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Are you a fitness freak? Do you love a good cardio workout or a run? Is the weather or lack of gym membership preventing you from getting the exercise you want or need? Perhaps a treadmill for home is the answer. While you might be a fitness enthusiast and love working out on a daily basis, tying yourself up to a proper gym routine might be difficult. Most of the time, you end up subscribing yourself to a high-end gym membership only to skip the lessons day by day. If you are conscious about your overall health & fitness and going to the gym daily is an overwhelming idea for you, buying a home-based treadmill is one of the best options for you.

When you are searching for the best treadmill on the UK market, you can get a myriad of options to choose from. Right from the manual treadmill models to the completely electric ones, you should aim at selecting the model based on your individual requirements. The right selection of treadmill for your home can help you in following your fitness regimen daily without any hassles. Moreover, if you are an athlete or love participating in marathons every now & then, you are in for a great treat with the help of the advanced treadmill for your home.

In this guide, we will help you unravel the in-depth options involved in buying the perfect treadmill while helping you choose the right model by choosing some of what we consider to be the best treadmills.

A Definitive Guide to Buying the Right Treadmill

Our ultimate goal of presenting you with this detailed treadmill buying guide is to help you navigate the entire scenario of purchasing the right treadmill for your home or business. In this detailed guide, we will help you get an idea of the factors to consider while choosing the machine and the different types of models available out there.

When you are in search of the perfect treadmill, you can primarily come across two variations:

  • Manual treadmill
  • Electric treadmill

The manual treadmill models are regarded as lightweight models. Furthermore, these are also known to be highly compact and affordable at the same time. However, with a manual treadmill, you are expected to keep your hands over the handles all the time. Manual models might appear problematic for those who are taller and face back problems on a daily basis. When you are buying a manual treadmill there is no restriction on the overall speed limit. Motorised treadmills tend to have a maximum limit of speed for more customised results.

On the other hand, electric treadmills are known to feature a maximum limit on speed. They are also often found to be much sturdier. Manual treadmills can lead to joint friction upon continuous use. Therefore, the experts recommend that you should aim at using the motorised treadmills if you aim at using the machine for continuous use.

What Should You Look For In A Treadmill?

The right home-based treadmill can help you in working out properly while allowing you to manage your overall weight and incorporating fitness in your daily life. Moreover, you can be assured of an enjoyable exercising experience throughout.

Some of the essential factors to look out for in a treadmill are:

  • Aim: The first step to finding the right machine is by analysing your overall needs and the aims for your fitness regime. Whether you wish to run or walk on the treadmill, or wish to ensure a combination of both, the ultimate goal of using a treadmill can help you out significantly. Whether you pursuing a weight loss goal or wish to lift your overall fitness levels, the ultimate aim of how you intend using the treadmill can be a major determinant in your purchasing decision. Before buying the right machine, it is imperative for you to narrow down your thoughts & choices carefully. When you are buying a machine, you will be in the need of the one that features a powerful motor along with a longer track – especially if you plan to run or walk continuously.
  • Location: On an average, the treadmill is regarded to be around 3 feet in width. At the same time, it is considered to be 7 feet in length. If you are buying a treadmill for your home or apartment, the location wherein you will be installing the machine is an important consideration. Many of the home based treadmill models can be folded up. If space is at a premium then there are some smaller models of treadmills out there. Therefore, you should not be worried even when you have a small space in your home or apartment. Before buying the treadmill, you should measure the overall dimensions of the given area.
  • Budget: Out of all considerations, the budgetary aspect is the most vital. Thankfully, you can come across treadmills that are available in all budget ranges. The good news is that the list prices are not always worth the amount they are printed on paper or available on the display screens. Moreover, most of the manufacturers out there are known to offer relevant discounts on the respective models – both online as well as on offline stores. We look to provide you with links to the most competitively priced models and will always look to provide you with the best possible price when using these links.

