PhenGold claims to be a ‘multi-action weight loss formula’. Today, we assess just how effective it is in our full UK based PhenGold review.

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Written by: Matt Smith

Fact Checked by: Editorial Team

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PhenGold sits as a premium fat burning supplement among some really top tier competitors and as such, we had pretty high expectations going in to our testing.

Today, we will share the results of our testing of PhenGold, take a detailed look at the company and the ingredients in PhenGold and deliver our verdict as to whether or not it works (or at least whether it did for us).

We shall also look to other PhenGold reviews to assess the general consensus and consider whether there are better alternatives out there.

So, let’s get this PhenGold review started…

Quick Verdict: PhenGold

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PhenGold is a potent ally to have in the fight against weight loss. We saw fantastic results when using it and really appreciated the increased energy and nootropics to help improve mood and focus whilst in a calorie deficit.

It’s easy to use, relatively affordable and yields fantastic results when used as part of a calorie controlled diet.

About PhenGold

PhenGold is manufactured and sold by Health Nutrition Limited, a UK limited company based in Nottingham. Although based in the UK, they ship internationally from UK and US based warehouses that work to FDA standards.

Although Health Nutrition Limited is a relatively new brand, we believe they are part of the original Swiss Research Labs Limited who originally oversaw the PhenGold brand. Regardless, both are solid companies with a good reputation.

PhenGold does have a multi-faceted approach to weight loss and as such it is difficult to know exactly where to pitch it – it is probably best described as a metabolism boosting, appetite suppressing supplement that uses natural ingredients and also provides an energy boost.

Okay – so that doesn’t read so well for their marketing – so I guess that’s why they went with calling it a multi-action weight loss formula. I guess that’s why they are in marketing and I’m not.

PhenGold will not bring about weight loss on its own. It is designed as a tool to assist with an effective weight loss regime – meaning you will need to be in a calorie deficit in order to actually lose weight or shed body fat. But the formula is designed to make this process much easier through an improved metabolism and giving higher energy levels.

PhenGold carries some top tier ingredients (that we will examine shortly), all of which are completely natural. It contains no fillers, is vegan friendly and free from soy, gluten and dairy – meaning it is pretty much accessible to all.

So let’s take a look at the blend in more detail…

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PhenGold Ingredients

Actually, calling it a blend is doing PhenGold a slight disservice. Unlike many weight loss supplements, PhenGold does not hide behind a proprietary blend – instead, every single ingredient is accounted for and dosed individually – so you know exactly what is in each and every serving.

This is important – as the dose of each ingredient is the key to high efficacy with natural supplements of this nature.

It means you don’t just need to trust the manufacturer has combined the ingredients appropriately.

There are 12 active ingredients in PhenGold (if you include BioPerine) – and each has been chosen to elicit either fat burn (through an increased metabolism) or an energy boost – something that is much needed when looking to lose weight.

Vitamin B Complex

Each serving of PhenGold contains 15mg of Vitamin B3, 1.3mg of Vitamin B6 and 24mcg of Vitamin B12.

With the exception of B6, this pretty much includes your recommended daily dose of these B vitamins that play a part in boosting metabolism and controlling cravings – but more importantly than that, will have a positive nootropic like impact on energy levels and mood.

This is an absolute key set of ingredients that are likely included more for their impact on mood and energy than for their thermogenic qualities – and whichever way you look at it, getting enough of these B vitamins on a daily basis is likely to have a significantly positive impact on your health.

Green Tea

With 500mg of green tea per serving, this is the most highly dosed of all the ingredients found in PhenGold. Although it may sound like a lot, this is actually not where the majority of the caffeine comes from in PhenGold, with the caffeine anhydrous accounting for 225mg of that.

Instead, the green tea is included as it is packed with antioxidants from the polyphenols it contains. It also has the potential to increase your metabolism and so burn through body fat more readily.

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Another ingredient that has a dual purpose is L-Tyrosine. PhenGold has 350mg of it per serving and it is included to help increase fat burn but also to improve mood.

In fact, we see L-Tyrosine in many of the best nootropics and it is a really welcome addition to PhenGold – and helping to keep your mood heightened whilst undertaking a cut is not to be sniffed at.

Rhodiola Rosea

250mg of Rhodiola Rosea is another ingredient that has more scientific backing for use as a nootropic than as a fat burner, although PhenGold suggest it also has fat burning properties.

We’d prefer to focus on the anti-fatigue and anxiety relief that it can provide – again being very welcome when reducing your food intake which can leave you low on energy.


L-Theanine is another nootropic focused ingredient as it helps to improve focus and mood. There is a body of evidence though that also backs it up as a metabolism booster and increasing evidence to suggest it can help to reduce appetite.

We see 250mg of L-Theanine here which is a good dose for the purpose required.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Now we start to really get in to the ingredients that can have a significant impact on metabolism and thermogenesis. We start with 225mg of caffeine anhydrous (dehydrated caffeine) and it is well known the effect that caffeine can have on our metabolism.

It can also help with focus, gives an increase in short term energy and along with the increased metabolic rate it elicits, it can help to burn more fat.

We do of course have to monitor our daily intake of caffeine, so you may want to limit your caffeinated drinks to 1 or 2 per day when taking PhenGold.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper is another well known metabolism booster. It can of course be taken through your usual diet but consuming 200mg daily is a tall order through food alone – and so including it in your daily supplement is a great idea.

There is plenty of evidence to support its inclusion and 200mg is enough to give a real kickstart to your fat burning potential each and every day.


