Our Goli Gummies review aims to help you make an informed decision whether the benefits of taking apple cider vinegar and the additional nutrients found in Goli Gummies is worth the hype. On the face of it, it seems that Goli Nutrition could have created one of the best tasting, easy to eat supplements on the market – let’s find out…

goli gummies imageApple cider vinegar has gained massive popularity due to its extensive benefits, especially its digestive aid and weight loss properties. However, if you have tried drinking it, you might agree with us that it isn’t a pleasant experience. Recently there have been numerous attempts to produce an edible version of ACV with a better taste.

The Goli apple cider vinegar gummies, a recent production, have thus gained widespread acceptability due to their delicious apple-like taste. Besides, the concept of taking in a gummy instead of pills or powder feels excellent. Goli Nutrition, based in California, is the company that manufactures these gummies with natural ingredients from USA farms and facilities.

Based on the background information on their website, they appear as a people-focused nutrition company that takes social responsibility seriously. Further, they acknowledge the partnership with some top nutritional advisors to help produce high-quality products.

There has been a lot of hype about the product lately with numerous positive reviews from customers. Out of curiosity to know whether the claims match the product, we decided to order it. The product’s initial impression is splendid, and by unboxing, we could already sense the beautiful apple and candy aroma.

Besides, the packaging comes with pamphlets that introduce you to the product outlining why it’s better than other traditional supplements. Frankly, they taste sweet, but not overly sweet with no artificial taste. The delicious ACV chews give you a more natural way to consume your supplements while avoiding the awful vinegar taste. Here is a detailed Goli Gummies review to help you make an informed decision.

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Advantages of Apple Cider Vinegar

You may wonder why most people love to drink apple cider vinegar, despite the horrible taste. Since it’s a main ingredient in the Goli gummy, it would be best first to understand ACV benefits.

Weight Loss

You will lose a considerable amount of weight by consuming a small amount of apple cider vinegar before meals. It reduces your appetite and increases a feeling of fullness, so you will eat fewer calories to aid in weight loss. Besides, ACV contains about three calories in each tablespoon.

It Helps Lower Blood Levels and Manages Diabetes

Another popular application of ACV is in controlling blood sugar. It thus helps in managing diabetes type two, characterised by high blood pressure as a result of the inability to produce enough insulin levels.

If you have no diabetes, maintaining your sugar level is essential to avoid various chronic diseases. ACV does this by boosting insulin sensitivity, which helps lower blood sugar, especially after consuming a high carb diet. Therefore, taking ACV before meals will help prevent your blood sugar spikes.

It Improves Heart Health

Heart diseases quickly result in death. The good news is that ACV can help lower triglycerides and cholesterol levels, reducing cardiovascular disease risks. It also contains alpha-linolenic acid with some antioxidant benefits that lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Besides, it reduces the hardening of the blood vessel for better heart health.

It’s a Source of Probiotics

ACV contains some healthy bacteria essential for improved digestion. Therefore, it helps relieve you of some gastrointestinal problems like heartburn and indigestion. It achieves this by neutralising your stomach’s acid as the acetic acid fights off any harmful bacteria in the gut.

Generally, ACV will help keep your digestion regular, saving you more energy, which will improve your general quality of life. Daily consumption of ACV will also help ward off various infections and diseases. Additionally, the beneficial bacteria found in the probiotics will help you recover from illnesses quickly.

It May Boost Skin Health

Due to the antibacterial and anti-fungal property, ACV works as an excellent remedy for some skin conditions, including eczema. Naturally, your skin is acidic, and the ACV helps rebalance its pH to improve the protective barrier.

Besides, it helps prevent any skin infections and conditions from the use of alkaline soaps or cleansers. Moreover, it has an exfoliating feature that will help you achieve that smooth and soft skin.

It Improves Your Hair Condition

If you suffer from the dry, itchy scalp with some brittle hair, using ACV will help manage it. Its acetic acid helps lower the pH in your hair to help control hair dryness and frizzy feel. Additionally, the antimicrobial property fights off bacteria that may lead to scalp itchiness, which affect your hair’s health and appearance.

Helps Kill Harmful Bacteria

Most people use ACV to clean and disinfect surfaces as well as treat ear infections. Besides, soaking your feet in the ACV will help treat mild fungal infections. Moreover, you can use it as a natural preservative since it inhibits E. coli growth that may lead to food spoilage.

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Benefits of Goli Gummies

The company states that Goli gummies contain vegan-friendly, organic, unfiltered, Non-GMO, gluten, and gelatin free ingredients. Further, they claim that the product helps detoxify your body, restore your complexion, and enhance your energy. It would be wise if we look more closely at the ingredients used to verify the stated benefits.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Each gummy contains 500mg of apple cider vinegar, a 5% acetic acid. Based on the recommended dosage, you can consume between 1,000 to 3,000 mg of ACV that falls within the prescribed quantity. It will thus help improve your digestion, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and detox your body for a better complexion among many.

Organic Beetroot

It also contains 40mcg of beets, which helps mask the vinegar flavour further. The beet is also high in minerals, fibre, and vitamins, which improves blood pressure and boosts athletes’ performance. Additionally, the high fibre content and low calories contribute to the gummy’s weight loss role.

Organic Pomegranate

Further, the gummies contain 40mcg pomegranate with some vital nutrients that help boost your overall body health. It supports the ACV functions with a high concentration of minerals, fibre, and vitamins. Additionally, it has an antioxidant effect that helps reduce inflammation significantly to manage obesity.

Vitamin B9

It’s one of the most crucial elements in the gummy that helps in human growth and development. Goli gummies contain 120 mcg of vitamin B9 in the form of folic acid vital for liver health.

