The Life Fitness G7 has arrived, and is being installed with our special free installation and set-up offer (an offer you can use too!). The question is, would we want to give it back? Find out our full verdict in our Life Fitness G7 review below.

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Life Fitness are one of the biggest names in the UK fitness industry and the Life Fitness G7 Cable Motion multi-gym is in keeping with the high-quality products we have come to expect from them. We had heard such good things about this dual stack multi-gym that we just had to give it the Fitness Brain treatment and take it for a test ride.

Life Fitness G7 Cable Motion Specifications

The G7 comes in two main variants; one includes a bench and the other doesn’t. The G7 is not cheap and is designed for either light commercial use or for home use over an extended lifespan, and as such the specifications are pretty impressive.

life fitness G7 cable motion machine

When fully assembled, the G7 stands at 211cm tall and takes up a floor space of 174 x 178cm. It features a space-efficient V-shaped design which means it will fit neatly in a room corner, which is a big tick for any home multi-gym – especially one that lives up to commercial standards.

With two weight stacks of 73kg on each side, you will not be left wanting for weight and you can easily and quickly work different sides of the body independently. 20 positions on each stack column mean that the opportunities for exercise options are pretty much endless.

The quick-lock cable attachment means that accessories can be switched in and out quickly, and this makes for highly efficient workouts.

Out of the box you will get a pair of handle attachments, one thigh strap, one triangle strap, one bar, and an exercise ball as well as a few extras such as water bottles and an exercise book. The G7 itself has two angled pull up/chin up bars which are well padded and will help with a total body workout.

Weighing in at over 300kg boxed, you would be forgiven for having fears over setup and installation of the G7. Luckily, at the time of writing when you use our price checker link below, you can grab free installation and setup which means you have no worries and can simply order and await installation in your home or gym setting.

There is a lifetime warranty on all Life Fitness frames and 3 years parts and labour warranty on all parts when used in a domestic setting (1 year when used in a commercial setting) for added peace of mind.

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Using The G7 Multi-Gym

If you are looking to replicate a range of gym-quality machines in your home, then the G7 by Life Fitness is about as close as you can get without spending tens of thousands of pounds on individual pieces of equipment. Some people see multi-gyms as a compromise, but the G7 is the real deal thanks to its heavy load-bearing dual weight stack, and there are no half measures here.

Life Fitness G7 in use by lady

The quality of this machine should not be underestimated and for any home user that has the space and the budget to invest in a G7 they won’t be left disappointed. The cable motion technology is incredibly smooth, and during our testing there was no plate slipping or sticking. The cables do genuinely feel very smooth in operation and the accessories are all well made.

The medium-sized handles are as comfortable a handle as we have seen and strike the perfect balance between comfort and durability. The quick locking mechanism for attaching the accessories is easy to use and makes switching between exercises a doddle.

When it comes to exercises, anything you can perform on a cable machine in a gym will be possible with the G7. Life Fitness provide you with a handy exercise booklet that you can display as part of the main unit for easy and quick reference – it contains over 60 exercises designed to target the back, shoulders, chest, arms, core and legs.

You can achieve a pretty solid all-body workout with the G7 and you might want to supplement it with a couple of pairs of dumbbells to bring some free weight exercises into play to help with those stabiliser muscles, but you could just opt for bodyweight exercises instead and do everything else on the G7.

The 20 adjustable positions for each column give you a full range of starting points for the cable, and they too are quick and easy to adjust with a simple push and release mechanism to change the position.

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The Bad Stuff

When writing this G7 review we were mindful that we might feel overly positive about it as it was so new to us. For this reason we tested it for a full 29 days to see whether our opinions would change over time (we do suffer from shiny object syndrome now and again), but we have to say that we couldn’t fault this piece of equipment.

The only downside for us is the price. That’s not to say it isn’t value for money – it is, but it will put some people off. What does offset the cost for us somewhat is the free installation and setup which you can get when purchasing using our link below.

This easily adds £150 worth of value to the G7 and the reality is that if you are going to use this equipment day in and day out for the next 5 years plus then you are going to have your money’s worth. If you are likely to use it for 20 years plus then you have a bargain.

Claim Free Install & Check Latest Price Of The Life Fitness G7

The G7 Verdict

The Life Fitness G7 Cable Motion multi-gym is our new favourite home multi-gym. It may not be cheap but it is high quality and is suitable for all levels of users – from beginners right through to seasoned bodybuilders. The cable attachments that come supplied will enable you to perform a host of whole body exercises, and the compact nature of the G7 means it will appeal to home users as well as small commercial gym owners.

For us, if you have the budget and are looking for a one-size-fits-all multi-gym that could be the only piece of equipment you need to buy for the rest of your days, then the G7 should be high up on your list. To answer the question at the beginning of this review, no… we didn’t want to give it back, so we bought it for ourselves!

Don’t forget, you can grab free installation from our preferred partners when you check the latest price below.

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