With a rich history that spans over 50 years, Nautilus bring us the Nautilus U626 exercise bike. We took it for more than a couple of spins to bring you our full and comprehensive Nautilus U626 review.

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About Nautilus

The company behind the U626 exercise bike are one of the most respected fitness equipment companies globally and they have moved with the times to bring us some of the most modern home exercise gear.

Despite having their roots in commercial gym equipment, they now predominantly focus their attention on home workout equipment and the U626 fits very firmly within their brand ethos of high-quality yet affordable equipment.

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Nautilus U626 Specifications

u626 exercise bike

The U626 is a highly spec’d exercise bike with a premium look, and although it sits in a middle-of-the-road price bracket it has many of the features you would expect to find on a more premium-priced model. In fact, the U626 wouldn’t look out of place in a commercial set-up, and anyone using this at home will most likely have a good experience with it.

The U626 has 25 levels of resistance, 10 of which can be selected from the centre console via quick keys. There are a total of 29 in-built programmes including two fitness tests and one recovery test, and there is contact and telemetry-based heart rate monitoring available.

In terms of connectivity, the U626 is well blessed and it has Bluetooth connectivity as well as an mp3 aux port for playing music through the built-in speakers. The Bluetooth can be used to connect to the Nautilus Trainer app as well as the RideSocial app for a more social riding experience. The bike’s built-in speakers are pretty decent compared to other models in the same price range, with a loud, punchy sound quality.

The dual backlit blue display provides all the key data you need at all times, and the larger screen is very easy to see and is well positioned. It is easy to view even in direct sunlight which makes the Nautilus U626 ideal for bright rooms.

A large centre console features large oversized buttons for quick and easy navigation of the key settings, and the quick select resistance buttons to the left and right of the console make custom workouts a breeze – although your legs might not agree.

The U626 can take a maximum user weight of 136kg and stands at 146.3cm in height. You will need a floor space of at least 106.2cm by 55cm for this unit thanks to its slimline frame.

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Using the Nautilus U626

The Nautilus U626 really does look and feel like a quality exercise bike. Despite taking up a relatively small floor space, it has a very robust feel to it with a sturdy base and thick centre column.

The handlebars can be gripped in a variety of ways which should provide a comfortable grip for most users, and the seat is well padded and adjustable to again afford plenty of comfort. The height of the seat is of course adjustable too, and we would suggest anyone up to a height of 6’2″ should be good on this bike.

When using the U626 it offers a very smooth ride thanks to the perimeter weighted flywheel, and the 25 levels of magnetic resistance are more than enough for all but the most advanced cyclists. Anyone looking to use the U626 for a solid cardio or endurance workout, or even a strength building workout for the legs, will be more than catered for here.

All of your data is tracked and synced to the Nautilus Trainer app and we found this worked well on Android and iOS – additionally, the data and target setting allows you to really push yourself from one workout to the next.

The added connectivity with RideSocial allows the U626 to flirt in the territory of much more premium (and expensive) models, and although you will need your own device to view the ride this will not be a problem for most users. The media tray built into the U626 is well positioned to allow for a convenient viewing solution.

There are three fans built into this exercise bike which work well and again are perfectly positioned. There is also a water bottle holder on the main vertical column. Anyone needing or wanting to move their exercise bike into space or for storage will also find the transport wheels highly convenient. With a total weight of 26.8kg it is not too cumbersome to move the U626 around.

Check Latest Price Of The Nautilus U626

Nautilus U626 Verdict

The Nautilus U626 is a quality exercise bike that comes with many additional features that are reserved for more expensive models. The sturdy frame and comfortable seating and handlebars make for an enjoyable experience, and at this price level you are getting an awful lot for your money.

The built-in programmes work effectively and we particularly liked the heart rate control function allowing you to work inside your target heart rate range. For anyone looking for a custom workout, this is also easily achieved with this model thanks to the large centre console.

The Bluetooth and app connectivity allow this exercise bike to compete with many of the more expensive models, and although this is not a cheap exercise bike, it offers incredible value for money and should last for years to come.

We have managed to find a significant discount below where you can also obtain a 10-year frame and motor warranty.

Check Latest Price Of The Nautilus U626