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Best Juice Cleanse UK

Juice cleanses can represent a pricey yet effective way to recharge. They are touted by fans as being able to help you get on top of your health and supercharge yourself every so often. They can boost your immune function, improve your skin health and sleep patterns, will give you a good injection of vital micronutrients, and can be a great way to kick start a weight loss program.

Today, we’re going to take a look at a few of the best juice cleanses available in the UK to buy online.

Best Of The Bunch?

Nutriseed juices

Though you may want to go with Presscription for some spicy notes in a juice cleanse (like me), I have to give the top spot to Nutriseed.

Nutriseed’s Cold-Pressed Juice Cleanses are delicious bottles of fresh, cold-pressed fruit and vegetables packed with all the goodness you need. Clever flavours help compensate for your lack of a solid diet, giving your digestive system a break while ensuring you get all the micronutrients, antioxidants and fibre your body needs.

Their watertight manufacturing procedure ensures all benefits of your five-a-day are locked in and frozen until you open the lid. Vegan friendly, dairy free and gluten free, Nutriseed offer some punchy options that really do taste refreshingly good.

I loved this collection of juice cleanses, offering some punchy variety to what can be a challenging albeit much needed break for your body.

Our Top 5 Juice Cleanses

We are diving straight in to the best juice cleanses but if you want more information about how many days to opt for or for more on the benefits, be sure to check that out at the bottom of this article.

KBK Juice Cleanse 

Let’s kick things off with KBK Juice, a high quality offering with a wide range of ingredients and flavours in their cold-pressed juices. You get five different juices to be drunk each day, throughout the day, which KBK recommend you do alongside at least two litres of water and a low-calorie meal plan.

Everything is cold pressed to maintain nutritional potency. It’s all plant based and fresh, too. As with all juice cleanses, it promises to aid in detox and weight loss, whilst its antioxidant rich ingredients reduce inflammation.

The first juice is Fruity (its name, not simply a description!) It is designed to be drunk within an hour of waking and includes citrusy flavours like lemon with orange and cherry juice. It’s the most highly calorific, sugar rich of their juices, making it perfect for a bit of early morning energy.

The taste is sour, as you’d expect from cherry and lemon, but it’s also crisp and refreshing – perfect for first thing.

It promotes skin health and can give you plenty of energy alongside a bit of a mood boost – especially from the cherry juice.

Then there is Zen, designed to be drunk three hours after Fruity. It combines apple, lemon, ginger, and thyme for a real hearty, warming kick. It’s comforting and incredibly high in antioxidants and fibre. The ginger is fiery and the overall taste bold yet smooth.

Then there is KBK’s lunchtime juice, Coco Cloud. It mixes lemon, spinach, kale, romaine, cucumber, and mint with coconut water for a greens-packer super drink. The leafy greens give it plenty of iron and antioxidants, whilst the citrus and mint play well together for a refreshing, crisp vibe, packed with summery notes.

There is an early-evening drink, Charcoal Lemonade (that tastes far better than it sounds!), designed for around five to seven pm. It makes use of activated coconut charcoal mixed with lemon, lime, and agave. It comes out a sort of light black (it won’t stain your teeth) that is unappetizing. Nonetheless, it is very tasty and incredibly healthy – and was in fact my favourite of all the drinks!

The flavour is citrusy, with that lemon shining through quite nicely. The lime helps here, too, whilst the charcoal brings in some low notes. You get lots of fibre pectin with Charcoal Lemonade, aiding digestion and hunger satiation through the night. It is perfect for detoxing the liver – charcoal is one of the best detox ingredients going.

Finally, we come to Verde (or, simply, ‘Green’, as anyone familiar with Italian can tell you.) And it really is very green. Packed full of cucumber, apple, kale, mint, and lemon, KBK advise drinking it before 9pm, so not long after Charcoal Lemonade.

Verde is very hydrating, so perfect for ending the day with, and packed full of Vitamin K and antioxidants. It’s a little thick and sludgy, more like a homebrew greens smoothie than a pricey juice, so is definitely a bit of a disappointing final act. However, the health credentials are solid.

All taken together, these juices should lead to improved skin health and appearance, alongside a great improvement to your stomach and digestive health. Overall, they are very pleasant to drink and should keep you energised throughout the day.

