When it comes to finding ways to increasing your natural testosterone levels, it can sometimes feel like you are walking through a minefield. With so many options available (and not all of them being transparent) it can be really difficult to find the right solution for you. Today, I will be reviewing TestoPrime – a UK and USA manufactured supplement that aims to help your body produce more testosterone through the use of natural supplementation.

This TestoPrime review has being written after 3 months of me personally testing the supplement and I will look to give you a fair and unbiased opinion of it.

Quick Verdict: TestoPrime

TestoPrime bottles
TestoPrime is one of the most potent natural testosterone boosters we have tested. After 3 months of testing we saw and felt really impressive results in all areas that we expected.

This is our no.1 pick when it comes to boosting T naturally.

What Is TestoPrime & Who Should Use It?

TestoPrime is pitched as a supplement containing natural ingredients that are designed to help the body increase natural testosterone production. The company behind it are part of Wolfson Brands, which is a UK Limited company and they manufacture, market and supply a few premium supplements across a few different brands – TestoPrime being one of them.

After doing some digging, they appear to be one of the most legitimate supplement companies – particularly when it comes to t-boosters – and the fact that they are based in the UK is another tick for me.

All of their products are 100% FDA approved and they ship globally – with warehouses in both the UK and the USA. The TestoPrime website is focused solely on the sales of TestoPrime and you won’t find any other products there – although there are a few ways to get great deals so be sure to check our links below for that – also, in the interests of transparency we will earn a small commission if you click and buy through our links but you will not pay more by doing so.

Back to the product itself, TestoPrime is made up of a variety of clinically backed, all natural ingredients (which we will go in to shortly) that are designed to promote the body’s natural testosterone production. It is typical for testosterone to reduce with age, and once men get to the age of 30 they will lose an average of 1% in T levels per year of their life. To be clear, TestoPrime is not a form of TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) and if it was we wouldn’t be recommending it on this website. What it promises though, is to help your body fight the natural decline in T levels and it may even cause levels to increase.

So who should consider using TestoPrime?

The answer is the same as for any testosterone increasing supplement. Anyone who feels their T levels are dwindling – and the reality is that it will be all males aged 30 or over and for some men testosterone levels can reduce much earlier.

We’d suggest anyone who is looking to build muscle and is over the age of 30 will benefit from taking a natural supplement – so long as the ingredients are all approved and are indeed completely natural.

Symptoms associated with declining testosterone include fatigue, low sex drive, bigger man boobs, increased stress levels and finding it harder to grow muscle mass. Anyone who thinks their T levels are dropping could benefit from a product such as TestoPrime.

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TestoPrime Ingredients

So let’s examine TestoPrime a little more closely. After all, there are numerous T boosting products on the market these days. TestoPrime includes 12 ingredients that have been carefully selected for their various properties. Some of these ingredients we are used to seeing on these kinds of supplements but some of the others are a little more rare. They are also chosen in quantities that are scientifically backed to give maximum results.

You will find the following ingredients in TestoPrime:

D-Aspartic Acid – 2,000MG

Panax Ginseng – 8,000MG

Ashwagandha Extract – 668MG

Fenugreek – 800MG

Green Tea Extract – 4,000MG

Pomegranate Extract – 360MG

Vitamin D

Zinc – 40MG

Vitamin B6 – 5.6MG

Vitamin B5 – 8MG

Garlic Extract – 1,200MG

Black Pepper Extract (95% Piperine)

As you can see, the ingredient list above is full of natural ingredients and there is nothing in there that is going to cause an issue for professional athletes or the average person looking to increase their T levels. See the label below for a full breakdown.

All of the ingredients are there to perform different functions such as D-Aspartic Acid that is a naturally occurring amino acid that helps regulate and promote healthy testosterone levels by its ability to help produce the Luteinizing Hormone (LH). Ashwagandha is one of the most commonly found ingredients in T boosters and TestoPrime actually includes KSM 66 Ashwagandha which is the most pure and therefore powerful Ashwagandha available globally. This ingredient alone is great for helping existing testosterone levels to remain as well as helping to improve energy and aiding with digestion, weight loss and cognitive processes.

All in all, TestoPrime actually has one of the most complete ingredient profiles that we have seen for this kind of supplement and the wide range of benefits will appeal to a variety of people.

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Using TestoPrime

As a 36 year old guy who has been undertaking resistance training for the last 5 years, and who was finding things increasingly difficult in terms of fatigue and especially recovery (and feeling that I wasn’t seeing the results I expected from my training) I decided to invest in a 3 month supply of TestoPrime. TestoPrime sell the supplement in 3 different packages – 1 month, 3 month and 6 month supplies – and with deals for the 3 and 6 month supply I figured it made sense to opt for the mid tier package. I also figured it would take more than 1 month to see discernible results so I plumped for the 2 month plus 1 month free deal.

