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Rebounders are amongst the best pieces of aerobic fitness equipment going. Essentially just mini trampolines, they have a lot to recommend them.

They are easy to use (actually, they are simple to use, not easy – they are actually pretty gruelling!) and will give you one hell of a workout, building up lower body and core musculature even as you work your cardiovascular system to its maximum.

I personally really like them for use in home gyms and studios. They are generally small, often foldable, usually very easily stored, so they don’t take up much room at all. They can also be pretty cheap (though not always), and will represent an incredibly efficient way to get your aerobic work in.

They are also fun to use. What would you rather spend your time doing, running for hours on a treadmill, or jumping and bouncing on a mini trampoline like you’ve just enrolled in clown school?

The latter, obviously.

There are lots of commercially available rebounders out there, with pieces of kit suited to every fitness and skill level, and every budget. We’ve gathered up a few of the best, running from cheap as anything to worthy investments, to help you choose the right model for you.

Quick Verdict: Boogie Bounce Elite

rebounder in use
The Boogie Bounce Elite takes at home cardio to new levels. It’s fun, high intensity and highly impactful.

This British company have nailed it in terms of the build quality, branding and the range of ways in which you can interact with their workouts.

There is no better way to bounce yourself to fitness.

Our Best Rebounders UK

The following rebounders are all exemplars of their kind. We have some pricier options which will give you a workout and user experience par excellence, and we have some budget options that will do the job fantastically whilst only setting you back around fifty quid.

Boogie Bounce Elite

The Boogie Bounce Elite rebounder is without a doubt our no.1 choice when it comes to fitness trampolines. Not only is it one of the most affordable options that we tested, it has the best build quality, is easy to set up and put away, and it even has an app (one month access included) to help keep you motivated.

Included in the package is a workout DVD with plenty of routines to keep you bouncing, three pairs of Boogie Bounce trampoline socks with extra grip and a neat storage bag for when you’re not bouncing.

The frame diameter sits at 99cm, with the entire unit measuring up at 110cm diameter. The jumping mat diameter is one of the biggest we tested at 70cm which makes for a more comfortable workout and plenty of landing space to work with.

With a height from the floor of 27cm, the Boogie Bounce is ideal for most indoor domestic spaces and it also features an adjustable handle so you can find your perfect support height.

There’s a maximum user weight of 127kg which means most people will be fine to use the Boogie Bounce. We used it for a week and had no issues whatsoever with the parts. It does include spare bungees and carabiners if the worst should happen – but it’s unlikely you will need these.

The unit itself is very easy to assemble. It folds in half, so you simply unfold it and clip on the legs and hand support. If you wish, you can also cover the bungee ropes with the included bungee cover although this is not strictly necessary.

What really sets this apart from the competition is the quality of workmanship and the range of exercises you can do by following the DVD and using the app. You really can get a full body HIIT workout using it.

It’s been featured on ITV and won fitness and wellbeing awards and we can see why. It’s almost silent to use, easy to store and provides one of the most intense home workouts we’ve ever done.

Saying that, it is accessible and challenging for all fitness levels so if you’re on the lookout for a high quality rebounder – look no further and support this British family business making big waves in the home cardio space.

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Fit Bounce Pro II

Let’s start out with the Fit Bounce Pro II, a higher end rebounder that consistently hits the top seller lists. They bill it as being appropriate for adults and kids of all ages (within reason – maybe don’t let grandma loose on it), which sounds about right – rebounders are indeed perfect for most people.

The Fit Bounce Pro II is an incredibly well engineered piece of kit. You can feel the quality as you use it. Supposedly, it’s also engineered for maximum lymphatic drainage to detox the body (so they say). I can’t vouch for this, but I can say that they’re getting something right. The frame is well made, everything is incredibly stable, and it’s tough as anything, so you can use it time and time again without having to worry about degrading or breaking it.

FIT BOUNCE PRO II Bungee Rebounder | Patent Awarded | Half Folding, Silent & Beautifully Engineered Professional Mini Trampoline for Adults & Kids | Includes DVDs, Storage Bag & Bounce Counter | Free Online Workouts

I love the extras you get with the Fit Bounce Pro II. These include online streamed workouts, available at all times, in a variety of styles, to fit a variety of fitness goals, and a training DVD showing you all the basics and taking you through them. You also get a free bounce counter – basically a pedometer for a trampoline – with every purchase.