Treadmill Features 

In addition to the exterior aspects of the treadmill you should also look into the technical aspects of the model as well. Most of these machines are marketed due to the unique features that they provide and these can provide most useful when training. Moreover, you can also narrow down your results based on the unique features that these treadmills offer. For your overall ease, here are some of the important technical aspects that you should consider:

  • Inclination: The ability of the treadmill to lower or raise the track that you wish to run on or walk is regarded as one of the most common functions out there and other than speed is going to be the one feature you will use most often. When you tend to vary the overall inclination of the track it will force you to work harder and burn calories at a rapid rate. It also helps in varying the overall pressure on the joints of the body while working on the core muscles of the body. As an additional benefit, it also helps in lessening the boredom. Most of the treadmills are known to provide the function of inclination. The maximum degree of inclination that you can achieve out of a treadmill ranges from around 10 percent to 30 percent. The inclination angle might also affect the overall price of the model.
  • Workout Programs: Unless you aim at buying a lower-end treadmill for your home you can come across a wide number of treadmills that are available with built-in workout programs. While the total number of programs on the machines might differ significantly, there are some advanced models that you can come across as well. Some of the treadmills might even feature a separate screen along with a dedicated control panel for controlling the workouts that you run on the machine. The built-in programs help in varying the speed as well as incline of the track for simulating a wide number of real-life running & walking experiences. There are several machines that enable you to create your specific program while saving it for repeated use. As you can expect, the more variety and options that you receive out of a machine, the higher the price you will have to pay.
  • Compatibility With Other Apps: Most of the machines are known to allow the users to import the workout videos or programs (with a complete set of video displays) from a third-party or outside apps. The users can download these apps or programs for storing or analyzing the videos later on. Based on their preferences, the machine users can alter the speed of the music they are listening to while working out on the treadmill. iFit happens to be one of the most popular fitness apps that can be easily downloaded on your treadmill system to access specialised workout programs, music sessions, and other regimes easily. This app is also capable of integrating with Google Maps such that you are able to watch it on the machine screen as you are running. The more app compatibility you want, the more you can expect to pay.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Some of the models are known to provide access to vital health-related parameters as well, including the heart rate, blood pressure and more. While most of the inexpensive machines do not feature a separate monitor, there are some treadmills that are capable of monitoring the heart rate with the help of the hand grip on the machine. Others may have wireless monitors that usually attach to the body. You can even come across specific models that are able to adjust as per the workout program that you choose for keeping your heart rate within a specified range.

Best Treadmills In The UK

There is no denying the fact that individuals and families all across the United Kingdom are increasingly becoming aware of the fitness levels. This is the reason there is an increasing demand for the home-based treadmills that fulfil the requirement of both working out and remaining fit at the same time. In our treadmill review, we will help you discover some of the top models of the treadmills that can help you achieve your respective fitness goals seamlessly.

If you happen to be in the United Kingdom, and wish to get access to some of the top models of the best treadmills, here are some of our top suggestions:

JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill

JLL treadmillThe JLL S300 is one of the best compact folding treadmill on the market today. If you are limited for space at your home or apartment then this is a great pick for you.  This advanced treadmill is also known to feature advanced digital specifications for the overall ease of use. If you are searching for something affordable that serves your purpose well without consuming too much space then you are in luck.

Additionally, the all-new range of treadmill by JLL is also known to offer an impressive incline range – topping out at 12 percent. There is the presence of a strong, powerful motor that means the machine is capable of handling longer runs while nearing the top speed at around 16 km/hr. The JLL S300 model of the treadmill is known to be available with a 2-year warranty on parts & manufacturing. At the same time, there is a 5-year warranty on the motor of this electrical treadmill.

One of the most interesting aspects of the model is the presence of a heart rate monitor that is embedded into the handrails of the system. Here, you can plug in your smartphone or even an MP3 player for playing your favourite track through the speakers. The sound quality is average so this is not necessarily a key reason to buy this treadmill. The track of the treadmill is cushioned well. Due to its compact structure, the track is fairly small with the dimensions of 123 X 41 cm (L X W). There are as many as 15 in-built workout programs that allow you to maximise the overall workout experience on the treadmill. The model is also known to feature around three options of customisation such that you are able to set up the machine as per your preference.

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JTX Sprint-7 Treadmill

JTX treadmillIf you wish to go for a slightly high-end model, then this is the best option under the price of £ Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate-level, or even a seasoned treadmill user, you can look forward to making the most of the machine for your workout regimen. It is a highly sturdy treadmill model that offers the top speed of around 20 km/hr. Moreover, there is an incline of around 15 percent in the given model. Being a high-end model, the JTX Sprint 7 treadmill is known to offer a gym-like experience to the users who can get the same for less than £1000.

The Sprint-7 is available with as many as 24 built-in workout programs. It can even link to the premium-quality Polar wearables for running the automated workouts that are based on the overall heart rate. JTX is a leading provider of high-quality treadmills along with boasting an exceptional customer experience. There is the provision of a 3-year warranty along with professional in-house maintenance services and repair solutions as well.

