.

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E7.2 Out Of The Box

The NordicTrack E7.2 takes a fair amount of setup and installation and this is without doubt a two-person job. It is possible to pay for installation, but most competent DIY-ers and anyone who can follow a good set of instructions will be able to have the E7.2 set up and working in 1-2 hours.

Although the floor space required for the E7.2 is fairly small, you will need a little extra space to set it up – and it is best to set it up in the room that you intend to use it as it is very heavy once set up. It does have wheels to the front of the unit which help with moving it, but we would recommend that you don’t aim to do this on a regular basis as even moving it is a two-person job.

The first thing that you notice about the E7.2 is the quality build of the unit. Anyone who has used cheaper cross trainers in the £200-£300 price bracket will instantly see the difference. It is very evident that this model has been built by a company that predominantly builds commercial gym equipment, and as such many of the high-quality aspects of their design and build practices shine through in the E7.2.

We really like the design of this NordicTrack model, and the centre console is large enough to display all the data you need without being overbearing. The large handles that are attached to the centre console are well positioned for resting the arms and they also contain an EKG grip that measures pulse rate.

The larger arms are also perfectly positioned and extend relatively high so you can grip in a variety of positions depending on which muscles you are looking to tone. The handles are comfortable to grip and user reviews show that they are durable too.

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Using The NordicTrack E7.2

It’s all well and good having a well-built machine that will last for years to come, but if it isn’t user friendly or comfortable to use then it’s not going to live up to expectation. The good news is that the E7.2 performs well on both fronts and is one of the easiest-to-use cross trainers we have come across. It also has some pretty nifty features that home users in particular will find useful.

The most important factor for us when reviewing cross trainers is that they are able to provide a good range of workouts for a good range of fitness levels – and this is one area that NordicTrack have excelled in for years. The E7.2 in particular offers an excellent challenge for most levels of ability and thanks to the 0-20 degree incline ramp, the 20 levels of digital resistance can easily be added to.

You can either choose to manually input your workout or you can choose from one of the 20 pre-sets with 10 calorie-based programmes and 10 performance workout programmes on offer. Being able to alter the stride length also means that this cross trainer is suitable for most adults regardless of height or standard stride length, and you can use this to increase the difficulty too.

The E7.2 has a built-in sound system called Acoustic 2.0 which provides pretty decent sound quality. It has an aux port for connectivity (sadly no Bluetooth), and it also features a handy tablet/phone/laptop shelf for you to place your device securely. This is particularly useful if you are following along to a workout or you connect to the i-Fit Live app which allows you to walk through real locations with hundreds of pre-set routes – plus a lot more functionality besides.

The motion of the steps and arms is smooth and fluid, and the 9kg flywheel does a great job in this regard. The resistance levels are enough of a challenge to help tone muscles and if you are looking to burn calories then the E7.2 is going to be a great option for you.

There is even a handy water bottle holder just beneath the centre console.

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NordicTrack E7.2 Verdict

This is an excellent cross trainer. It may not be the newest cross trainer on the market with all the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functionality of some of the newest premium models, but if you are looking for a well-made cross trainer that delivers a tough workout with a gym-quality feel that will last for years to come, then the E7.2 is a really good option.

The only downside for us is the lack of Bluetooth, but the aux port allows you to connect your own device for audio purposes and you can then choose either the i-Fit Live app or choose your own for an optimum workout.

For the price, the E7.2 is a bargain considering the build quality and level of challenge and it looks pretty snazzy too!

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