BodyTrain treadmills have become increasingly popular, and with more people looking to work out from home, many are turning to this high-quality yet affordable brand. To help you decide, we’ve taken four of their most popular treadmills and took them for a test. Here is what we discovered in our our BodyTrain treadmill reviews.

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BodyTrain manufacture and supply a wide range of treadmills, most of which are designed for at-home use and come with 12 month warranties.

The four models we have selected for testing and review are all foldable so they are ideal for your workout space at home and will require minimal space when you are not working out. We have selected a range of models from the least to the most expensive, and as you might expect this means there are a range of different features and difficulty levels.

BodyTrain BPM Folding Treadmill

The BodyTrain BPM folding treadmill is the most budget-friendly on offer and the low cost really does remove any barriers to entry for beginners looking to buy their first treadmill. That being said, the BPM is unsurprisingly the most basic of models and as such you will have to make some concessions if you opt for this model.

bodytrain BPM treadmill

There is no escaping the fact that the BPM folding treadmill is a budget model. This is noticeable as soon as you unbox and assemble this treadmill. Assembly is easy enough and the instructions are clear and straightforward, but the resulting aesthetic is somewhat underwhelming.

The frame is pretty solid but the running track is quite narrow at just 34cm wide and the length of the deck is also pretty short at just 100cm long. Shorter runners will be fine with this but anyone over 6ft or with long strides will struggle somewhat.

The other main limitation of this treadmill is the maximum speed which is just 6KM/h. So there is no sprinting on this treadmill and brisk walking is going to be the limit for most people. For this reason, we would only really recommend the BodyTrain BPM for anyone who is very early on in their cardio fitness journey or for anyone who simply wants a treadmill to increase their step count.

Other aspects of the BPM are quite impressive. It features a folding deck that locks in place for safe storage and has a basic (but effective) LCD display that shows speed, distance, time, calories and even pulse rate readings that are taken from the pusle rate monitors that are built into the handles.

The frame itself is not the most sturdy, but as you won’t be running you shouldn’t need it other than to take your pulse rate. There is a convenient tablet/phone holder above the display which is ideal for playing music or a tv show while you increase your steps.

This treadmill is pretty lightweight at just 24kg and to its credit it is one of the most compact we have ever tested and folds completely flat in an upright manner meaning it takes up hardly any floor space at all when not in use.

In conclusion, this is a great treadmill for anyone who wants to use a treadmill for brisk walking without paying a fortune for extra features that aren’t needed.

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BodyTrain Stride Master

The BodyTrain Stride Master is a huge step forward from the BPM and is a treadmill that really competes against some of the bigger brand models. Anyone looking for a good-quality entry-level treadmill could do much worse than considering the Stride Master.

Sporting a more than adequate 1.5HP motor, the Stride Master is capable of top speeds of 14KM/h – whilst this is still not going to work for top-level runners, most intermediate and beginner level runners will be well catered for with this treadmill.

bodytrain stridemaster

The larger, generously-sized deck measures up at 122cm (l) by 40cm (w) and you can set a manual incline if you wish (with three levels of incline available). There is a maximum user weight of 120kg which again is better than most budget treadmills and the overall weight of this model is 43kg.

There is also a folding mechanism that provides a soft drop and assisted lift so this model is easy to put away and set up. The running deck is comfortable to run on and shock absorption provides some relief on the joints but is pretty limited at this model level.

The centre console is a huge upgrade compared to the BPM and provides all the key data you need as well as having quick select keys that allow you to quickly change speed settings and move between the pre-set programmes of which there are 16 in total. There are AUX and USB inputs for mp3 and mobile phone compatibility as well as a tablet holder and drinks holders.

The centre console displays data such as time, distance, calories burned, speed and pulse rate and there are pulse rate sensors built into the frame. The frame of the Stride Master is significantly stronger than cheaper models and the arms provide ample support as well as containing the quick speed select buttons.

All in all, the BodyTrain Stride Master is an excellent budget treadmill that does the basics really well and is comfortable to use.

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BodyTrain F30 XTI Treadmill

The F30 XTI treadmill is one of the best we have tested and comes with some killer features that are often reserved for more expensive models. Featuring an impressively powerful 3HP motor, 16KM/h top speed and a 15% automatic powered incline, this treadmill is suitable for most users of all running abilities.

Weighing in at 80kg the F30 XTI is not for the faint hearted. It has an impressive maximum user weight of 130kg and is also foldable which is ideal for storage. The dimensions of this treadmill are pretty decent and the running track alone has a floor space of 135cm (l) x 47cm (w) making it one of the widest available and with ample length for those with a large stride. The dimensions when unfolded stand at 175cm (l) x 75cm (w) x 135cm (h) and make for quite an imposing piece of equipment, which we like. There are transport wheels to help with moving the treadmill when you wish to use it.

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One of the most impressive features of the F30 is the ability to alter the suspension. This means you can provide yourself with a more cushioned run if you wish or should you prefer a more solid base then this is possible too. This is not a feature we have seen often at this price point.

The centre console is sleek, easy to view and well designed. The position is ideal for most user heights and it comes loaded with 12 user programmes to choose from. There are quick select keys located on the main console as well as on the arms of the treadmill, which makes manually switching speeds and inclines really simple.

The F30 XTI comes with built-in speakers and has USB and aux connections to play your music through. The quality of the speakers are pretty much in line with other treadmills which means they are acceptable but nothing special.

Every aspect of this treadmill has a quality look and feel to it, from the strong arms to the large running deck with adjustable suspension. For anyone looking to get the most out of their budget then this treadmill is an excellent option.

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BodyTrain MT-196 Treadmill

The MT-196 is the most impressive treadmill in the BodyTrain product line. It is still reasonably priced and provides a huge amount of value for money when compared like for like against other models at similar prices.

If you are looking for a commercial-type treadmill for your home at a reasonable price then this could just be what you have been looking for.

The BodyTrain MT-196 treadmill features a 3HP motor that has top speeds of 22KM/h and also includes 15 stages of mechanical incline. It has the largest running deck of all those we tested with an impressive size of 130cm (l) x 48cm (w). It is by far the most solid and sturdy of the bunch and weighs in at 76kg but boasts a maximum user weight of 150kg! Transport wheels are included for your convenience.

mt196 treadmill

The running track is excellent and has a high level of shock absorption without seeming bouncy or completely unnatural. In fact, this is one of the best home treadmills we have used in terms of running feel and comfort. Speed selection is easy and you can either follow one of the 12 pre-set workouts or manually control the speed and inclines using the quick select buttons.

The centre console is impressive to look at. It displays all the data you need as well as your heart rate, which is measured by the pulse rate sensors that are conveniently located just below the centre console which is slightly different to the other BodyTrain models. We found the heart rate sensor readouts to be pretty much in line with our Whoop band and Polar heart rate monitors, which was pleasing to see.

You get two well-positioned bottle holders as well as a quick stop cord for safety purposes. The body of the MT-196 is extremely robust and really does have a gym quality feel to it.

There are built-in speakers with USB and aux inputs for added functionality and there is even a built-in fan to help keep you cool while working out. Overall, this is an excellent option and if you have the budget this is the best pick of the bunch when it comes to BodyTrain treadmills – this model in particular stacks up really well against some more expensive models from other brands.

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