Vitamin B12

Even better, the gummies contain 1.2mcg of vitamin B12 that supports the development of red blood cells. For the vegans, you may struggle to gain enough of this vitamin from plant-based sources, and supplementation is thus necessary. Additionally, the vitamin helps boost your energy levels so you can stick to your exercise plan and weight loss goal for more extended periods.

Another distinct advantage of the Goli ACV gummies is the taste. It tastes amazingly delicious, and it doesn’t have a pungent odour from the traditional ACV. It thus makes it easier to consume it. Besides, the product is safe for your tooth and enamel, and it will help improve your immune system to battle germs better.

Goli Gummy Taste Test

Goli Nutrition combines the right amount of super organic foods to mask the vinegar taste and produce a natural flavour. I find the gummies delicious since they taste just like a fruit snack. It feels like I am nibbling on sweets, and I find it super easy to consume five to six pieces within a short time. Although it might sound great, you might risk depleting your supplements very fast.

Generally, you will notice the apparent apple taste combined with some bold tanginess, subtle sourness masked with an intense sweetness that brings about an incomparable feeling. After eating, it leaves behind a mouth cleaning flavour that gives you a refreshing feel.It appears sweeter than any other form of supplements, but if you are on some nutritional plans like the keto diet, the sugar may feel a bit overpowering.

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Do Goli Gummies Work?

The Goli gummies act as ACV supplements with a natural flavour that helps you consume it regularly. Previously, taking ACV involved making a quick shot of the harshly tasting solution, to enjoy the benefits mentioned earlier. The gummies eliminate the taste problem helping you enjoy these benefits without having to persevere with the taste drawback.

They work adequately since the gummies contain the same ingredients in a regular ACV, and the additional components don’t affect its effectiveness. The supplement will thus help in reducing your body and belly fat, contributing significantly to your weight loss goal.

Goli Nutrition makes the gummies with real apples naturally rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and fibre. They then ferment the apples to get acetic acid, which works perfectly to improve digestion, detoxification, and control blood sugar levels. The additional components also contain high fibre content and some beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Taking two Goli gummies works equivalently with taking a shot of the ACV solution. It will thus give you a quick boost in energy, quest your sweet cravings, and suppress your appetite without having to deal with the bitter vinegar taste. It would be best to take the gummies early in the morning if you need energy boots. Further, if you wish to curb your appetite, please take the supplements before or during a meal.

Are the Goli Gummies worth it?

We all appreciate the benefits of ACV, but most people don’t drink it, to avoid the after taste. The product is thus a welcome development that encourages most consumers to enjoy the numerous ACV merits. I find the gummies worthwhile since they give me the chance to consume apple cider vinegar without directly guzzling it. All I have to do is chew some gummies which even appear lighter to carry compared to a bottle of ACV solution.

Besides, the ingredient included avails more nutritional benefits. It’s also easier to swallow the supplements compared to other ACV alternatives. Further, it makes a perfect alternative, especially if you wish to avoid artificially created supplements with harsh preservatives. Ultimately, it’s an excellent supplement that you can integrate into your daily routine. They also make great options for vegans.

Additionally, with every purchase you make, you will help give vitamins to malnourished children. Goli has a partnership with Vitamin Angels, and for every purchase, they donate six months vitamin supplements to a needy child all over the world. I enjoy charity works, and I find this an excellent opportunity to help end child malnutrition worldwide.

You can purchase the supplements at Goli’s official website or amazon. A single bottle goes for $19 on both sites. The free worldwide shipping offer is also quite impressive and is a big plus to the company. Additionally, when you purchase over five bottles from the official website, you will get them at $ 17.80 each.

Determining whether the supplement is worth the price much depends on your consumption habits. You might get tempted to take more each day, which might cost you a little fortune. Each bottle contains 60 gummies meaning that each piece goes for 32 cents. Therefore, if you take six pieces daily, you will spend $1.92, which may add up to $57.6 monthly. However, if you consume between 2-4 pieces daily, you will have great value for your money.

Side Effects

Goli ACV gummies intake is generally safe, and if you take the recommended dosage, you shouldn’t experience any problem. Even better, it helps evade throat burns and tooth enamel conditions that may occur when you drink the ACV solution. However, if you consume too much, you might experience some side effects which include;

Delayed Stomach Emptying

As much as delayed emptying may be beneficial in weight loss management, it may affect people with certain conditions. If you have diabetes type 1 or gastroparesis, it may result in heartburn, nausea, or bloating.

Low Potassium Levels

High doses of ACV may reach minerals from your bones, leading to osteoporosis and low potassium levels. You will then begin to have brittle bones.

Digestive side Effects

Due to the high antioxidant properties of the gummies, you may experience stomach upsets resulting in diarrhoea and cramps.

Some people may also experience headaches, and if you encounter any of the above effects, please lower your dosage. It will help your body get used to the ingredients to build more tolerance.


Fortunately, the Goli ACV gummies give you a more convenient and tastier option to consume apple cider vinegar. The overwhelmingly positive reviews are a clear indication that it works well for most people. Additionally, while following the right dietary plan, taking the gummies will help suppress your appetite so you can lose excess fat faster.

The branding is excellent the taste superb and is thus an excellent option for anyone looking out for a sweet and healthy treat. Generally, the product will help reduce possible sweets cravings and calm down any acid reflux symptoms. Further, it can lead to better results in blood tests and some visible improvements like less dry skin and fewer breakouts.

The gums also appear way much more comfortable to take, but you still need to consume the required dosage to avoid some long term effects. It’s a safe product, and as long as you take the appropriate quantity, you shouldn’t experience any side effects.

However, it’s worth noting that if you need high acetic acid levels from the supplement, you may need to consume higher doses. I was pleased with most things about the product, and I highly recommend it.

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