Michelle Taylor tests this fat burner to find out just how effective it is. Read on for our full Leanbean review.

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Leanbean is one of many supplements that claim to help users lose weight through a combination of appetite suppression and increased thermogenic fat burning.

This is always a bold claim to make and so in this article, my aim is to bring together my own research and testing and combine it with UK based Leanbean reviews to deliver an ultimate verdict on this female focused supplement.

Expect to find out everything there is to know about Leanbean, how effective it was for me, how impactful it has been for others and whether or not it is a good fit for you if you are looking to burn body fat quickly and more easily.

With that said, let’s crack on with my Leanbean review.

About Leanbean

Like many supplement companies, Leanbean is a UK and US based company. They ship from both locations so for those of you based in the UK, shipping is generally pretty fast. This is important to know, as there isn’t too much about the company on the official website.

They are actually part of Ultimate Life Ltd, a UK limited company that was formed in 2015. There are a few negative reviews about them online but these seem to be linked to payment issues, rather than issues surrounding their products.

This is a common business setup for supplement companies. With multiple brands falling under one overarching company. As far as we are aware though, Leanbean is their main product and from our communications with them, it seems a lot of time and effort has gone in to the development of Leanbean.

Leanbean is an all-natural fat burning supplement. This means that all of the ingredients contained within it are derived from natural ingredients – so there is nothing synthetic being consumed at all.

Leanbean has three main aims:

Appetite Suppression: Ingredients such as glucomannan are included to help you feel fuller for longer. This should result in less cravings and a reduced feeling of hunger, which in turn will help you to maintain a calorie deficit – which is crucial to losing weight.

Increase Metabolism: The inclusion of B vitamins and Choline are designed to help give your metabolism a boost. There is plenty of evidence behind these ingredients to support their inclusion and although these alone will not cause you to magically lose weight, any boost to your metabolism when combined with a calorie deficit will improve your weight loss results.

Increased Energy: One of the biggest issues with putting yourself in to a calorie deficit is the energy crashes that come with it. Leanbean attempts to combat this with some choice ingredients, one of which being green coffee beans. This not only gives you a small caffeine boost, but is also rich in antioxidants which will carry a wide range of health related benefits that we’ll touch on again later.

Leanbean is very much aimed at women. Although men would also benefit from taking this supplement, the mix of ingredients found in Leanbean are very much designed to be optimal for females. We will discuss the ingredients in more detail shortly.

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How We Tested Leanbean

As someone who has tested a number of diets and plans over the years, I have come to realise that the basic principle of calories in vs. calories expended is the overarching determiner for success when it comes to burning fat.

As a result of this, I very much saw Leanbean for what it was – a tool to increase the effectiveness of my calorie deficit. The first step for me was to decide what I needed to consume for calorie equilibrium (maintenance) and then to aim to reduce this by 300-500 calories per day.

I am pretty active, and having tracked my intake against my weight previously, I knew that my daily calorie intake for neither gaining nor losing weight stood at around 2200 calories per day. So I decided to drop this to 1800 calories per day (giving a 400 calorie deficit).

I have done this previously and found it really tough to maintain for much more than 8 weeks. But when I have done this I have lost around 0.2-0.5kg per week on average over an 8 week period.

The biggest barriers for me have always been the constant feeling of hunger, craving foods that were calorically dense but nutritionally poor, and having a constant feeling of fatigue – especially when working out.

All of these feelings are completely normal when in a deficit – and so I wanted to find out if Leanbean really could help with the appetite suppression and energy boosting side of things – any additional benefit in terms of accelerating the rate of weight or fat loss would be a welcome bonus.

So – I decided to commit to an 8 week plan. This included a 400 calorie daily deficit (1800 calories per day), with my usual 3-4 gym sessions per week (mix of cardio and functional strength workouts) but with the daily supplementation of Leanbean.

In terms of my nutrition, I followed a balanced (and slightly protein high) diet that was macro based – aiming for 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fats for my daily macro breakdown. I wasn’t super strict on this though and focused more on the overall daily calories and staying within the 1800 calorie limit.

Before I share the results with you, let’s examine exactly what is in Leanbean.

