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Best Vibration Plate Reviews

Vibration plates are growing in popularity for a variety of reasons and if you are looking to add one to your home setup then you’re in luck as we have reviewed the 5 best vibration plates to suit all budgets and needs.

Best Vibrations Plates For Home Setup

A lot of commercial gyms across the UK will now feature vibration plates and they tend to be more popular among older age groups, but there are some real benefits to using vibrations as part of your workout no-matter what your age – not least because the pressure put on your joints is going to be lower which will result in less long term injuries.

For users who prefer a home setup then buying a vibration plate could be a really good move. They don’t take up as much space as some pieces of gym equipment and depending on what you need you can buy some that are incredibly portable.

As with all things, there is a range of price points and we will be including some of the cheapest vibration plates in our review as well as some of the more expensive – so there should be something to suit all budgets and needs. Please take time to read our guide as it is not necessarily the case that the most expensive will be best for you.

Mirafit Vibration Power Plate

The Mirafit vibration plate retails at around the £130 mark and as such is one of the more affordable power plates that we reviewed. Mirafit are well known for manufacturing quality fitness equipment at reasonable prices and we have to say that if you are looking for a budget vibration plate then you can’t go far wrong with this Mirafit model.

Available in three different colours (black, orange and green), the power plate is suitable for weights up to 150kg and features a large enough plate to stand and lean against whilst staying small enough to easily store and not clutter up smaller spaces. In fact, with a width of just 68cm it could be described as portable and you could certainly use it in different rooms or pop it in the boot of your car if you were having a weekend away but wanted to take it with you.

There is a handy built in display that shows the duration of your workout, speed and which program mode you have selected and the buttons that surround the display are pretty intuitive which makes the Mirafit easy to use. You can choose from 99 speed settings for varying levels of intensity and there are 9 pre-programmed modes to choose from.

With a peak power of 2500w the Mirafit is packing a decent punch under the hood and although some power plates have more than 99 speed settings there is plenty of power to push you. You also get a wireless remote so you can change the settings whilst staying in an upright position and you also get detachable resistance bands included so you can incorporate a wide range of exercises in to your workout and give yourself added resistance.

The Mirafit will suit beginners and intermediates well and although it might lack the depth to challenge experienced gym goers it does the basics very well indeed.

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Bluefin Fitness Ultra Slim

The Fitness Ultra Slim is Bluefin’s entry level vibration plate and retails at around £150 but although this is the most basic model in their lineup it still has plenty going for it and with a lifetime warranty on the motor there really is little to worry about when buying this board. If you are looking for a budget power plate then the Fitness Ultra Slim is a really good option. Although it’s not quite as cheap as the Mirafit, it does have a couple of other features that make it worth the extra investment.

The Bluefin Fitness Ultra Slim offers everything that the Mirafit does but it has the handy addition of built in bluetooth speakers. Whilst they are not speakers that are going to give you premium sound quality, they do beat the beats coming from your phone speaker. Now, we would say that choosing a vibration board based on it having speakers is not the wisest choice, but luckily this Bluefin model has plenty more going for it too. With no less than 180 levels of intensity and 5 pre-set programs to choose from, this is a power plate that will give even the most hardcore fitness enthusiasts a good test. The crystal clear LCD display is easy to read and the buttons that surround it make it easy to use. You also get a wireless remote control to make changing the settings mid workout very easy and you also get a resistance band supplied as standard.

As the name suggests, the Bluefin Fitness Ultra Slim is pretty compact and measures the same width as the Mirafit (68cm) with it being just 40cm in depth. It weighs in at 19kg so it is pretty easy to move around.

In terms of use, the Bluefin is comfortable to use and actually features one of the best non-slip surfaces we have seen. It supports up to 150kg of weight and also comes with some handy workouts that you can follow to allow you to work on a variety of muscles.

With a lifetime motor warranty and some of the best user reviews we have seen, the Bluefin Fitness vibration plate has to be a top choice for those looking for a compact and affordable model.

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Confidence Pro

The Confidence Pro is similar to the other vibration plates covered in this list with one major exception – it has an elevated centre console with side handle bars to provide you with extra stability.