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Pure Earth Juice Cleanse

Pure Earth’s success rests largely on its use of high quality superfoods, which brings you a fantastic blend of medicinal mushrooms, stress beating adaptogens, tonics, Ayurvedic herbs, and raw, cold-pressed juice ingredients.

All told, this should lead to a great improvement in general health and wellbeing, especially in aiding immune function, gut health, liver function, and in combatting the effects of free radicals and oxidative stress.

Everything is cold pressed and made to order for absolute freshness. In fact, their longer cleanses are broken down into several deliveries, so that they can guarantee freshness – the nutrient value of juices is often beholden to rapidly expiring shelf lives, so this is fantastic. You simply tell them when you want to start your cleanse and they work around you, getting everything delivered to you as you need it.

It’s all also completely organic and, as everything in it is plant-based, it is vegan. It even comes in sustainable glass bottles, which I love. One of the many pitfalls involved in juices like these are the tremendous amounts of plastic waste they accrue. Pure Earth don’t let this happen.

The only problem here is that they often run out of stock, as they don’t build up any reserves and instead rely on the supply side running smoothly (which, as we know, it doesn’t always do). For instance, at the time of writing, they were having to swap out their Adapt Chaga Tea for Sigmatic Chaga Mushroom Tea.

The Pure Earth juice cleanse can seem a little archaic, but it’s backed up with a wealth of data. For example, they use ‘elixirs’, which is positively medieval. These are created using the roots, seeds, and berries of medicinal plants, combined with Ayurvedic herbs. It sounds like it’s all mixed up in a cauldron.

However, they back this up with high quality research. Everything is also mixed with their chlorophyll rich signature cold-pressed juices alongside two types of plant milks, the adaptogenic nature of which has been shown to help relieve stress and anxiety, leading in turn to optimal health and body function.

A single day’s cleanse will make use of two nut milks (or ‘Mylk’, as they call it). You take a midday cashew nut milk, followed by an afternoon mixed nut milk. You’ll also have a greens juice mix with which to start you day off, and another in the evening, plus a wellness shot for anytime through the day.

They usually offer sparkling water kefir, too, but this was low in stock at the time of writing. It was replaced with another cold-pressed juice, instead. You are told to drink one cup of chaga medicinal tea, too, though, as above, this is also open to the vagaries of fast turnaround supply.

This all combines to give you a very potent mix of health benefits. You can say goodbye to headaches in most cases, as well as general aches and pains, fatigue, skin complaints, digestive complaints, and sinus congestion. Many people experience energy lifts during their cleanse and Pure Earth even claim to be able to rebalance hormone levels.

It really is one of the highest quality options, but that does mean it comes at a premium price – if you can stomach the hit on your wallet then your stomach will thank you for ordering.

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Nutriseed juices

Nutriseed’s Cold-Pressed Cleanse is a perfect way to improve your digestive health and overall wellbeing.

The Cold-Pressed Cleanse obviously also uses cold pressed ingredients to lock in freshness. Everything is flash-frozen immediately after the press and will be delivered either frozen or partially frozen, meaning that no nutrition or freshness is lost. It is all plant-based, so is completely vegan friendly, and is also gluten-free. Everything is made from locally sourced plant life, which is a very nice touch. 

You get five juices per day with the cleanse in one delivery. These can all be frozen for up to three months without being ruined, maintaining their flavour, texture and nutritional profile at full strength.

Simply swap them into your fridge from your freezer 24 hours ahead of consumption. Shake gently and get stuck in.

The juices themselves are delicious. Though they aren’t as packed as some of the others in this list, with only generally three or four ingredients per blend, they are still full of antioxidants, micronutrients, and plenty of lovely, refreshing flavour.

Firstly, we have Clarity. This is made from apple, carrot, and mint. I’m not quite sure where the clarity element comes into it, other than this being one of the most refreshing, clear drinks I’ve ever tasted. But it is certainly rich in plant goodness.

Then there is the probiotic blend, Neon+. Again, I’m not sure where these names are coming from, but it’s a very good juice blend – it combines apple, lemon and cinnamon with a probiotic strain, all combining to give you a warming yet fresh kickstart for your gut.

Queen of California comes next, and we’re starting to get heavy hitting now. This one combines a lot of greens – broccoli, lettuce, celery and cucumber, with pear added for taste and sweetness. It’s a bit grassy and not quite as nice as some of the other drinks in the range, but it’s where you’ll be getting a lot of your micronutrients and fibre from.

