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NordicTrack have a fierce reputation in the home fitness space that seems to become further enhanced by the year. The NordicTrack Commercial 1750 is one of their flagship treadmills and although it is the entry level model in their ‘Commercial’ range, there is nothing entry level about its specs, ability to deliver a workout and overall quality. It’s also worth noting that the word ‘commercial’ doesn’t mean this is designed for gyms alone, in fact, NordicTrack are very much pitching the 1750 at the home user market.

We decided to get hold of this treadmill and give it a one month test. And we’re here to bring you the results in our in-depth NordicTrack Commercial 1750 review.

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 First Impressions

The Commercial 1750 treadmill is a joy to behold. Although designed for home use, the 1750 really is befitting of the name ‘Commercial’ as it oozes gym quality class and then some. With a large running area that will suit almost any stride length, a dominating and impressive 10 inch touch screen and a build quality that matches expectations at this price point, you will not be disappointed at the style and looks of this treadmill.

The 1750 is not small though, and although NordicTrack have done a great job with their EasyLift Assist folding design, this is still a machine that is going to need a fair amount of space – 200cm (l) x 99cm (w) x 160 cm (h) to be precise. It does fold to a more conservative 93cm (l) x 99cm (w) x 189cm (h) to give you more floor space when it’s not in use and compared to other models of similar specs, the space it takes up when folded is actually pretty minimal – this is something NordicTrack have clearly worked hard at.

Weighing in at 110kg when assembled (and 154kg when delivered boxed) it is worth noting that this treadmill is most likely going to be best suited for ground floor installation. The delivery team will only deliver to the ground floor anyway, so if you are planning on using it in your upstairs spare room just make sure you have some strong friends to help you take it up the stairs.

Setting up the NordicTrack 1750 is not a particularly difficult task, as the majority of the build has been done for you, but we would say it is a two person job to set it up just because of the weight of some of the parts – so just keep that in mind when you order.

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Commercial 1750 Specs

There is a lot to love about the looks of the 1750 treadmill but it’s what is under the hood that counts and this model does not disappoint in that regard either. With a 3.75HP (continuous) motor powering the belt there is plenty of oomph in the Commercial 1750. We usually look for anything above 1.5HP to really suggest a motor that is powerful enough to provide enough challenge so to get 3.75HP is pretty impressive – and will more than satisfy pretty much all levels of runner.

Top speeds of 22km/h can be achieved which again will provide more than enough challenge for all but those that want to use this for power sprinting (which isn’t what it’s designed for) and with a 15% powered incline the level of challenge afforded by this treadmill is significant. In addition to the 15% incline there is also a 3% decline – a feature we have seen on other NordicTrack treadmills and one that we have welcomed, as it allows a more realistic feel when you are following along to live training sessions and you take on a descent.

The Commercial 1750 treadmill can be used standalone and it works perfectly well in this way, but it is really designed to be used with an iFit membership – giving you access to thousands of pre-recorded workouts as well as live training sessions with some top athletes. You get a family iFit membership included when you purchase the treadmill (worth £349) and this is where the 1750 really comes in to its own.

Everything is controlled through the 10″ HD touch screen display that is positioned in the centre of the control panel. There is bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, the latter being required to access the interactive features. When accessing iFit workouts the treadmill will react to the workout you are taking part in, so for those following live training sessions, the trainer will increase or decrease the inclines in line with the terrain and will increase and decrease the speed (but don’t worry you do get a warning). You can still override this if things get too tough but being able to follow a workout with everything else taken care of really is quite a liberating experience for anyone who has had to manually control their treadmill before.

There are 2 3 inch speakers that blast out the commands of the trainers and the speakers are at the upper end in terms of quality compared to those seen on other machines. They are also bluetooth enabled so you can play your favourite music through them if you prefer that and are located just beneath the monitor and fans.

