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Best Fat Burners

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Written by James Dixon

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The only real way to sustain long term weight loss or management is to sort out your caloric and macronutrient intake – you need to eat less than you use to lose weight, and exactly balance what you lose to maintain the same weight.

This being said, there are some fantastic products out there that you can think of as the cherry on the top when it comes to gearing your lifestyle towards weight loss. Fat burners are amongst the top echelon of dietary weight loss aids. They won’t cause you to lose weight in themselves, but they will make it far easier to maintain a caloric deficit and can ramp up your metabolism to make it more efficient at burning fat.

If you’re looking to lose weight and want to maximise fat burning efficiency as part of a balanced diet and active lifestyle, I would thoroughly recommend using a high quality fat burner to give your body the last little kick it needs and today we are rounding up the best fat burners available in the UK after a thorough period of testing.

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Natural Fat Burners

Most fat burners will use a combination of several well-known, natural ingredients. These have all been scientifically proven to aid in weight loss, across its various aspects. There are appetite suppressors, which will make it easier to maintain your caloric deficit. There are those that boost thermogenesis (simply put, the rate at which you burn fat). There are those that aid your mood, energy levels, and cognitive function, even as you go into a calorie deficit (these all typically take a bit of a beating, especially at first).

All of the following ingredients will be present on our list at some point (at several points, actually), as will derivations and variations that elicit similar effects.

First up, we have caffeine. In your diet, you’ll usually find it in coffee, tea, and chocolate. However, it’s generally used in fat burners for a couple of reasons.

Number one, it can help to boost your metabolic rate, making your body far more efficient at burning energy. It can also help to gear your body specifically towards burning fat, rather than other body tissue.

Number two, it can give you an energy boost and clear your head if you’re feeling a little low from restricting calories.

Next up, we have green tea extract. It is caffeinated, giving you the above benefits. It’s also rich in polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate, which can also aid in burning fat. Together, they will lead to far more efficient thermogenesis, burning up to 80 extra calories per day if taken at regular intervals.

Protein intake is also important for burning fat. In your supplement regime, this can be protein powder or any form of amino acid.

Protein is slow digesting, meaning that it keeps you feeling fuller for longer and parcels out energy slowly and steadily. You’ll experience fewer crashes and dips if you take protein in regularly. It is also key to building lean muscle, which will further boost your metabolic rate.

Finally, we have fibre – in particular, soluble fibre. Fibre absorbs water in the digestive tract, helping to keep you regular and healthy. This can be crucial during a calorie cut, when bathroom habits are often… disrupted.

Soluble fibre can also work wonders as an appetite suppressant, keeping you feeling fuller for longer. It increases the body’s levels of fullness hormones like PYY and GLP-1 (protein does this too, FYI) whilst decreasing levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin. Then there is the fact that it actually keeps you physically fuller for longer, slowing down the digestion and release of nutrients so that energy levels remain stable and hunger pangs disappear.

Of course, you could simply take these ingredients in as part of your diet, on their own. However, fat burners cut out the hassle, giving you everything you need in one hit, they are often cheaper than the base ingredients would be, and they are all dosed at the levels you will need.

Our Top Fat Burners

So, let’s take a look at the best fat burner supplements available to buy in the UK.


fat burner bottle

Let’s begin with PhenQ, a relatively new product which the manufacturers like to refer to as five powerful weight loss pills in one.

It’s actually a very cleverly designed, simply made formula that I really like. It takes a multi-prong approach to aiding with your weight loss and has thus far helped thousands of people to achieve their goals. This kind of thing has been done before, but I can’t think of a single example where everything has been so comprehensive.

Essentially, PhenQ simultaneously boosts your metabolic rate whilst acting as an appetite suppressant, meaning that users won’t be tempted to overeat. The body’s ability to create new fat will also be impeded. To cap it all off, PhenQ aims to raise mood and energy levels, thus undoing some of the side effects which are perhaps harder to live with.

The main fat burning properties come from improved thermogenesis, raising the amount of fat being burned more generally every day. You will end up using more calories to do anything – including thinking and breathing – if you can ramp up thermogenesis like this.

Everything involved in PhenQ is rigorously tested and evidence based – this should be a given, but in the supplement industry it really, really isn’t. The formula itself is well mixed, giving a potent combination of trusted favourites such as capsicum powder, chromium picolinate, caffeine, nopal, and l-carnitine fumarate (many of which will be present in other products as we travel through this list).