Next up we have Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) – yet another ingredient that is thought to have a positive impact on memory and mood – so yet another nootropic focused ingredient.

You might be thinking that this is overkill, but if you’ve ever attempted (and maybe failed) at a significant and sustained calorie reduced diet then you’ll likely appreciate the lengths PhenGold goes to in order to help your mental state during this process.

Here, we get 200mg per serving which is more than adequate.

Green Coffee

100mg of green coffee bean extract is again a very welcome addition to the blend. Coming from pre-roasted coffee beans, it is rich in antioxidants and should provide a great energy boost along with helping to increase metabolic rate.

The amount of caffeine contained in green coffee bean extract is fairly minimal but instead the goodness from the beans themselves is where the real benefits lie.


Finally, we get the standard dose of 5mg of BioPerine (the gold standard of black pepper extract or piperine). Piperine is well known for increasing the bioavailability of every other ingredient – in other words, it helps your body to efficiently make use of each ingredient and almost turbo charges the benefits they hold.

Choosing a fat burner that doesn’t include BioPerine or Piperine just doesn’t make sense and so if you do come across one, it’s probably wise to steer clear of it.

In addition to the core ingredients above, there is also Hypromellose (used for the capsule), Silica and Magnesium Stearate in PhenGold.

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Does PhenGold Work?

If you are asking the question – ‘will PhenGold make me lose weight?’, then the answer would be no.

No supplement is going to force your body to shed fat. However, at least from a scientific viewpoint (with many clinical studies to back it up), it can aid you significantly in the process.

To lose weight and ‘burn fat’ (or reduce body fat) you will need to consume less energy (calories) than you use. How you tip the balance of calorie equity in to the negative is up to you.

The easiest and most straightforward way is to consume less. You can also tip this further or choose to eat more by throwing additional exercise in to the mix.

Let’s say you need 2300 calories per day to maintain your current weight. You could simply eat 500 less calories per day (than 2300) to achieve a 500 calorie deficit – enough to lose on average 1lb of weight per week.

Or you could choose to eat 300 less calories per day and add 200 calories per day of additional exercise – brisk walks are ideal for this.

The point is, that to do this for any sustained amount of time is tough. And any additional boost we can get will help.

The additional thermogenic effects of the ingredients found in PhenGold will go a long way to boosting the efficiency of this cut – potentially giving you the results of a 600 calorie per day cut instead of a 500 calorie per day cut. Compounded over time, this can be significant.

And that’s great, but the key benefits behind PhenGold may not lie in this slight metabolism boost that you get – instead, it likely lies within the nootropic and energy giving ingredients that it contains.

Depending on the goal, most people are likely going to want to commit to more than one month of a calorie deficit. If you want to drop more than 5lbs then your are going to need to sustain it for more than one month.

This isn’t easy.

But PhenGold makes it easier as you will feel more energetic, less lethargic and more motivated to burn calories through exercise. You also won’t experience the horrible brain fog that can accompany a reduced calorie diet.

There are few alternatives to PhenGold that offer this same multi-faceted approach to weight loss.

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PhenGold Reviews

Shortly, I will give you my personal experience of taking PhenGold. But first, I thought it was worthing noting some of the PhenGold reviews found from various sources across the web.

On the whole, the verdict is very positive. Whether you trawl through social media, other PhenGold reviews or review sites.

The only negatives we could find revolved around shipping issues, and having spoken to PhenGold about this ourselves, we have it on good authority that these early logistical issues have now been sorted – and they do indeed now ship globally 99.9% issue free.

So, let’s take a look at my own experience of using PhenGold…

Using PhenGold

Having used fat burners and nootropics before, I had a good idea of what to expect when it came to PhenGold. I am also no stranger to a calorie deficit and typically spend at least 2 months of the year eating around 300-500 calories per day under my maintenance level.

One thing I haven’t tried before though is to take nootropics whilst on a calorie deficit – and now, looking back, I can’t believe I never thought of it before.

I started with the intention of a one month cut. What followed was me extending the cut to two months as I was so pleased with my results and felt as good as I did when eating at maintenance.

Using PhenGold
My results after using PhenGold for one month

I can’t fully attest to the thermogenic capabilities of PhenGold, but what I can attest to was losing 5lbs in month 1 and just over 4lbs in month 2.

At the same time, I didn’t feel like I lost a considerable amount of muscle mass as I had still been keeping my protein intake high and hitting the strength training 4 times per week (which is my usual routine).

The most impressive thing for me was the appetite suppression and the energy levels that I felt.

Whenever undertaking a calorie deficit previously I have found it tough. Difficult to maintain my strength in the gym and hard to focus during my day job. I also found myself feeling hungry a lot.

None of this was the case when taking PhenGold – in fact, quite the opposite. I felt strong in the gym, focused and energetic at work and wasn’t looking to snack every five minutes between meals.

The other thing I loved about PhenGold compared to other supplements of this nature was that the 3 capsule serving is taken just once per day. It’s just as well considering the caffeine content, but you really get the feeling of quick release energy, backed up by slow release energy that lasts well in to the late afternoon.

After 2 months I felt mentally like I could keep going if I wanted, but I had achieved the physical shape I wanted and so was happy to stop there.

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PhenGold is an excellent aid to helping you sustain a calorie deficit that will elicit weight and fat loss. It achieves this through an excellent blend of metabolism boosting ingredients, whilst giving you energy to power through workouts and nootropics to keep your brain fully functioning.

It has a very clever set of ingredients that combine to make your fat loss efforts much more achievable and it gets our full endorsement.

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