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Choosing a good quality weight bench for your home workouts is possibly one of the most important purchases you can make. With just a set of dumbbells and a decent weights bench you can put together quite an upper and lower body routine that will have you waving goodbye to those recurring gym membership fees in no time. As with most things, the variability in quality, usability and durability can differ wildly from model to model so to help you choose the right option for you we have compiled our best weight benches for home use and bring you the results right here.

Types Of Weight Benches

There are a few different types of weight benches to look out for and which one is right for you will depend upon what you want from your workout. There are three main types, these are:

  • flat weight benches
  • incline/decline weight benches
  • weight benches with built in racks

Flat weight benches are our least preferred option. These are often at the budget end of the price range and are okay if you are not going to perform any kind of incline or decline exercises – but this will severely limit you in terms of your workout options and you will be leaving gains on the table (or bench in this case) if you aren’t making use of incline and decline weight based exercises. For those who only need a flat bench they can offer improved stability and higher weight capacities.

Incline and decline weight benches are the most versatile and are what you will find in most commercial gym setups. These allow you to perform a range of upper body exercises with decline and incline positions which allow you to focus on specific parts of muscles or allow you to obtain the maximum stretch on those muscle fibres during a workout. Think incline bench press, spider curls, incline hammer curls etc. and then think whether you want to remove the option of performing these exercises – no we didn’t think so. These are very often folding weight benches which makes them easier to store.

Weight benches with built in racks are useful if you have limited space or want something specifically for barbell chest press exercises. These usually feature a set of arms that form a rack for a barbell that is attached to the bench itself. These do have their place and are a good option for many users but they do limit the way in which you can use the bench for other exercises. Our preferred option would be to use a bench with a full rack but if this isn’t possible then the built in rack option should be considered. There are incline/decline and just flat variations and again we would suggest only considering the inline/decline benches.

Our Top 7 Weight Benches

When compiling our list we have considered the quality of each bench, the versatility, durability and the value for money. We appreciate not everyone will want to spend upwards of £200 on a bench so we have a range of options to suit a range of budgets. Let’s take a look at our top 7 weight benches in the UK.

JX Fitness Weight Bench

JX FITNESS Adjustable Weight Bench Home Training Gym Weight Lifting Sit Up Ab Bench Flat Incline Decline Multiuse Exercise Workout Bench The JX Fitness weight bench is one of the more budget friendly options but it has a good level of versatility, excellent build quality for the money and is well suited to daily use (but not in a commercial setting). When it comes to value for money, the JX Fitness bench cannot be beaten which is why it goes straight to the top of our list.

With 6 positions for the body supporting element of the bench and three positions for the seated area of the bench there is plenty of versatility in terms of incline and decline positions available. From a -20 degree angle to 90 degree upright angle, the JX Fitness bench provides ample support and can withstand up to 300kg of total weight (up to 136kg of user weight).

The triangular steel frame is strong and has a 2mm thickness which might not sound a great deal but is extensive when compared to some other budget models. The PU leather surface is easy to clean and thanks to a firm high density foam padding is comfortable to sit on. The feet have anti-slip covers which provide added stability and are especially useful for using the bench in less conventional ways such as for performing lat pullovers or hip thrusts. The bench itself is 120cm in length and will be well suited to a range of heights. We managed fine with a 6’2″ male weighing 85kg and had no issues when performing a range of exercises.

For the price, it is hard to fault this offering from JX Fitness and it is the ideal bench for a home gym.

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HFC Weights Bench

weight bench The HFC weight bench is the cheapest on our list and although it is budget friendly it also stacks up really well in terms of its overall performance. It has an impressive max user weight of 135kg which speaks volumes as to the build quality and although it isn’t the biggest of benches (this actually makes it ideal for discrete home use) it still offers a really stable base to perform your exercises from.

The HFC is fully foldable with 7 different incline and decline settings to choose from and you even get a couple of resistance bands (with handle attachments) like you do with the JX Fitness bench. This added functionality is unlikely to be used often but it is a nice touch all the same. There are foam roller pads to offer extra support when performing exercises that require it and the padding on the bench itself is also pretty decent.

Of course, like any product that is budget priced there are going to be some concessions, and this mainly comes in the form of the pad thickness and comfort levels. That being said, the overall comfort for this bench is good and for daily home use this bench will stack up well. Take it in to a commercial gym and it’s probably going to be ripped to shreds in a week – but for home use you will have no concerns.

The steel construction is well made and offers a good stable platform to work from and the legs have textured feet to prevent the bench from slipping when performing reverse incline exercises.

For the price, this bench cannot be beaten and it makes our top 6 as our best budget weight bench by a mile.

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Gorilla Sports Weight Bench With Rack

Gorilla Sports Weight Bench with Adjustable Barbell Rack Black/White Colour Black If you are in the market for an affordable weight bench with a built in barbell rack then this model from Gorilla Sports is not to be missed. Although more expensive than a standalone budget bench, the Gorilla Sports Weight Bench shows excellent value for money when comparing it to purchasing a bench and rack separately. Although you do lose some versatility with how you can use a bench like this, this model from Gorilla still retains the ability to use both an incline and decline setup and this works well.