These make all the difference, to me. It’s all too common to see complete beginners trying to set up a fitness programme, with best intentions, with all the right kit, only to flail because they don’t know what they’re doing. This kind of readily available expert instruction means that the Fit Bounce Pro II is accessible to all, right from the off.

Finally, the Pro II is near silent and incredibly soft, thanks to its patented bungee system with 60 strong connectors (around twice the average amount). Each is a big deal.

If you’re using it at home or in the office, you don’t want a piece of aerobic equipment to make noise – you’ll annoy your partner, wake up the kids, distract your colleagues. It will be untenable and you’ll be forced to jack it in.

As above, a soft landing will also be crucial to your training longevity, allowing you to maintain healthy hips, knees and ankles even as you develop muscle and bone mass.

The Fit Bounce Pro II has an upper weight limit of 330lbs, making it perfect for all but the heaviest of athletes, and comes fully assembled. It folds in half for ease of storage, and a stable handlebar can be purchased if needed.

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MaXimus Pro Rebounder

The MaXimus Pro is another higher end rebounder, correctly billing itself as a high performance trampoline. With a top user weight of 310lbs, it’s pretty much as solidly built and durable as the Fit Bounce Pro II. It also offers about the same amount of comfort, the same low-impact bounce.

MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder Fitness Trampoline | Voted #1 Indoor Mini Exercise Trampoline For Adults With Bar | Best Home Gym for Fitness & Lose Weight | FREE Storage Bag, Resistance Bands, Awesome ONLINE & DVD Workouts!

You get a lot with the MaXimus Pro. It comes with resistance bands and sand weights for added conditioning, which I absolutely loved – it really is something of an all-in-one home gym, giving you plenty of options for near full body hypertrophy. It also sports a decent handlebar for stability, so that even low-confidence or first-time users will be able to get involved without any worry.

The MaXimus Pro gets top marks for portability, too, meaning you can take it to work and home again easily enough. It folds into quarters for easy storage, has spring loaded legs, so pretty much sets itself up, and comes with a neat carry bag. If you need a rebounder that is unobtrusive and easy to tote around, this is the one for you.

As above, it’s well-made. Every part is finely engineered from good-quality materials. This includes 32 calibrated giant springs that give a good, low impact bounce (though perhaps not quite in the same league as the Fit Bounce Pro II). The non-slip, double cross-stitched mat is durable and, combined with non-marking rubber feet, make it one of the more stable models that I’ve tried out.

Then there is the ever-important media content. You get a DVD with 7 workouts included, for all fitness levels, as well as access to hundreds of online workouts, suitable for a range of goals, styles, and intensities.

It comes pre-built and ready to use.

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MaXimus HIIT Bounce Pro

The MaXimus HIIT Bounce Pro is an award winning rebounder used by top athletes and runners to improve their performance – as any decent rebounder should be.

MaXimus HIIT Bounce PRO | Exercise Trampoline For Adults with Handle Bar | Folding Rebounder with Flat or Incline For Awesome Cardio Strength & Tone | Includes DVDs for Fitness, Runners & Weight Loss

It bills itself, obviously, as a HIIT rebounder. To this end, it includes two fantastic DVDs that offer HIIT training sessions, geared towards quickly building your strength and stamina, whilst eliciting a good deal of hypertrophy throughout. You get a pair of 1lb weighted gloves with the Bounce Pro. Though most of us wouldn’t notice an extra pound on our hands that much in isolation, you’ll really notice the difference they can make to a half hour rebound session, especially using HIIT protocols. Your body will be on fire!

It’s an incredibly tough piece of equipment, too, with a 140kg upper weight limit (308lbs, so comparable to other tough models on this list). The frame is hardy and well-made, all from good materials, meaning that anybody should feel secure using it.

The MaXimus HIIT Bounce Pro comes with handlebars included, adding to this feeling of security – anybody from beginner to advanced will be able to use it comfortably, straight away, without any fear of falling or hurting themselves.

The full warranty is also great, including spare part service, and their customer support seem to be superb.

All round, it really is a bit of a winner.

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Galactica Folding Rebounder

Galactica’s Folding Rebounder offers one of the gentlest, most comfortable bounces going. You’ll be able to spend a decent amount of time using it without bringing on any aches or pains, making it perfect for endurance and weight loss.