Then we come to the only aptly named drink on the menu – Another Kind of Green, which is based around kale, cucumber, apple, and parsley. It does much the same as the Queen of California, just from a bit of a different angle. It’s also much tastier.

The list finishes off with Wildfire, which, at a deep bloody red, also makes a certain kind of sense. The colour comes from the beetroot, one of the healthiest, richest foods going, packed full of antioxidants. This is mixed with apple and celery for added goodness with plenty of fibre.

If you take all of these together, then you have what you want out of a juice cleanse. Most, if not all, of your micronutrients will be taken care of. You’ll have plenty of antioxidants and fibre, your gut health and microbiome will benefit immensely, and all bar one are genuinely delicious.

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Presscription Signature Cleanse 

Presscription Juices

Presscription Signature Cleanse was created to provide gentle support to the body’s natural detox processes. Everything about it has been geared towards improving the body’s ability to eliminate accumulated toxins.

This doesn’t make the end result too much different to the other items on this list. In fact, this is arguably a key focus for any juice cleanse. However, Presscription really do seem to have taken it as a kind of mantra for themselves.

They ensure that those taking their products get hefty doses of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals from some of the top superfoods going. This should revitalise your body and promote pretty much universal wellness.

The recipes are all combinations of leafy greens, root vegetables, nuts, and some fruits. It’s particularly good for those coming new into juicing as it’s quite robust and filling, though it’s equally appropriate for seasoned cleanse veterans.

There are eight drinks in total to take each day. This may sound a little overwhelming – it’s a lot to drink and plenty to keep track of. However, every bottle is clearly labelled and, more importantly, numbered, making it far easier to take them in the right order! You get five cold-pressed juices, a nut milk, and two small booster shots.

The first drink is the Green Revive, a lovely mixture of apple, romaine, lemon, cucumber, celery, and, adding a fair amount of pick-me-up spice, cayenne pepper and ginger. It’s warming, it’s energising, and it’s completely delicious.

Then there is the Amber Boost, which gives alkaline water, lemon, lime, coconut blossom nectar, and red chilli – it’s even tastier than the first drink and packs just as much of a punch.

The first shot, the Anti Shot, gives you a good dose of vitamin rich, anti-inflammatory orange, ginger, cayenne, lemon, and turmeric.

Then comes the Orange Tonic, which is packed with a lot of fibre and other digestive-enhancing goodness. The orange comes from carrot, apple, and sweet potato. Lemon adds to the flavour, whilst maca extract and flax oil should help to keep you regular.

After this, we have the Red Remedy. The red is from beetroot, which we’ve already seen is rich in antioxidants. Then there is carrot, celery, cucumber, lemon, and ginger.

The second shot comes next – it’s called Energise, and it’s great for the late afternoon when you might be flagging. It combines ginseng, pineapple, and, importantly, ginkgo biloba to give you a bit of a kick start.

The juice cleanse portion ends on the Green Elixir, which basically gives you a full day’s leafy greens in one go. It uses romaine, pear, spinach, celery, cucumber, and kale. It’s a little grassy, as most greens juices are, but it’s perfect for iron, fibre, and a good shot of probiotic health.

Finally, you take the Milk Make-Well – alkaline water, almonds, medjool dates, Himalayan sea salt, and vanilla bean. It’s incredibly tasty, the dates will keep you regular, and the almonds are incredibly healthy by themselves.

It’s comprehensive (very much so!) and delicious.

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EXALT Reset 

Exalt Reset plan

EXALT Reset is unashamedly high end. According to the manufacturer, it isn’t made – it’s crafted. Well, fair enough – apparently it’s not just crafted, but rather hand crafted. Everything is made fresh to order using high quality, all-natural ingredients. You can expect to see such luxurious ingredients as organic, raw cacao and Madagascan vanilla, alongside a really rather clever, triple-release protein blend.

The attention to detail is almost forensic. It’s definitely impressive.

Everything is also high in protein, which I liked. It should suit any gym goers who want to cleanse without dipping too low on their protein intake. 

They have a very full line. However, I want to highlight a few.

The first I like, Fuel, uses organic whey and cacao blended with espresso – a full double shot! – for use in the morning. This is an odd choice if you’re going for a cleanse. Caffeine is usually off the menu as you detox. However, it’s a useful kick start to the day, so use it how you want.