It’s a solid start, representing a fantastic supplementary tool in anyone’s weight loss arsenal and without a doubt one of our top picks.

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TrimTone (For women)

trimtone packaging

TrimTone is an all-natural fat burning supplement geared towards women.

I have a slight issue with this. Though some supplementation does need to be different for men and women, more tailored to their differing genetics and hormonal needs, I can’t see why fat burners need to be (except as a form of marketing.)

This doesn’t undercut TrimTone’s efficacy. It’s just that I don’t know why it’s aimed at women – men will benefit from it just as much, as many women will benefit from plenty of the offerings aimed at men.

Far from disputing TrimTone’s efficacy, I have to say that I was really impressed with this product.

As with most products on this list, its primary goal is improving thermogenesis and raising your metabolic rate. It also helps to reduce hunger pangs and keep your energy levels up. It contains plenty of caffeine, which as we have seen acts both to boost your metabolism and raise your energy levels, at least temporarily.

Glucomannan is one of the key ingredients to TrimTone’s success. It is a dietary fibre that has been scientifically proven to aid in appetite suppression, hence weight loss. It expands in your stomach when it absorbs water, making you feel fuller for longer (actually a bit bloated if you overdo it, so handle with care and don’t exceed recommended dosing.)

Glucomannan is also good for controlling your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels, all of which are often closely tied to weight loss.

TrimTone also uses Grains of Paradise (Aframomum Melegueta). This is a great herb for improving thermogenesis. Coming from the same family as ginger, it has a lovely, spicy, peppery flavour with almost citrusy notes, so is quite good in everyday cooking. As a compound in this supplement, it helps to stabilise blood sugar levels, decreasing hunger pangs and energy crashes, and allowing for greater insulin sensitivity. It also acts to increase energy levels, boost your mood, and ultimately burn more calories. It also activates brown adipose tissue, which are the cells we’re looking to diminish in order to lose weight.

As a side note, TrimTone claims that this makes it able to hit even the most stubborn areas of fat… this isn’t a lie at all, but it’s such an oversimplification that it’s actually kind of no longer true. If you’re down to the last few pounds of weight loss needed and you stall, unable to shift any more, a fat burner will be great. If you want to focus on fat loss, great. However, taking one won’t magically allow you to target any specific area for weight loss – where you lose weight will depend far more on genetic factors than anything taken in exogenously.

Be wary of taking this kind of claim too much to heart.

TrimTone also includes trusted favourites like caffeine, green tea, and green coffee in its formula and is great choice – whether you are male or female!

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PrimeShred (Male Fat Burner)

primeshred packaging

Next up we have a fat burner aimed at men, in the form of PrimeShred. This falls into the same trap as TrimTone – I can’t see anything in the ingredients list that would make it anything less than perfectly effective for women. Realistically, it’s a matter of branding – I suppose the thinking is that women want to be trim and toned, whilst men want to shred, primally…

It’s a load of nonsense. However, this isn’t to detract from the quality of the product itself. It really is quite hardcore.

PrimeShred have aimed for something of a triple threat, here, with a three-pronged assault on your fat reserves.

Firstly, PrimeShred works as a metabolic booster, increasing thermogenesis, so that you will always be burning an optimal number of calories, no matter what you’re doing. As well as this, it contains ingredients that will activate certain hormones known to have an effect on the breakdown of body fat.

Finally, there is a cognitive, mood-based, energy aspect to PrimeShred. Cognitive and mental health concerns can be common during a caloric deficit, as low blood sugar and inadequate energy intake lead to crashes and low mood. PrimeShred contains nootropics known to improve cognitive function, diminishing the effects to your mood and energy levels brought about by eating too little.

You should be able to stay sharp, focussed, and alert using PrimeShred in a caloric deficit, even as the fat melts from your body.

All the ingredients are good, too, with PrimeShred being completely transparent about what they use in their formula (no proprietary blends here.) Mostly, we have some of the more standard ingredients mentioned above – caffeine, green coffee, black pepper, and cayenne pepper make up the bulk of the natural ingredients listed.

