The Fitness Brain team have got their mitts on this sexy-looking adjustable dumbbell from ISOGYM. Is it a gimmick targeting our pockets, or an absolute winner? Find out in this honest and thorough ISOGYM Adjustable Dumbbell Review.

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ISOGYM is a relative newcomer in the world of fitness equipment, so when we first took delivery of their adjustable dumbbells you might have forgiven us for having an air of scepticism about us. That being said, these 20kg dumbbells had excellent reviews, a great spec and looked the part, so we were actually pretty excited when they landed in the Fitness Brain office.

After a couple of weeks of testing, the question is… are they actually any good and are they worth the investment?

Our full ISOGYM Adjustable Dumbbell review is here to answer those questions and a bit more besides.

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ISOGYM First Impressions

On first inspection the ISOGYM adjustable dumbbells are a beautiful looking piece of kit.

ISOGYM Adjustable Dumbbell 2kg-20kg Weight Set for Men and Women (Quick Change Weight Adjustment) 16 Selections Single Dumbbell Per Package

For a 20kg dumbbell that has selectorised weights, the ISOGYM dumbbell is reasonably sized (in that it is not too big) and the proportions of the dumbbell itself are pretty similar to a weight you would find in a standard gym.

ISOGYM currently only have two offerings in their product range, and that is a good sign in our book as it means they are very focused on delivering a quality product – and everything about this product in particular oozes quality.

The dumbbell is sold as a single unit so if you want a pair you do need to purchase two. That means the ISOGYM sits at a price point that is just below the premium end of the market and as such we would expect it to deliver on quality, performance and durability. Upon initial viewing and usage we were impressed on all three fronts.

The dumbbell sits atop a plastic base and this plastic base is what holds the weights that are not in use in place. It also allows the dumbbell to sit securely when not in use with no chance of it rolling away, as some dumbbells have a tendency to do.

Check Latest Price Of The ISOGYM Dumbells

ISOGYM Dumbbell Specs

The ISOGYM dumbbell has a maximum weight of 20kg which is going to be ample for many people who are working out at home or on the move. There are no less than 16 different weight levels to choose from with 20kg being the heaviest and 2.3kg being the lightest.

The weights are selected with the dumbbell sitting in its base, and to choose the weight you simply twist the central handle to the desired weight.

There is a display on both sides of the comfortable rubber handle – one which displays the weight in kilograms and the other which displays the weight in pounds – we thought this was a particularly nice touch.

You can choose from the following weight options:

  • 2.3kg
  • 3.8kg
  • 4.2kg
  • 5.3kg
  • 5.8kg
  • 6.8kg
  • 7.2kg
  • 8.4kg
  • 8.8kg
  • 10.3kg
  • 12.5kg
  • 14.5kg
  • 15.5kg
  • 17.5kg
  • 18.5kg
  • 20kg

The base unit measures up at 39cm x 24cm and the dumbbells themselves measure up at just under that, making these dumbbells incredibly space efficient. If you consider the amount of space a dumbbell rack with 16 different weights would take up then you can appreciate the space saving benefits of the ISOGYM weights.

A further benefit is that a couple of these dumbbells would take up little space in the boot of a car, so if you need them to be portable for holiday purposes or travelling for work then you can take your workout with you wherever you go.

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Using The ISOGYM Dumbbells

It’s all well and good having a set of dumbbells that look good and take up little space, but if they are no good to use then what’s the point? Luckily, using the ISOGYM dumbbells is an absolute dream, but they do take a little bit of getting used to at first.

Using the dumbbells for any standard dumbbell exercise is no problem, there are no restrictions on how you hold the dumbbells at all and it really is easy and super quick to select your weight.

If you compare these to a set of spin lock dumbbells that often take in excess of 60 seconds to change the weight of each dumbbell, we timed the weight change of the ISOGYM at less than 3 seconds for all weights and for most it is less than 1 second.

The process of changing the current load couldn’t be simpler. You place the dumbbell in the base and then turn the handle (the usual dumbbell handle, that is – there is no additional lever or handle) to your desired setting and then lift the dumbbell out of the base. The redundant weights are left in the base and the weights making up your total weight remain locked in place on the dumbbell itself.

The only learning curve here is to make sure that the weights have all dropped off and that none are stuck – we did nearly drop a weight on our toe on first use as we didn’t realise one had stuck. This only happened once and so long as you check each time you lift after selecting your weight then there is no problem.

Where the ISOGYM really excels is in its basic functionality. In other words, it feels like using a standard dumbbell thanks to the size and shape of the weights along with the balanced distribution of weight throughout. Some selectorised dumbbells have an unnatural feel to them, but the ISOGYM feels completely natural and like using a normal dumbbell.

The materials that the ISOGYM are made from have a premium feel to them and the handle in particular is made from a comfortable rubber that has a textured pattern for extra grip. The base is also well made and is particularly stable for holding the weights and cannot easily be moved around even on a wooden or slippery floor when the weights are in.

This dumbbell is not cheap but we believe it offers excellent value for money when you consider the time you will save during each workout changing weights in a flash, and not to mention the cost of buying 16 different sets of dumbbells. Just a 20kg, 18kg and 16kg dumbbell would cost the same as the ISOGYM and then you are getting another 13 weights on top essentially for free!

Check Latest Price Of The ISOGYM Dumbells

ISOGYM 20KG Dumbbell Verdict

Despite having reservations over this premium-priced product coming from a relatively new company, we couldn’t be more impressed with the ISOGYM adjustable dumbbells. In fact, we are so impressed that they are now our preferred choice of adjustables over other well-known brands such as Bowflex and Athlyt.

The value for money and space-saving benefits are there for all to see, and the usability of these dumbbells is right up there with the best. The only real limitation with them is that the maximum weight is 20kg – but for most exercises the 20kgs will be more than enough for most people.

Finally, the shipping speed was incredible. We ordered ours and they arrived the next day which was quite incredible given the current climate and that at the time of ordering there was a general shortage of fitness equipment and some suppliers were taking weeks to fulfil orders!

Check Latest Price Of The ISOGYM Dumbells