Reebok One GT40s Treadmill

reebok one gt40sThe Reebok One GT40s treadmill is one of the most popular treadmills among home based fitness consumers. Pitched as a gym standard treadmill, the GT40s is Reebok’s most popular machine, second only to its predecessor the GT30. With so many good reviews online and having heard a few people tell us how much they love their GT40s we thought we’d take it for a full review.

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Having spent 28 days with the machine our overall perception is that this high quality treadmill is worthy of high praise, but is it really gym quality?

The reality is that a treadmill that is designed to be used at home doesn’t need to be gym quality, it just needs to have the features that you might expect to find on a similar machine at the gym – after all, gym exercise equipment is designed to withstand some serious use hour after hour – something you simply don’t need for home based equipment.

So let’s take a look at our full lowdown of the Reebok GT40s.

Reebok One GT40s Overview

A sturdy and well built treadmill, the GT40s has become a staple for stay at home runners across Europe. It is well built, has a sturdy frame and feels like it will last a very long time. It’s very easy to put together although it does require two people to carry the box as it weighs in excess of 75kgs. Once it is set up and in position it is a little easier to move thanks to some handy wheels used for transportation and even has a soft folding feature that allows you to save some space in the room it is set up in. This is not however a treadmill that can be stored away and it will require a fixed location in your home.

The GT40s really does look and feel the part, and it stacks up in terms of features too. It can withstand a maximum user weight of 17.5 stone and we tested it with two males – one that was 6ft 1 and the other 5ft 10 – both had no issues using the treadmill.

The dimensions of the GT40s are 133cm (h) x 85cm (w) x 168cm (l) when unfolded and when folded it measures up at 148cm (h) x 85cm (w) x 104cm (l).  The running surface size measures up at 43cm wide by 130cm lengthways and this is ample. It is mains powered and is powered by a 2hp motor that is capable of speeds up 16km p/h and also has the option for running on an incline.

Overall the GT40s is extremely well spec’d so let’s take a look at this key features in a little more detail.

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Reebok One GT40s Treadmill Key Features

The most impressive features of the Reebok One GT40s are:

  • One Series Cushioning
  • 5 inch easy to use LCD display
  • 12 electronic incline settings
  • Effective heart rate sensors
  • Space saving soft drop folding
  • Up to 16KM p/h speed across all incline levels

One Series Cushioning

Perhaps the most interesting feature of this treadmill is what Reebok call ‘ONE Series Cushioning’ – this is effectively a shock absorption system designed to minimise the impact of your strides on your joints. For long distance runners this is a welcome feature and we have to say it was certainly noticeable when compared to running on other treadmills.

This feature works by splitting the running deck in to three separate zones with cushioning pads in each zone – each designed with a slightly different purpose in mind. Reebok state that the rear cushion helps propel you forward faster, the front cushion gives you a softer landing and the middle cushion helps you to transition smoother.

Our take on this cushioning technology is that it helps you feel balanced, stable but with some degree of soft cushioning and for anyone with joint problems or for anyone who suffers with impact injuries from running then the GT40s will most likely provide you with a noticeable difference in feel underfoot.

LCD Display

The colour LCD display spans 5 inches and provides all the information you could need from a treadmill. It is well positioned and easy to read, even with some direct sunlight the screen remains readable.

The usual data is provided with calories burned, speed, duration and distance distance all visible during your run. You can also see your rate of incline and if you are using the pulse monitors then you can also view your heart rate.

gt40s lcd screenUnderneath the LCD display are some speakers from which you can connect an audio device such as an MP3 player or a phone with an aux connection. There are two handy bottle holders and a couple of trays for you to store items such as a sweat towel and keys. There are some well labeled and easy to use buttons on the centre console that will give you quick access to pretty much all of the settings you might want to change during your run if you are using a manual mode. There is also an emergency cut off tag that you can clip on to your top in case of an accident – pretty important if you are working out at home alone.

12 Incline Settings and 16KM p/h Speed

The incline settings are easy to change using the centre console and do provide a much more vigorous workout. With 12 settings in total you can progress from a shallow to a steep incline gradually or as you see fit. The incline is electronic and therefore can be changed during your run. This is handy for pre-set programmes that change the incline during your run or if you want the flexibility to choose for yourself.

Very experienced runners might be left wanting a little more in terms of incline steepness but for most people including intermediate level runners the incline steepness will suffice.

The 2HP motor powers the treadmill up to 16KM p/h which for most runners is going to be fast enough. 16KM p/h equates to roughly 6 minute miles so for long distance running this is going to be perfectly adequate. For anyone needing more of a test you can increase the incline and the GT40s will still run at its maximum speed.

A handy speed feature found on the centre console is the quick buttons that are used to set the speed at increments of 3km p/h so you can push one button and be set to a speed of 12km p/h if you so wish. The same quick buttons are present for the incline settings and are set at increments of 2. In addition to the quick buttons on the centre console there are also handy speed increase and decrease buttons to be found on the hand rails.

GT40s Running Programmes

The GT40s can be used in manual mode or you can choose to work from one of the 36 pre-set running programmes. There are an additional 3 target based programmes (time, calories and distance) and there is also a programme focused around your BMI – this makes a total of 40 programmes in effect.

The running programmes are varied and you will find programmes designed for all levels of intensity, speed, distance and incline levels. With 36 to choose from this is one area that Reebok have really excelled.

The colour LCD display helps you to track your progress and gives you can idea of what is coming next – which we think is a good thing.

Here is an example training session on the GT40s from Reebok:


Reebok One GT40s Tech Specs

Here is a quick run down of all the technical specifications of the GT40s:

  • Max Speed is 16km/h
  • Incline levels: 12
  • 5 Inch LCD Display
  • 2HP Motor
  • 4 Quick Speed Settings
  • 4 Quick Incline Settings
  • 36 Pre-set programmes
  • Heart rate sensor (hand grip)
  • Maximum User Weight: 110kg
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Speakers With MP3 Compatibility
  • Auto Shut-off Safety Clip
  • Includes Transportation Wheels
  • Dimensions Unfolded: 133cm (h) x 85cm (w) x 168cm (l)
  • Dimensions Folded: 148cm (h) x 85cm (w) x 104cm (l)
  • Treadmill Weight: 75kg
  • 2 Year Warranty For Parts & Labour
  • 10 Warranty For Motor
  • Lifetime Warranty For Frame

Alternatives To Consider

We have found it very hard to nail down stock of the GT40s and whilst it is a top quality treadmill it does come at a price. We prefer the Roger Black Easy Fold Treadmill which is a little lighter on your wallet and still provides a similar experience when in use.

You can check out the Roger Black model here.


To summarise this Reebok GT40s treadmill review, this is one of our favourite treadmills thanks to its high quality build, well cushioned track and the array of pre-set programmes. The motor holds up well and the soft folding mechanism is easy to use and ensures there will be no damage to the machine – as well as providing you with a little more space when the treadmill is not in use.

In terms of price, the GT40s is generally well priced and is classed as a mid-high budget treadmill. The only real negative we can find with it is the running track is a little on the short side for runners with longer than average strides and the built in speakers are pretty poor quality.

However, the GT40s is an excellent all-rounder and one of our top picks when it comes to treadmills.

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