The given model is a highly reliable machine that is known to run smoothly. As such, you are able to record the specific miles on run or a walk without any fear that the machine would break down easily. The manufacturers of the machine are also providing a lucrative 10-year warranty on the motor of the device. The overall running area in the track is around 145cm in length. If you are looking for improved space and Bluetooth capability, then you can advance to the JTX Sprint-9 model that is available for over £1000.

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Life Fitness T3 GO Console

Life Fitness TreadmillIf you are looking forward to setting up a professional gym space in your home, you can consider the high-end option of T3 Go Console by Life Fitness. This is the best treadmill model available within its price range. One of the best features of the T3 model is that it is super smooth to run or walk upon –even at its top speed of 12mph. For maximising the overall experience, there are as many as 14 highly developed workout regimens or sessions that you can try out on different days.

The treadmill is known to feature a long track length of around 152cm. The track is long enough to enable the tall runners or walkers as well when it comes to opening up and sprinting on the machine. The model is also known to feature the exclusive FlexDeck cushioning that appears to be immensely soft on your feet. The advanced T3 model is available with either a “Track” or a “Go” console. The Track console is regarded as an expensive variant of the brand –standing at £2490. The Track console model boasts the presence of the wireless connectivity when you wish to download more workout programs or sessions for yourself.

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Charles Bentley Premium Motorised Electric Treadmill

charles bentleyLooking for a space-friendly treadmill for your home or office? Get home the ease of this folding treadmill that allows you to work out without worrying about the space considerations of the same. Charles Bentley is a leading provider of premium-quality treadmills for those who wish to maximise the overall fitness levels. At the same time, this particular model is also known to provide an impressive price-value proportion.

There are as many as 12 workout programs that come available with this machine. At the same time, the machine also offers an impressive incline of around 0-15 percent. The incline is adjustable and you can customise the same as per your workout preference. There is the presence of a digital LCD console display as well that allows you to monitor vital workout factors like heart rate and others. You get an average speed of 0.8 to 14 km/hr for a fun-filled exercise session.

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Reebok ZR8 Compact Treadmill 

ZR8 by ReebokIf you are looking for a budget-friendly treadmill, this is the best pick for you. Priced at below £500, the all-new range of compact treadmill by Reebok is a highly sought-after model amongst the fitness freaks. The model is known to offer great value for money –especially when you aim at working out in your home. The latest ZR8 model is known to hit the right spot between the overall features and price of the machine. The treadmill model is regarded as a perfect option for both the beginners as well as the seasoned fitness enthusiasts out there.

Offering a speed limit of 1 km/hr to 66 km/hr, you can get the most of the machine for your comfort. There are as many as 12 levels of the incline in the given machine, and you can adjust the incline levels electronically. There are 24 built-in workout sessions available with the machine. As such, the individuals who are looking forward to receiving the full-end workout experience from the machine can have a great time using the same.

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Nordic Track X7i Incline Trainer (currently unavailable)

nordic trackAre you looking for a premium-grade incline trainer for your exercise routine? Get home the ease of the best-in-class incline trainer on Amazon by Nordic Track. Ensure the ease of hill-training or tracking in the comfort of your home by bringing home this highly functional range of treadmills for both workspaces and home environments. The trainer is specifically regarded for its impressive range of gradients –running from -3 percent to going up steadily at a whopping 40 percent. Whether you are running or walking, the impressive steep incline of the treadmill is known to deliver a highly efficient experience for your workout. At the same time, the track is also known to serve as a great platform when it comes to preparing for hilly races or hikes that you might be interested in participating soon enough.

Nordic Track presents its affordable version of the treadmills in the form of X7i. The only difference between X7i and its advanced version X9i is that X7i is known to feature a slightly less powerful motor along with the presence of a regular screen in comparison to the high-quality touchscreen as that of X9i. However, the basic screen of X7i is large enough to allow you to run the desired workout program and have a great experience throughout. If you wish to acquire the benefits of the impressive incline angle of the treadmill, the X7i is the perfect option for you.

Now that you have gone through the detailed guide to buying the best treadmill for your home or office, get the most of the same by looking for advanced features in the latest models. While you might get confused with the tons of features available out there, you can expect the best results after going through our in-depth review of the best treadmills in the market.