GALACTICA Foldable Rebounder | Mini Trampoline For Fitness | Indoor Bouncer With Handrail | Home Gym Equipment | Weight loss Cardio Exercise | 48 Inch Black

This is in large part to the incredibly absorbent springs, which really do catch you gently and allow for minimal stress during force transference (as you jump back up again, in other words).

The Galactica comes complete with a handrail for added support, meaning that athletes of all stripes, all levels, all ages can use it in relative safety.

It’s light weight and completely foldable, making it perfect for storing between uses.

The maximum weight is on the lower side for this list, at 255lbs, and the frame isn’t as sturdy or well-built as some of the other products on this list. However, it’s the first really reasonably priced option – it will hardly set you back anything at all, allowing you to jump straight into training (literally) without the hefty price tag that aerobic fitness equipment usually carries.

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HOMCOM Rebounder

We have another very reasonably priced option here, in the form of the HOMCOM Rebounder. It’s actually one of my favourite rebounders, from one of my favourite fitness equipment manufacturers.

It’s incredibly heavy duty, especially at its price point, made from anti-rust steel with an all-weather PP jumping mat (so feel free to set it up in the garden, if that would make for a good training option), with rubber caps to reduce noise and keep any flooring safe.

HOMCOM 45” Octagonal Mini Trampoline Rebounder Indoor Outdoor Mini Jumper with Adjustable Handle - Green

I’ve rarely felt quite so confident on such a reasonably priced bouncer – it really is well put together.

The HOMCOM Rebounder is also very lightweight. It folds down to a very compact size, meaning that it will fit easily enough into the boot of your car if you want to travel with it, or in a spare bit of cupboard space for at-home storage.

I also particularly like the handlebars that come with the HOMCOM. They are fully adjustable, suitable for a wide range of heights (which, as a bit of a shorter athlete, suits me perfectly!). There are three levels available through a T-bar handle, at least one of which will suit pretty much anybody.

One of the main differences between the pricier options on this list and items like HOMCOM, which give you decent value but at a lower price point, is the media involved. As we’ve seen, the more expensive rebounders with which we kicked off this list come with DVDs and online sessions. I love this. However, it’s not the be-all and end-all.

If you can get a product with tailor made workouts specific to it, fantastic. This really is worth it and will enhance each workout, and your overall training enjoyment and efficacy, a great deal. But there are plenty of free online workout options, especially on platforms such as YouTube, where you can find plenty of instructional and follow along videos at the 5-20 minute mark to get you started and keep you going.

If you’re looking to keep your budget modest, this may be a great option – a fantastic piece of kit like the HOMCOM, combined with some decent, if generic, online content.

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MaXimus Bounce And Burn

The MaXimus Bounce and Burn Rebounder is a great reconciliation between the price point extremes evident in this list. Where something like the Fit Bounce Pro II will usually come in at over three hundred quid, and the HOMCOM rebounder will give you plenty of change from one hundred (you can usually pick it up for around fifty quid or so), the MaXimus Bounce and Burn aims for the middle and costs generally a hundred and fifty or so pounds.

Maximus Bounce & Burn Folding Indoor Mini Trampoline Rebounder for Adults. Fun Way to Lose Weight, Stay Healthy & Get FIT! Plus Exercise Workout DVD | Handle Bar & Bounce Counter | New 2021 Model

This makes it a solid option for most people wanting to invest in their longer-term fitness with something that strikes above the basic but won’t represent too much of an outgoing.

It’s also worth every penny. The MaXimus Bounce and Burn has recently been upgraded to be made from high-grade steel in its 40-inch rebounder frame, making it incredibly robust whilst keeping it pretty lightweight. This all folds down nicely for ease of transport and storage. There is very little impact with each bounce, due to the Bounce and Burn’s advanced large spring system, designed specifically to enable weight loss and strength training without having any major impact on the joints.

It comes with an adjustable handlebar, too, allowing for athletes of all heights, sizes, and shapes to use it comfortable and safely. It can take a maximum user weight of 140kg. This is pretty high and will make the rebounder appropriate for larger athletes. It features a double cross-stitched, non-slip mat, and non-marking rubber feet, which make it very strong and keep it from ruining your floor.

Most people will be able to use it without worry, to great effect.

Then, of course, there is the DVD – it comes packed with fun, useful workouts that will show you everything you need to know whilst keeping you engaged, challenging you to push yourself whilst keeping you in the know.