My main concern when starting the supplementation was the impact on my gut. I say this as someone who has regularly had intolerances to a range of foods and has suffered at the hands of other supplements in the past. I need not have feared as my gut health actually seemed to improve after just a few days and there were certainly no negative side effects in this regard. Being Soy, gluten, nut and dairy free means that TestoPrime will be suitable for almost everyone and it contains no artificial colours or additives such as fillers.

4 capsules each morning is the dosage. I took these first thing in the morning and before eating as directed by the instructions. The capsules were easy to swallow and as each one is packed with all natural ingredients you can rest easy that it is only ‘good stuff’ going in to your body.

TestoPrime themselves state that you can see (and feel) results even with just one bottle and that many men report a positive impact after just one week – however, they also state that to see the best long term results, the longer you take it, the better the results will be – so again I felt justified in my 3 month purchase.

After 1 week I didn’t notice a huge difference if I’m honest, however the one big change I did notice was my concentration levels felt significantly better. I didn’t make any other major changes to my lifestyle during this 3 month period – I was still going to the gym 3-4 times per week, taking daily brisk walks and eating a high protein diet (30% protein per day). My sleep levels also remained pretty much the same during this 3 months. So to see this improved focus after a week was a great side benefit and I can only attribute this to the taking of TestoPrime.

Placebo? Maybe – but I thought I’d take the win either way.

I can’t be sure whether it was week 2 or week 3 when I noticed the next big change – and that was with my energy levels. It’s a bit like when you are getting over a cold and you are feeling pretty rubbish and then one day you suddenly feel better but you don’t really notice… anyway… I realised by week 3 that I really was feeling more energised and the usual fatigue that I felt (particularly first thing in the morning and last thing at night) had completely subsided. I felt like I remember feeling 10 years earlier and with an increased clarity of thought – almost like the brain fog had lifted. I can’t tell you how liberating it felt.

It was at around this point where I also started to feel like I was recovering better from my gym sessions. It wasn’t that I was feeling soreness in my muscles, but more that by the time I was coming to train again I just didn’t feel my body was quite ready – 3 weeks with TestoPrime seemed to change this and suddenly I felt primed in the gym every time I went. I still needed rest days of course, but the rest days really seemed to give me a full recovery rather than just getting by like I was before.

I didn’t feel like my libido was an issue before using TestoPrime, but it is fair to say that I noticed an improvement in this area of my life too – again after just 3-4 weeks.

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After 3 Months Using TestoPrime

Everyone will have a different reason for taking a T supplement but the chances are at least one of the main reasons will be linked to a side effect of having low testosterone. For me, it was about recovery and wanting to have more aesthetically pleasing results from my weight training. In other words, I wanted to look and feel better.

I am now in to month 5 of using TestoPrime and perhaps that tells you more than anything. Yes, I bought a 6 month supply after my initial 3 month purchase?

Why did I do that?

Because for me, the results were clear after 3 months. I had not felt so good in myself as I did after taking TestoPrime for 3 months than I ever had – or at least since I was much younger. The difference now to my younger years is that I have a really well balanced lifestyle to match what I can only assume are higher levels of testosterone.

The real winner for me though was that by the beginning of month 3 I was starting to see great results physically. My week 1 pics and week 9 pics showed a really clear improvement in muscle definition and I also looked like I had lost some body fat. Considering I had pretty much been eating at what I considered to be maintenance for this 3 month period it seemed like I was packing on some muscle and losing some fat – perhaps I was just losing fat, but either way I was incredibly happy with the results.

The upshot here is that for me, I think you need to invest in at least a 3 month supply if you are going to try TestoPrime. You will see results in month 1 but the impact after 3 months is so much bigger.

Once you see these results you will pretty much be going back for the 6 month supply as it gives you 3 months free.

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  • All natural ingredients
  • Leaves you feeling full of energy
  • Scientifically backed profile
  • Lifetime money back guarantee
  • See results relatively quickly
  • Once you start using it you feel you need to continue

TestoPrime Alternatives

There are some decent alternatives to TestoPrime with Testogen being the top option from speaking to other members of the team here at Fitness Brain. Testogen has many of the same ingredients as are found in TestoPrime but I imagine the quantities may be slightly different, and the source of them will likely be different too. They are a UK based company though and have a good reputation so it is probably well worth exploring them – I know other members of the FB team have had good results with them.

For me though, TestoPrime is a no-lose situation. They offer the most comprehensive money back guarantee I have ever seen on a supplement – with literally a lifetime money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with your results. I wager you will be over the moon with them though.

Where To Buy TestoPrime

As far as I am aware, TestoPrime is only available through TestoPrime themselves. I haven’t seen it anywhere else and to be honest I wouldn’t buy it from another website just in case. The quality of product and service from TestoPrime means I want to make sure I am getting the real deal.

They are also well known for looking after their customers. We have links to their best packages using the button below and this will ensure you get the best price and the right product.

As with any kind of supplement, do your research… but for me, TestoPrime is worth its weight in gold and I am a convert having never felt or looked so good!

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