Their Berry Fast is more in line with the typical picture of a cleanse. It uses their organic whey triple release protein mixed with plenty of berries – strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. It also contains banana and oats, with a dash of Madagascan vanilla. Again, using oats makes it look more like a diet shake than a cleanse, but it’s actually very handy – they are great for maintaining healthy gut bacteria.

They offer a vegan version of this, too. It’s similar to the original Berry Fast, but it uses protein sourced from pea, pumpkin and hemp seed. Almond butter and beetroot finish it off for a bit of creamy, antioxidant, healthy fat goodness.

Then there is the lean machine, which should make for a great post-workout shake. The organic, triple release whey and Madagascan vanilla is mixed, by hand, with bananas, almond butter and overnight oats. It will help you to recover from training whilst keeping hunger pangs at bay.

I know these are an odd choice on a cleanse list. They are not your typical cleanse choices. However, it can be hard to remain active on a cleanse. I wouldn’t recommend it in most cases – if you train at all, it should be light and easy. However, if you don’t want to sacrifice energy levels and athletic ability, living on EXALT Reset for a week or so will give you a good cleanse whilst keeping you in the game.

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Juice cleanses can be very hard to manage. You will be on severe calorific deficit throughout, sometimes for up to a week. You can find your calories more than slashed in half for the duration.

For instance, I typically eat between 2,600-3,000 calories per day, depending on my goals. Most people need around 2,000 as a minimum. Many of the cleanses above give 500-1000 calories per day.

Not only does this lead to hunger pangs but also an energy deficit, plus makes it hard to get micro-nutrition and fibre intake up to healthy levels.

Therefore, anything that can make life easier and the whole process more effective is very much to be celebrated. All of the items on this list do that. They are all expertly mixed to give you just about the best array of micronutrients – vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals, probiotics – you’ll probably have ever had in your life. They will also give you the fibre you need to keep your digestive system healthy (vital on any cleanse).

They are all good. However, a couple stand out to me.

Personally, I really like Presscription for their spice – I personally respond very well to it. If you’re the same, I would urge you to give it a go – it might leave you happier, with more energy, than anything else on this list.

For most people, I would suggest Nutriseed. It seems to be the most comprehensive set of drinks going, with everything you need to cover the basics, and plenty more on top. The Verde caught my attention especially. Though not perhaps the best flavour on their menu, it nonetheless represents an almost perfect greens juice blend. Everything else is delicious, too, so for the sake of sucking up a sub-par taste once daily, you get all the goodness and flavour you could ever want. 

There is one caveat here, though. If you want to keep your calories slightly higher in order to cleanse without falling limp at the first sight of a dumbbell, it has to be EXALT Reset. It’s not for the faint of heart – or, rather, for the light of wallet. But then, all of the items on this list cost a fair amount.

However, EXALT Reset will give you enough energy and protein to maintain something like a standard training program as you detox.

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Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

Juice cleanses are typically a form of detox. They are designed to help rid your body of certain toxins, like alcohol and refined sugar (though they often contain lots of fruit, so have unrefined sugar in them.) They also bring benefits to your gut, making your whole microbiome healthier and better able to cope with the regeneration needed to make it through everyday life.

As above, juice cleanses can help you lose weight – though this is short term, as they should only ever last for a matter of days (see below.) The main benefit will come from the micronutrients they bring you – they will flood your system with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from a hopefully broad and varied range of fruits and vegetables.

This really will give you a good health kick.

How Many Days Does A Juice Cleanse Last?

Juice cleanses are cleanses, not nutrition plans. They don’t have any longevity to them, nor should they. They are designed to last from one day to around a week at the most. If you’re new to cleansing, keep to the lower end of this – one or two days will be plenty.

After this, you will need to go back into a regular, long-lasting eating plan. At this point, you may find that your metabolic health has been affected. You may find yourself less hungry. This is OK. Just build into it at your own pace.

Your nutrition intake at this stage should be from whole foods, such as fruit, nuts, and vegetables. A good source of protein is also a good idea – think of oily fish, eggs, and lean dairy. Build up your fat intake over a few days. Again, nuts are great for this, as are plant or nut oils and fat-dense greens like avocados.

Try to go light on caffeine. This is one of the things a juice cleanse will be seeking to detox you from, so don’t undermine your hard work by jumping straight into the tea and coffee.

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