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Leanbean Ingredients Assessed

One thing I love about Leanbean is how transparent they are with what is in it. This might sound like something that should be a given – but it isn’t always in the sphere of supplementation as brands often hide dosages behind proprietary blends.

This is not the case with Leanbean and they tell you exactly what is included. They state on their website that they only include ingredients that are scientifically backed in the EU – this is another important point as health claims made in the EU carry a little more validation than is often found in other parts of the world.

Let’s take a look at those Leanbean ingredients and what they potentially offer:

Glucomannan – 3000mg

Derived from the Konjac plant root, Glucomannan is one of the big hitters found in appetite suppressants these days. This natural plant root is full of dietary fibre and is very well supported in academic studies for it’s efficacy at helping those who consume it to remain satiated.

For anyone who is on a carb restricted diet or on a significant calorie deficit then the addition of glucomannan should be very welcomed. In Leanbean, we get 3000mg of it each day which is an optimum dose.

Choline – 82.5mg

Choline is a substance that is naturally created in the body and has a number of important functions – not least how it acts to remove cholesterol from the body. It also has been shown to support an optimum metabolic functioning which makes it an ideal inclusion in Leanbean.

Although naturally occurring in the body, we can’t create enough of it ourselves and modern diets are not ideal in helping us take enough of it in through what we eat – so including it in supplementation form is ideal.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract – 100mg

Not so long ago, this single supplement was thought to be the answer to weight loss and many saw it as a miracle supplement. Of course, we now know that there is no such thing as a miracle supplement but it does go a long way in aiding satiation. It is high in Hydroxycitric acid which is also thought to reduce the storage of fat in the body and improve energy when working out.

I certainly think it is well worth including in Leanbean.

Green Coffee Bean Extract – 50mg

Green Coffee beans have an array of health benefits. They are green as they have not yet been roasted – the process which actually destroys much of the goodness in them.

Green beans are high in anti-oxidants and are particularly high in Chlorogenic acid – an ingredient that is very well supported academically as helping to improve body composition.

There is some caffeine found in Leanbean as a result of the inclusion of green coffee bean extract, and this is also likely to act as a thermogenic stimulator.

Turmeric – 50mg

Many people take turmeric supplements on their own thanks to the vast array of benefits the age old spice can offer – but one of the most well known benefits is the increase in metabolic functioning. So, the inclusion of turmeric makes a lot of sense.

This brings me on to a point that Leanbean make through their website in that they decided to include turmeric rather than Caffeine Anhydrous as the latter can often have some nasty side effects for women – so although Leanbean will be just as effective for men as a male orientated fat burner, it is specifically going to be better for women to live with than a male fat burner that contains Caffeine Anhydrous might.

Acai Berry – 20mg

Another ingredient here that took the world by storm a decade or so ago and rightly so, is acai berry. Although, again, it is important to point out that this fruit is not a quick route to fat loss, it is an excellent addition to any supplement thanks to its high nutritional content and it being extremely high in antioxidants.

There are links to acai berries helping to reduce cholesterol and there are also some studies that link them to improving cognitive functioning – a very welcome benefit for those on a calorie deficit who could be suffering a bit of brain fog.

BioPerine – 5mg

BioPerine is essentially black pepper extract and this should be found in almost every single supplement on the market – it still amazes me that some supplements don’t include it.

It has one single purpose, but a crucial one – it helps the body to absorb all of the other vitamins, minerals and nutrients and thus increases bioavailability.

Essentially – it gives everything a boost that wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t included.

Vitamin B6 (1.7mg) and Vitamin B13 (2.4mcg)

The inclusion of these two B vitamins is clever and needed as they are well known for their role in maintaining an optimum metabolism. They also help to support the central nervous system, can improve muscle functioning and importantly they also support cognitive functioning – particularly when it comes to giving a feeling of focus and energy.

Chromium – 35mcg

Chromium is a mineral that is thought to support the metabolic system. Although there is less evidence to support its inclusion in Leanbean, there is a growing body of evidence that shows how it supports optimum blood sugar levels – something that can really help in maintaining an overall physical and mental balance when lowering overall calorie intake.

Zinc – 11mg

Another supplement that everyone should take is zinc and so its inclusion here is again welcomed. It helps to support metabolic function, it aids protein synthesis and is also great for combating inflammation – all key benefits that will help with body recomposition and the appearance of fat loss.