One of the biggest bugbears of any home treadmill is usually the size of the running track. The Commercial 1750 has no such issues with a running track that measures 152cm (l) x 55cm (w) – which is incredibly generous compared to some models. We tested the 1750 with a 6’3″ male and there was plenty of space for more stride length with no safety concerns. The safety bards also provide additional security when running which is always a welcome feature.

You will also find that the Commercial 1750 by NordicTrack has a cushioned deck but this can be switched off using a handle on the underside of the treadmill if you prefer a firmer run. When using their ‘Runners Flex’ step cushioning technology you do get a good amount of bounce which helps reduced the impact on your joints significantly.

To finish off the specs roundup we should also point out that there are two fans that provide welcome relief and and these pump air out at different speeds depending on how hard you are working.

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Using The NordicTrack Commercial 1750

We tested the Commercial 1750 treadmill over a period of 4 weeks with both a male and female user taking part in the review process. Our female is 5’6″ and our male is 6’3″. Both found the treadmill to be easy to set up and pretty intuitive to use. The EasyLift Assist makes folding the treadmill up much easier than it would otherwise be and this entire process takes around 5 seconds.

There is a maximum user weight of 135kg which is pretty high for a folding treadmill and will be fine for the majority of users. Thanks to the long running track we don’t envisage anyone under a height of 6’6″ having any issues running on this treadmill.

This is not a cheap treadmill so the expectations were pretty high when it came to running track quality, suspension, speed and smoothness of operation and the Commercial 1750 treadmill passed all of our tests in this regard with flying colours. The belt is smooth in operation and even when using a 15% incline at top speed you never get the sense that the motor cannot cope – in fact, the motor oozes confidence at every step. The only issue we found with the belt was that when taking the track to a decline setting the speed would drop a little – but we believe this is more of a safety feature than a bug and it is something that NordicTrack state will happen. Other than that, the track works incredibly well.

You can control the speed and incline/decline manually using the large oversized buttons either side of the display. This is easy to do whether you are mid-run or just starting off, but we would encourage you to make full use of the included iFit software that is provided free of charge for the first 12 months.

When it comes to iFit, the Commercial 1750 takes on a whole new lease of life. The central HD display is ideal for following along on workouts and there is such a good selection to choose from. You can run in the hills, along the beach or through the streets of New York. There really is something for everyone and their catalogue is growing by the day. You also get access to the non-running programmes so you can partake in CrossFit, Yoga and body weight training if you like.

What makes the iFit work so well though is the way the software and the hardware of the NordicTrack 1750 treadmill work synonymously with each other. All your key data is displayed on the screen, you can watch and follow along with the personal trainer and the machine does all the heavy lifting and manual work when it comes to changing speeds and inclines – it really couldn’t be easier.

You can use a heart rate strap to accurately track and beam your heart rate to the treadmill (although the heart rate strap is not included) which allows you to work out in your target heart rate zone. You can set up user profiles (up to 4 per membership) and use these to track your stats over time – allowing you to measure your progress to date and set new goals.

If you prefer to pick your own routes the 1750 is compatible with Google Maps, allowing you to workout literally anywhere in the world!

What we liked about the NordicTrack models is that although a lot of functionality is dependent on the iFit membership, you can absolutely use it without one. So, if you don’t wish to renew the membership after the initial 12 month period you don’t have to – simply use the other built in programs or Google Maps. Still, the price of iFit compares favourably to other programs such as Hydrow and Peloton.

There is a good level of balance between automation and user control with the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 and overall it packs a serious punch and offers good value for money. For road runners there is the option to take out the suspension and for those who want it, the cushioned deck is more than ample to promote good joint health in the longer term. Both beginner and experienced runners will have no issues getting to grips with this machine and will get plenty of challenge from it.

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The NordicTrack Commercial 1750 is without doubt one of the leaders in its class. Its strikes the perfect balance between manual control and live PT led workouts and does so in a way that is affordable for most. There is a significant upfront investment, but this machine is built to last and should provide year after year of workouts hassle-free.

If you want to up your cardio game and bring that gym quality in to your home then the Commercial 1750 treadmill is a fine choice.

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