Then there are a couple of more specialised compounds. These include 150 mg of dimethylaminoethanol (DAME). DAME increases the creation of acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter associated with improved cognitive performance – hence PrimeShred’s nootropic nature. You also get 250 mg of L-Theanine, a great metabolism booster, and 250 mg of Rhodiola Rosea Root, which can activate a fat-burning enzyme called hormone-sensitive lipase, thus leading to greater fat breakdown.

The company offer an incredibly good 100-day money back guarantee and a fuss-free refund process if you find that PrimeShred isn’t working for you.

It’s one of the cleverest formulas out there, run by a genuinely decent company – just don’t buy too much into their branding.

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BrutalForce CCUT

ccut fat burner

CCUT is an all-natural fat-burning supplement that seeks to imitate the effects of the powerful drug Clenbuterol, an anabolic steroid often taken by bodybuilders. Clenbuterol is often used to treat asthma, and as such is a prescription drug in most countries. However, bodybuilders tend to use it (or abuse it, depending on your point of view) to run a recomp – losing bodyfat whilst maintaining or even building muscle mass.

Clenbuterol can have serious side effects such as heart palpitations, high blood sugar, anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, muscle cramps, or even cardiac arrest, however, so using it for such a frivolous reason as aesthetics is unwise in the extreme.

This is where CCUT comes into it. It seeks to mimic the effects of such a harsh drug without any of the negatives, giving a natural boost to your training without side effects. Such compounds can work wonders. This one does – I thoroughly respect the direction this kind of supplement takes, and the inspiration behind them all.

CCUT features a blend of natural stimulants, herbal extracts, and vitamins all geared towards shredding body fat whilst allowing you to retain your hard-fought for lean muscle mass – exactly what Clenbuterol users will be after.

It works by controlling your body’s ability to make fat whilst regulating (and boosting) your metabolic rate, without any of the harsh side-effects noted above.

Firstly, we have improved thermogenesis, the promotion of which can obviously significantly improve weight loss whilst reducing appetite. Then we have the resting metabolic rate (RMR) boost that CCUT elicits. As with many of the items on this list, it can cause you to burn more energy (thus fat, in a caloric deficit) at rest, helping you to lose weight.

CCUT is also an appetite suppressant, with several of their ingredients working to reduce hunger pangs and cravings. Though you should be wary of under-eating too much (a deficit of 500 to 1000 calories daily will suffice for steady weight loss), supplements like CCUT can make it a lot easier for you to keep this modest deficit going.

The results will not be the same as Clenbuterol can offer (otherwise nobody would abuse Clenbuterol.) However, the effects are similar, in a diluted form, everything is legal, and there are no harsh, health-threatening side effects to worry about.

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Hunter Burn

hunter burn bottles

Again, we have a very butch sounding product designed to appeal to a certain type of athlete – male, alpha, with dreams of being some kind of apex creature. When I say designed, I don’t mean in the lab – I mean in the marketing department, of course (the company who sell it are called Roar Ambition, which should tell you everything you need to know about their branding ethos!)

Hunter Burn is targeted at men, but this is rubbish. Anyone can use it in conjunction with an active lifestyle and modest caloric deficit to lose weight and feel more energised. This is its main aim, in fact – to aid weight loss whilst giving you plenty of energy and focus.

Hunter Burn isn’t cheap – Roar Ambition market it as a premium product, and they price it accordingly. But do they deserve the price tag? Do they deserve the kind of overconfidence that Roar Ambition show?

This price tag and confidence may be reasonable. Roar Ambition don’t use a proprietary blend with this supplement, which is great – we can see exactly what goes into Hunter Burn. The formula contains plenty of high quality ingredients like vitamin D3, konjac root, L-Theanine, matcha green tea, and cayenne pepper. These are all usual suspects in a fat burner, all deserving of their place.

There are no stimulants in their formula. There is no caffeine – no tea, no green tea, nothing. This makes Hunter Burn something of a rarity. Though I would generally recommend caffeinated products for the energy release and broader health benefits they can deliver, they are far from suitable for everyone. If you’re looking for a stimulant free fat burner that works, Hunter Burn is a solid option.

The range of high-quality ingredients – and the absence of caffeine – make Hunter Burn a contender. It isn’t to be sniffed at. Other than the caffeine content, there is little to separate it from its peers in a practical sense. However, it’s a strong option, if a little aggressively marketed and priced.

