No matter your ability, it can be difficult knowing how good vibration plates are just by looking at them. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, you’ll be interested to read James Dixon’s Vibrapower Slim 2 Review…

Vibrapower Slim Vibration Plate 20 speed oscillating platform with resistance bands fitness machine

Vibration plates can be an excellent addition to your home or gym workout routine, and although a vibration plate alone will not be enough to tone those problem areas, when combined with the right exercises it can be a highly effective piece of equipment.

The Vibrapower Slim 2 is the latest vibration plate from Vibrapower and is designed predominantly for at-home use. This latest model features some key upgrades to the previous model and is compact enough to not need a dedicated space for it.

The new Vibrapower is not only smaller than its predecessor but it is also quieter whilst still managing to pack a hefty punch (vibration style) for its users. The new model comes with a handy remote control attached to a watch strap, two resistance bands, 20 levels of vibration, an LED screen, and as many exercises as you could shake your body at.

Let’s take a look at our full Vibrapower Slim 2 review.

Vibrapower Slim 2 Out Of The Box

The Vibrapower Slim 2 measures up at 77cm x 44cm x 13cm and weighs just under 16kg. The first impression when you take it out of the box is that it is well built and solid and that it comes with a good set of accessories.

The Slim 2 is available in a choice of colours, with red and graphite seeming to be the most commonly available colours in the UK. The colours are just for aesthetic purposes as all models are the same under the hood.

The majority of the base is covered in a textured rubber that provides excellent grip for your hands or your feet. The outer edge is a curved plastic that feels strong and looks good. To the upper side is an LCD screen that displays calories burned, time, and programme settings.

There are three key features that stand out with this model compared to other vibration plates and they are:

Vibrapower Slim Vibration Plate 20 speed oscillating platform with resistance bands fitness machine

1 – The remote control watch that comes supplied – The watch allows you to change the programme settings as well as start and stop the machine at any point. This is a huge benefit if you want to change intensity mid-exercise as you don’t have to stand down from the machine to make the change.

2 – Attachable resistance bands – The resistance bands that come supplied with the Slim 2 mean you have access to a whole host of different upper and lower body resistance-based exercises that you would otherwise be missing. Not having to rely solely on body weight exercises really brings this model in to a league of its own. The addition of the bands also means you feel more stable when stood on the plate – especially for taller people or those with balance/mobility issues.

3 – Noise levels – Although this won’t be a huge issue for some people, for those who live in apartments/flats or for those who plan to exercise when young children are sleeping, then the reduced noise levels of the Vibrapower Slim are a godsend.

As the name suggests, the Vibrapower Slim 2 is more slimline than other plates available, so for those who plan on storing it under a bed or under a sofa then that should be easily manageable. Just be sure to check your dimensions before you buy.

Vibrapower 2 In Action

The Vibrapower Slim 2 comes with an exercise chart and there are lots of official exercise tutorials available on YouTube too. You can also use any vibration plate exercises to help develop most muscle groups in the body with the upper body, core and glutes being particularly well targeted.

Anyone concerned as to whether this machine is powerful enough to elicit a response from your muscles, then have no fears. Even experienced power plate users will not be heading straight for the highest of the 20 settings as this is pretty brutal. We used the machine for some plank, side plank, push ups and balance work and the highest setting we found to be appropriate was 10.

The machine feels very stable and the addition of the resistance bands can help give you more stability if you need it. Choosing from one of the 5 presets is also an option, but the remote control watch was our preferred means of controlling the equipment, with manual mode being our main choice.

The realtime feedback you get from the LCD screen is a great additional feature, and this can be seen at all times pretty much no matter which exercise you are performing.

Overall, we found the Slim 2 to be incredibly easy to set up and use, and highly effective at providing a workout to muscles through the oscillating movements that create the vibrations.

The only negative we found with the Vibrapower 2 was that the power cord was a little shorter than we would have liked. You may find yourself needing to use an extension cable depending on your setup – but this is a minor flaw and one that we can easily overlook.


As vibration plates go, the Vibrapower 2 is up there with the best. It is not the cheapest vibration plate on the market, but when compared to the cost of professional models used in gyms and the relative power of functionality then it really does offer excellent value for money.

Even the most hardened fitness enthusiasts will find a challenge in the Vibrapower 2 and for those who are new to vibration plates there is enough slack at the lower end to make it accessible.

Overall, this is one of our favourite home power plates.