The bench comes in at 125cm in length with a padding thickness of 4cm. The padding is comfortable, firm and will provide a good solid base to perform your workouts. The height adjustable rack is easy to adjust thanks to pin selectors with a maximum height of 99cm making this ideal for those with shorter or longer than average arms. The feet are as stable as it gets and there are non-slip attachments to ensure ultimate stability.

A key advantage of the Gorilla bench over some of its rivals is that it is completely foldable so you can easily store it against a wall or under a bed pretty much completely flat.

There is a maximum load of 200kg on this bench which is not quite as much as the JX Fitness but should suffice for most casual users.

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Yoleo Adjustable Weight Bench

YOLEO Adjustable Weight Bench - Utility Weight Benches for Full Body Workout, Foldable Incline/Decline Bench Press for Home Gym The Yoleo weight bench is a true budget option but performed really well in our testing. Not only is it very comfortable to use thanks to some rather impressive padding, but it also has a really good level of versatility including the option to attach the included resistance bands as well as feet pads that allow you to perform ab crunches.

There are only two real limitations of the Yoleo bench and they are that it only supports total weight up to 150kg and that maximum user height is recommended at 6ft. Anyone taller than this or looking to add significant weight should consider a bench with more capacity and one that is a little longer.

The seat pad is not adjustable but the back pad has 7 incline/decline positions which add to the usability of this bench. The feet have non-slip protection and all in all it feels very sturdy and will suit casual home gym use very well.

The Yoleo is not going to win any awards but if you are looking for a budget weight bench then this is a great option.

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VitalGym Bench Press 2.0 Weight Bench

bench press 2.0 When it comes to working out at home there is one piece of equipment where you really don’t want to compromise on quality – and that is your weights bench. It will be one of the most integral pieces of equipment you own when it comes to your workouts. At the same time, you don’t want to spend a fortune. The VitalGym Bench Press 2.0 offers the best of both worlds with a rock solid performance and also being one of the most affordable benches on the market.

This bench from VitalGym weighs in at just under 14kg and can hold a maximum user weight of 150kg. This should be ample for most workouts and although it’s not the biggest bench, it will accomodate taller users just fine. Our 6’1″ male had no issues performing a wide range of push and pull exercises using this bench.

With incline and decline settings you can hit every single part of your chest, and the feet hooks help to keep you secure if you feel you need them for those decline positions and this allows you to also bring some challenging ab workouts in to you regime should you wish. The bench is incredibly stable and can even be folded away flat. There are 6 incline/decline settings in total for the upper section of the bench and 3 seat positions.

The level of comfort and stability that this bench offers cannot be overstated. It really is one of the best benches on the market for daily home use and is made by one of our trusted suppliers, Vital Gym.

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Athlyt Adjustable Weight Bench

Athlyt Adjustable Incline Bench, Black This offering from Athlyt has been in high demand in recent weeks and may or not be available to purchase right now due to low stock levels. If it is, then it is one of the best cheap weight benches in the UK today. As it is the cheapest option on our list it is also the most lightweight with a thinner back and seat padding compared to all of the other benches on this page – but if you are looking for a casual use bench or something to tide you over then the Athlyt is a very decent option.

This weight bench folds right down which means it is ideal for occasional use and also very convenient to store away. It features 5 incline/decline settings for the back pad and an additional 5 for the seat pad. The foot rests also allow you to use this bench for ab workouts which is very handy.

There is no specified maximum weight but we would be inclined to not go above 160kg of total weight and always suggest you refer to the manufacturers instructions. It is a fairly solid bench, very stable and although some customers have complained of issues on delivery we had no such issues and found everything in good order and easy to set up. The padding is not as plush as some of the other models but as far as budget benches go this is about as good as it gets for the money.

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Body Solid Pro Club Line Commercial Bench

weight bench If you are looking for the out and out best weight bench at a reasonable price then the Body Solid Pro Club Line bench is about as good as it gets. We have managed to secure this with a lifetime warranty for home use and this bench is so high quality it can even be used in commercial settings. It is a little bit more expensive than our top two choices which is why we have placed it at position three on our list but make no mistake – this is a high quality weight bench that will be the only one you need to buy in your lifetime.

Featuring 2″x3″ eleven gauge steel, this bench can withstand weights of up to 450kg! That is more than any of the benches we tested and it does this comfortably – in fact, it can probably hold more but it has been tested up to 1000lbs which is just over 453kg. Body Solid are a highly reputable manufacturer of high end gym equipment and it shows with the Pro Club Line bench. Every aspect of this bench just oozes quality and at a length of 132cm it is perfectly sized for users of pretty much all heights.

The padding on this bench is high quality, durable and very thick. It is firm and comfortable and the back and seat pad both feature the same high quality coverings. There are multiple incline and decline positions with three seat positions and 6 back pad positions with incline/decline settings of -18 degrees, 15, 30, 45, 60 and 80 degrees.

There is a handle to the front and transport wheels to the rear which makes it quick and easy to move the bench around – perfect for home and commercial settings.

Overall, we absolutely loved this bench. It is super easy to use, incredibly safe and exceptionally sturdy. A true commercial quality bench at an affordable price.

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