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Hourglass Fit

hourglass bottle

With a name like Hourglass Fit, you can be fairly certain who they are aiming their fat burner at – women who want to diet down. They claim that their product can help women melt fat, reduce their appetite, and give them the ‘toned, sexy’ physique that all women obviously want…

Firstly, there is no such thing as ‘toning’. There is weight loss and muscle growth, which together can give you the ‘toned’ look they are talking about here. Secondly, as ever, sex is fairly irrelevant, and the assumptions that go with their branding and advertising are spurious. This product can work for anybody, will likely work for most, and shouldn’t be so pigeonholed or targeted.

As with Hunter Burn, Hourglass Fit is free from stimulants, making it perfect for those wanting to lose weight without energy peaks and crashes, or any of the other negative side effects that caffeine and similar chemicals can elicit.

Again, we have a double-pronged method at work with Hourglass Fit – it can do everything it claims to do (boosting fat burning and energy levels) through a combination of a metabolic boost and hunger curbing appetite suppression, ultimately with a decent mood elevation.

The main metabolic and thermogenic boosts are achieved through a mixture of the standard, though often potent, thermogenic compounds you will find in most fat burners, like cayenne pepper and black pepper.

Hourglass Fit also contains a whopping 3,000mg of glucomannan, an incredibly effective appetite suppressant. You will also find the amino acid 5-HTP in Hourglass Fit, which is another great ally in appetite suppression. Then there is chromium, which has been shown to help reduce perceived hunger by influencing a number of the ways in which your body processes food.

It’s no less ferocious than something like Hunter Burn. It’s no tamer than anything, no more or less effective than any other. Again, ignore the branding and look at the details – look at the ingredients used in any fat burner’s formula.

In this case, you will be well served – Hourglass Fit’s formula is fantastic. It will be a very useful ally for anybody looking to lose a bit of excess body fat.

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Instant Knockout Cut

instant knockout package

Instant Knockout Cut is quite a fun supplement. It comes in a fist-shaped bottle of 120 capsules which cheered me up no-end when I first saw it.

It’s not all about the gimmicks, either. It was developed specifically for MMA fighters and pro boxers, hence the branding, but is obviously of great use to any athlete looking for an effective cut.

Instant Knockout Cut contains a very good blend of ingredients in its formula, from essential vitamins and minerals (always handy to take in as a supplement when restricting food intake) to various plant extracts designed to give you the weight-loss boost you need. It also contains caffeine, aiding energy levels, giving you plenty of antioxidants, and further raising your RMR.

Each four capsule serving will give you more than your RDA of vitamins B6, B12, and D3, alongside large doses of l-theanine, cayenne pepper, green tea extract, glucomannan, black pepper extract, and caffeine. These are all common ingredients that we have obviously seen time and time again on this list. There is a good reason for this – they are fantastic, giving you the fat burning, appetite suppressing, energising kick that we all need during a caloric deficit.

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There is something here for everyone – and, despite much of the branding on show, everyone will benefit from them all. If you fancy the look of something that doesn’t appear to be aimed at you and your demographic, go for it anyway – it will have near identical ingredients to any other thing, or at least variations on the same theme – likewise, if you are approaching fat loss as a couple, you don’t need to buy separate fat burners.

If you want a no stimulant, good quality fat burner, and you’re a man, there is no reason to avoid Hourglass Fit. There is every reason to go with it, in fact. Similarly, if you want to go for a hardcore version, and you happen to be a woman, don’t shy away from Hunter Burn. You will get fantastic results from it.

If you want something with plenty of stimulant action, most of the items on this list will suit you well; if you want to combine this with a decent appetite suppressor, then TrimTone will suit you well. If you struggle with cognitive function on a cut (which many people do, as their bodies struggle to cope with depleted energy levels) I would recommend PrimeShred.

Then again, if you’re looking for something that is able to mimic the effect of well-known steroids, to give you the edge in bodybuilding or whatever athletic discipline you train in, and want to keep things clean and legal, Brutal Force’s CCUT will be for you (no matter who you are, if you have the relevant goals, it will be of use!)

As an all-rounder, I personally like PrimeShred – I favour cognitive enhancement with plenty of energy. However, find the one that seems right for you, no matter who they think they’re aiming at. Anything from this list will help you to lose body fat – the manner in which you do so is completely up to you.