Potassium – 10mg

Another welcome inclusion is potassium, which aids protein synthesis, helps to serve the nervous system and aids the proper functioning of our muscles. It has also been shown to help regulate metabolic rate.

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My Results With Leanbean

I started taking Leanbean the same day that I started my calorie deficit. I had previously been on what I thought was a fairly balanced nutritional plan where I was generally eating at maintenance level with the odd days where I would go over my allotted calories.

I felt like I needed to lose around 2kg to get a point where I would be happy with my look. Of course, this is sometimes difficult to gauge and I have sometimes felt happier in my body when at higher levels of weight – essentially, I just wanted to appear a little more toned and a lot less bloated.

I was also very conscious that I didn’t want to feel constantly tired or deflated as a result of the restricted calories.

Leanbean recommend you take 6 capsules per day – 2 before breakfast, 2 before lunch and 2 before dinner. By the standards of anything I’d taken before, this was a lot of capsules – and I thought I’d struggle to get them in to my routine – but I did and it wasn’t as much of a hassle as I thought it might be.

In fact, taking the capsules before each meal was almost a tangible cue to remind me that I was eating in a controlled manner and that they would help me along the way.

More importantly than that though, I felt that having the supplementation slowly through the day would help with metabolism, blood sugar and energy levels.

I started at 69kg and the intention was to track the weight loss each day, which I entered on to a spreadsheet along with my daily calories. I had formulae set up which calculated my weekly deficit and my weekly weight loss.

The results were impressive with me losing 1.02kg in the first week! Much of this was probably water weight as in week 2 I only lost 0.23kg of weight – but the weight kept falling off week in and week out:

Week 3 – I lost 0.34kg

Week 4 – I lost 0.24kg

Week 5 – I lost 0.07kg

Week 6 – I lost 0.17kg

Week 7 – I lost 0.31kg

Week 8 – I lost 0.22kg

So my overall weight loss was 2.78kg. But more than that, I looked significantly better. Not good enough (at least in my own mind) to share my progress visually here, but let me just say that I had not felt as good in my own skin for years.

More importantly than any of the weight loss though, was how good I felt. I could easily go on for another 2 months if I wanted (and I will do at least one more month) as my energy levels were as good as ever.

I’d never felt so good in the gym on a calorie deficit and I feel that if I now need a little boost I can eat a little more around my workouts but still maintain a small deficit to elicit the fat loss.

Mentally, I feel strong. This is something I have never felt before when dieting. I have always felt tired and fatigued – but there was none of that whilst taking Leanbean.

In fact – the impact on me mentally was so strong that I don’t think I would ever consider a calorie deficit again without some form of supplementation – and for now – Leanbean will be my supplement of choice.

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Leanbean Reviews UK (& Beyond)

Of course, my story is just one and I’d always urge people to do as much research as possible when it comes to choosing the right supplement for them. So I wanted to do more digging and look at some Leanbean reviews from UK users online.

There are some impressive accounts and below are some before and after images as well as some video testimonials reviewing the efficacy of Leanbean.

Leanbean Alternatives

As with most supplements, there are always some alternatives to consider. Here at Fitness Brain, we have actually compiled our top fat burners – and you will find Leanbean features prominently among them.

That being said, I do genuinely believe that Lean Bean is one of the very best – particularly for women. I suffered no side effects from using it and the results speak for themselves – so I’d have no hesitation in recommending it to other women.

Our other top choices are PhenQ and Trimtone.

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For me, Leanbean is an absolute game changer. Will it help you to lose weight just by taking it? No, of course not – but neither will anything else.

Will it help you to maintain a calorie deficit, minimise hunger pangs and keep you feeling full of energy whilst eating below your maintenance calories – in my experience yes, very much so.

Leanbean makes maintaining a calorie deficit so much easier and means that I could probably go three to four months in deficit if needed. This isn’t something I could ever envisage me doing without the appetite suppression and increased energy.

It’s also likely that it does increase your metabolism to some extent so you are likely burning fat and losing weight faster than you would without the supplement.

I’d recommend trying it if you are considering a weight loss supplement – combine it with lots of wholesome foods and you shouldn’t feel too hungry and should manage to feel yourself throughout the weight loss process.

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