Looking for a good power plate? We tested the Pro-10 here at Fitness Brain for two weeks, and it’s giving good vibrations. Check out what we discovered in this honest JTX Pro-10 Power Plate Review.

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JTX are a leading UK-based home fitness equipment manufacturer and they just so happen to be one of our top-rated UK suppliers. Why do we rate them so much? Because they have a focus on creating high-quality but affordable fitness equipment that is ideal for home use but robust enough to have a commercial quality to it.

JTX have two products in their vibration plate range, and the JTX Pro-10 is the cheaper of the two – although ‘cheap’ is not a word you would use to describe this brilliant bit of kit.

The benefits of vibration plates (or ‘power plates‘, as they are commonly known) are wide-ranging, making them one of the most versatile and beneficial pieces of home equipment you can buy. From improved circulation to fat loss, to improved bone density and stronger core strength – there are too many benefits to list.

The question isn’t really whether vibration plates are any good, it is whether the JTX Pro-10 is up the task. To find out, we managed to get hold of one for a couple of weeks to give it a full testing. Find out what we thought right here in our full JTX Pro 10 review.

JTX Pro-10 First Impressions

The Pro-10 is impressive upon first glance. It is of a similar size to most power plates you would find in a commercial gym and it has the look and feel of a high-quality unit.

Indeed, the specs on the Pro-10 are impressive and we will cover those in the next section, but in terms of sheer wow-factor, this power plate has the lot.

Installation and setup is relatively easy. It doesn’t take more than 30 minutes, and once setup you will notice how sturdy and secure this power plate is.

Having a stable frame is absolutely critical for a good-quality vibration plate, and JTX have nailed it in this regard. The touch points such as the handles and the included power straps are all well made and feel comfortable to the touch.

The base of the JTX Pro-10 features a textured rubber finish which provides excellent grip when standing, but is also comfortable and non-slip when performing floor-based exercises. The glossy black finish to the machine looks great and there are two consoles for controlling the Pro-10 – one of which is ideal for standing exercises and the other is ideal for floor-based exercises.

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JTX Pro-10 Specifications

We have already established that the Pro-10 is a great-looking piece of equipment, but does it stack up in terms of its tech under the hood? Well… on the face of it, the answer is a resounding yes!

Although the Pro-10 is the lower-priced of JTX’s two power plate offerings, it would be an injustice to describe it as their entry-level model – because it is much more than that. In fact, the Pro-10 would give many commercial power plates a run for their money.

The Pro-10 is also the smaller of the two JTX options, but it still provides an impressive workout area of 70cm x 78cm with the overall unit measuring up at 157cm (H) x 78cm (W) x 106cm (D). This makes it pretty compact when compared to other types of exercise equipment such as treadmills or multi-gyms, but for its small size it can still provide you with full-body workouts.

It is pretty heavy, weighing in at 119kg, so once it is in place it is probably best to keep it there – however, it is worth pointing out that there are handy transport wheels to the rear to help with moving it around a room. It does have a really impressive maximum user weight of 160kg which again points to an excellent build quality.

The JTX Pro-10 works on three planes of vibration and as such is described as tri-plane vibration plate. This three-directional vibration operates in the 50-70Hz range, which is in line with commercial-grade equipment. The three planes of vibration mean you will get an optimal workout whilst still enjoying the benefits of a low impact on your joints.

The motor that powers the Pro-10 is a 150 watt commercial-grade motor and during our testing we found that the vibrations it created were really effective for our workouts. The 50-70Hz frequency range refers to how many vibrations per second it produces, and this range is ideal for intermediate and advanced users.

It is fine if you’re a beginner too, but to begin with you will likely need shorter sessions than the JTX’s recommended 15 minutes. There are 7 different built-in programmes to choose from and these all have a slightly different focus.

There is a 2-year at-home warranty included with the JTX Pro-10, and you also get a range of free accessories included such as a workout DVD, the power straps, a floor mat and an exercise mat.

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Using The JTX Pro-10

The JTX Pro-10 is a real joy to use thanks to its simplicity and high-performing motor. The tri-plane vibrations move in the horizontal and vertical planes as well as moving from top to bottom, and this provides a great deal of stimulation to the muscles that are being used when exercising on the Pro-10.

Switching between settings is quick and easy thanks to quick-select keys on the main console. Once you have selected your desired setting, the Pro-10 saves this as a default setting so it can be selected even quicker for your next set of exercises.

The lower console is a great addition carefully considered by JTX. It means you don’t have to get up from the floor when performing floor-based exercises, and the lower console is within easy reach.

JTX have provided a floor mat that is cut to the shape of base, and this mat makes provides more cushioned support and comfort for your hands when performing floor-based exercises. It can also be used for standing exercises should you wish to reduce the impact of the vibrations further, which is ideal for beginner users.

The addition of the power straps means you can perform an even greater range of exercises than you might ordinarily perform with a vibration plate. With them you can target other muscles such as biceps, triceps, front and rear deltoids and traps.

The Pro-10 is one of the sturdiest we have tested, meaning exercises that rely on hanging with your weight pushing away from the base unit are fine to perform so long as you weigh under 160kg. Our tester was 81kg and found no issues with the unit moving or feeling insecure at any point.

We found that a 15-minute daily session on the JTX Pro-10 was sufficient for intermediate users looking to build core strength, target specific muscle groups, or lose fat. It’s a stress-free and enjoyable way to put some work in with the help of solid vibrations.


The JTX Pro-10 is an excellent vibration plate that is incredibly robust with a powerful motor to provide a challenging workout. At its current price it is a bargain, and the 2-year warranty gives added peace of mind.

The added accessories are valuable too, providing very beneficial functionality that you wouldn’t usually get with a power plate.

So long as the workout space is sufficient for you (which it will be for most), then the Pro-10 is a top buy.

Save Up To 45% On The JTX Pro 10 Vibration Plate