We were quite excited about putting together this JTX MoveLight review. We have long been fans of the JTX Fitness range, so to get the chance to put another of their machines through its paces appealed to us. We were intrigued as to what they could offer when it comes to a compact walking pad.

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Written by: Matt Smith

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We should clarify something from the outset though – the JTX MoveLight is a walking treadmill, rather than a running machine like most of the others in the JTX Fitness range. It can’t really be compared to those other machines, as it has been designed to do an entirely different job, and we urge you to keep that in mind.

In this MoveLight review, we are going to be looking at our first impressions and the specifications of the JTX MoveLight, before we take it for a test run (or walk) and deliver our verdict. So let’s get straight into it. We tested it for 4 weeks in total, so if you are seriously considering buying the MoveLight, be sure to read on (or check out our quick verdict below)…

JTX MoveLight – Quick Verdict

JTX MoveLight treadmill
The JTX MoveLight is one of the top options when it comes to walking treadmills. It is affordably priced and balances features, build quality and overall cost well.

As one of our trusted suppliers, JTX Fitness have delivered what we expect – a good quality machine at a fair price. The 100kg max load capacity should suit most people and is the only real barrier to use.

JTX MoveLight Out Of The Box

Before we even opened the box, we were impressed. JTX Fitness uses a courier service that promises to deliver any fitness equipment (up to 70kg) to the room of your choice. This will be a huge relief to people that might want to have it in a converted loft space or in a garden office. As the JTX MoveLight weighs around 35 kg in the box, the courier will sort this for you.

At this stage in a treadmill review, we like to give the reader an idea of how long and how complicated you should expect the assembly to be, plus how many people it takes etc. So here is a full rundown of what you need to do so that you can start using the machine:

  1. Plug in the machine
  2. Insert batteries into the remote control

From start to finish, I reckon it should take you around 15-20 seconds – pretty impressive stuff. There is pretty much no assembly required and this is a great selling point.

The main selling point of the JTX MoveLight however, is that it is lightweight and has a space-saving design. Measuring just 143.2 x 54.7 x 12.9 cm (LWH), you can see that this is going to be really easy to store away when you are not using it – it will fit under a desk, bed or sofa without any trouble.

There is no handrail, so height isn’t an issue at all.

It comes fitted with transport wheels on the front of the treadmill, which makes moving it around even easier. Even if you are alone, you won’t have any trouble moving this machine to where you want it to be.

One quick word of warning – due to the lightweight aspect of the design, there is a relatively low weight capacity for the user of 100kg maximum. If you are close to that weight, you may need to consider a sturdier machine.

JTX MoveLight Specs

The beauty of the JTX MoveLight is in the simplicity. We have already seen how it doesn’t have a handrail, and requires very little setup, and this trend continues as we take a look at the features.

Despite the lack of handrail, there is still a screen, but a simple one. A large display at the head of the treadmill which can show you the distance you have walked, the amount of calories burned, the speed at which you are walking and the time. Just enough to keep you motivated, without being overwhelming and complicated.

How do you alter the settings without a handrail, I hear you ask. Well don’t worry, you won’t have to bend down to fiddle with controls next to the display, that is what the remote control is for. You can alter the speed and alter the display, again with really easy controls.

It is fitted with a 1HP motor. Not all walking treadmills have a motor, but this one is designed to give you enough power for a decent workout, but without making a lot of noise.

As many people will use this as an ‘under the desk’ treadmill to use while they are working, the last thing they will want is a noisy treadmill whirring away underneath them. JTX have aimed to get the right balance here with the 1HP motor.

The motor will give you a top speed of 6kph (3.7mph), which you can work up to from the 0.5 kph starting speed. This is more than fast enough for a walking speed, in fact you may struggle to keep to a walk going at that speed. You’ll probably find that between 4-5 kph is likely the optimum speed for a brisk walk.

The 8-piece elastic cushion deck is there to offer you complete support upon impact. JTX Fitness have always put a lot of effort into making their treadmills comfortable to use, and to make them as kind on your joints as possible.

As always, we would recommend using suitable footwear like running shoes when you are working out, even if you are only walking.

To summarise, this is a simple and compact walking machine that is there to do a job – let’s find out how it performs.

JTX MoveLight In Testing

The first thing that really leaps out at you when you go to use the JTX MoveLight, even before you get on it, is how practical the size is.

Like many people these days, I work from home. This means I don’t have many reasons on a daily basis to get out of the house, and, to my shame, I can often be a long way away from getting my 10,000 steps in. So I positioned this treadmill under my desk, which I could then slide out when I needed to use it.

It was so easy to do, with the treadmill completely out of the way when I wasn’t using it. This was a huge benefit, as space is at a premium in my house.

So once I had slid it out and put it in position, I hopped on top and hit the button on the remote – I was off. I can adjust the height on my desk, so I raised it up and I was then able to work while I was walking. An absolute game-changer. I didn’t need to worry about the settings because they are so simple. Turn on, set the pace and get moving. That’s all there was to it.

Before I knew it, I had done 5,000 steps. And finished a piece of work. It almost felt like cheating, getting exercise, and working at the same time. They say that exercise is great for getting the blood pumping to your brain, and I was getting the benefit of that.

The feeling underfoot was great as well, in that there wasn’t much to feel. The cushioned deck just took the edge off the impact, so that when I had finished my workout, I didn’t have any aching joints, which can happen on cheaper treadmills.

I found the size to be more than adequate for what I needed to do, although I have seen some people suggest that they need a bigger one. I am average sized, I would day, and I didn’t have any issue. It’s a perfect size for the sort of speeds you are going to be moving at.


It needs to be said that this treadmill isn’t going to get you running marathons, and if you are looking for a machine that is going to push you to your exercise limits, then there are much better options out there for you than the JTX MoveLight. That is not what this is designed to do.

If you want this, then consider the JTX Sprint 5 or Sprint 7.

This machine is designed for people that want to do a bit more than they are currently doing. It’s for people that find it difficult to get outdoors regularly to get enough exercise, for whatever reason – it could be health, work, family commitments etc. Perhaps it is used to replace a commute that you no longer do. Every little helps when it comes to exercise.

The real beauty of the JTX MoveLight though, is just how compact it is. When we think of treadmills, we think of huge machines that dominate any room that they are in, and can only be stored away with complicated disassembly. That couldn’t be further from the truth here though – this is a machine that slides easily tinder a desk, bed or sofa. When you are not using this treadmill, it is out of sight, and it slides really easy into place whenever you need it. That’s the real selling point of the JTX MoveLight.

The price is important too. This is competitively priced, much cheaper than the all-singing all-dancing running treadmills that are available on the market, which is what you would expect as this doesn’t have the same level of functionality as those machines.

What it does have, though, is simplicity and convenience. What could you do with the time you’ll save when you are working and exercising simultaneously? If you are looking for ways to fit a bit more exercise into your life, the JTX MoveLight is for you.