Despite being larger and perhaps looking at first glance more impressive than the first two power plates we reviewed, the Confidence Pro actually has slightly less features and less powerful hardware – but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is worse. There are 50 speed settings in total and 3 pre-set programs to choose from – it does include a heart rate monitor too which is something you don’t get with the Bluefin or the Mirafit. The motor is just 600w but there is enough kick to give intermediate users a good workout. We would argue however, that the Confidence Pro is better suited to beginners and users that have that added need for stability.

A rather obvious disadvantage of the Confidence Pro is that it is not quite so easy to store away as it takes up more space vertically – so it is probably better suited to an area of your home that you can keep it permanently. The Confidence Pro can withstand 150kg of weight and weighs just 28kg itself and also comes with resistance bands to help with upper body workouts.

Overall, we found this model to be well made and it offered us an ample workout. 10-15 minutes on the Confidence Pro 3-4 times per week will certainly give your muscles some good toning and if you are looking for a quality upright power plate that won’t break the bank then this is a great option.

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Bluefin Fitness Pro

This is the second Bluefin vibration plate to feature on our list and is probably our favourite out of all of them if you have a modest budget to spend. Available for just a snip over £200 using our link below, the Bluefin Fitness Pro is an easy to use but effective power plate and has more features and a sturdier frame than the Confidence Pro.

Like all Bluefin products, you get a lifetime warranty on the motor which offers excellent peace of mind. Like the ultra-slim version, the Fitness Pro has 180 levels of intensity but it also has 10 pre-set programs to choose from – more than any of the other vibration plates reviewed here.

There is a bluetooth speaker on this Bluefin product too as well as aux connection for those who prefer to be wired up. The Fitness Pro is controlled from the excellent centre console. It is without a doubt the most feature rich of all the boards listed here and looks great too. You have built in BMI sensors with BMI and calorie information displayed on the screen and the machine is unbelievably quiet to use.

One other thing we love about this vibration plate is that you have a 360 degree range of motion thanks to the space the board affords you but also thanks to the supportive handles. This means you can achieve a really good core workout as you can achieve the rotation necessary from the hips to achieve those killer abs.

Overall, we loved the Bluefin Fitness Pro and so long as you can find space for it in your home gym set up (and you should if you can) then it is a worthy addition to your weekly routine.

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Zap Fitness TX1

The Zap TX1 is the cheapest power plate on our review list at a retail price of around £70 so it is fair to say we had pretty low expectations. That being said, we also understand that not everyone is looking to spend in excess of £100 on a vibration plate that might not be used all that often so we approached this review with an open mind.

We were pretty pleased with the TX1 and hence it made the list. It is the smallest board of the bunch at just 53.5cm in length but it does have the lowest load capacity – although at 120kgs most users will be fine. The motor is a pretty low 300w and the there are just 20 speeds of intensity so this is very much aimed at the beginner and casual user market. Our test subject weighed just shy of 80kg and stands at 6 feet tall and was able to get a decent level of intensity from this power plate despite the 300w motor. There are resistance bands included which do allow you to vary up the training somewhat so there is plenty of scope for muscle development with the TX1.

The board itself was stable and felt well made but the surface didn’t feel quite so well gripped as we would have liked. Weighing in at just 12kg the TX1 is probably the most portable of the bunch and even includes a retractable handle to make transporting it even easier. Overall, we found the TX1 to be a decent budget option and will probably serve as a good first foray in to the power plate market for many people.

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Now we have gone through the best vibrating plate options it is worth exploring what vibration plates are and how they work.

It is also worth mentioning that no matter how much the marketing might suggest a vibration plate (or power plates as they are also known) will magically allow you to burn through fat, tone muscles and reduce cellulite – like all things fitness, it will only work if you take a balanced and focused approach to your overall workouts and your daily nutrition.

What Are Vibration Plates & How Do They Work?

There are different types of vibration plates available with the main two being oscillation vibration plates and tri-plane vibration plates. Oscillation plates are generally less powerful and work on two planes of motion with a sort of seesaw like movement. Tri-plane move through three planes of motion and have more powerful motors which result in more intense workouts – with some of these power plates claiming to give you a one hour workout in just 15 minutes.

Essentially, vibration plates create tiny vibrations through your muscles and can be used for fat loss but mainly for muscle toning. Don’t think you will get off lightly though, you will still feel the burn of the exercises, you will just be aided by the vibrations of the machine.

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