All in all, the MaXimus Bounce and Burn Rebounder does exactly what it should do – it offers a lot more than cheaper models, almost as much as more expensive models (though online classes would be appreciated), and keeps you safe and stable as you train. Win, win.

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Jandecfit Rebounder

Finally, we have another very reasonably priced offering in the Jandecfit Rebounder. It’s around twenty pounds or so more expensive than the cheapest items on this list but, with plenty of change from a hundred quid, it’s still a complete bargain.

Jandecfit Foldable Fitness Trampoline 40" Fitness Rebounder for Indoor, Garden, Mini Portable Mini Trampoline, Indoor/Outdoor for Adult Jump Sports , Max Load 330lbs

It’s incredibly easy to assemble, disassemble, fold, and store. This is in part due to its unique quarter-folding design, plus the fact that the legs are fully spring loaded. When folded, it’s tiny and lightweight, making it very portable and very easy to hide away.

The trampoline itself uses very strong PP mesh – this is very smooth and soft, very absorbent, and incredibly hard wearing. It is tough, with great elasticity, giving you a great deal of longevity.

The Jandecfit Rebounder is safe, too. The frame is made of high-quality steel, with the high-elasticity springs and a base shield made from strong Oxford fabric, which protects the spring and metal frame from friction and also prevents foot injuries. This is a perfect model for anybody wary of hurting themselves during training.

This safety is also reflected in the comfort of use you get with the Jandecfit Rebounder. Landings are soft and silent, whilst the high elasticity surface stores the energy absorbed during deceleration and returns almost all of it, keeping your knees from jarring.

There are no safety bars attached, which is an issue. However, to get such a well-made rebounder for this price is something. It is a genuine pleasure to use.

Check Latest Price Of Jandecfit Rebounder

There should be something on this list to suit your needs, your budget, and your fitness goals. Whichever way you go, if you pick any of the above then you will be making a good investment, getting value for money in an aerobic trainer that will give fantastic, very definite results.

I couldn’t recommend them more – they are all great.

How To Choose A Rebounder

There are a few things to bear in mind when shopping around for your rebounder.

Cost is obviously always going to be a pretty big deal. Some pieces of fitness equipment are much of a muchness in this regard – a high end resistance band won’t cost too much more than a basic, cheaply made one. That’s not the case at all with rebounders – you will be able to pick up a cheap one for around forty quid, but if you want to go top-of-the-range it can set you back six or seven hundred pounds!

Quality variance can be quite large, though, and with it utility, so this broad price range makes sense.

Then there is design. There are a couple of options to go for with a rebounder. Firstly, you have the often-cheaper spring-loaded variety, which attaches canvas to the frame using metal springs. Then there are the pricier elastic rebounders, which use elasticated mechanisms instead of springs. The latter are usually longer lived and give a better bounce, once more accounting for a large part of the above price variation.

Some rebounders are collapsible, too, and some are tiny, which makes them easier to store. Larger models may need to be permanent fixtures.

A good rebounder for beginners will come with stability bars. Though not strictly necessary, especially for seasoned bouncers, they can greatly enhance your workout and keep you a lot safer as you train.

There are a few other things to look out for in addition.

The weight of your rebounder will be important – it will determine how easy it is to move around, and how stable it sits as you use it. Then there is the resistance level, with higher resistances obviously giving a tougher workout.

I would pay attention to noise levels, too, especially if you’re using your rebounder at home or around other people.

Finally, look out for the upper weight limit, especially if you know that you’re on the heavier side.

Why Rebounders Are Great For Fitness

Rebounding is essentially trampolining on a miniature bouncer. This may look like child’s play – literally, as we all played on trampolines as kids – but it’s actually one of the best forms of aerobic exercise going.

It’s scalable, as you can jump at your own pace, or even mix in some step work for a bit of a break. It’s also fantastic for your lower body and core, working your legs, especially your quads and calves, whilst you maintain a tight, controlled yet fluid abdominal brace. There is very little stress going into your joints, so that your hips, knees, and ankles will have a far better time of it than they would during a run, for example.

This means that it’s appropriate for most people – beginners and advanced athletes alike can find a decent, appropriate aerobic workout from rebounding, whilst most people with any kind of joint issue will be safe and comfortable.

Trampolining is surprisingly tough – far more so than you may remember from childhood! It will work your heart and lungs incredibly hard, making it perfect for building up cardiovascular health, fitness, and endurance. It will also help you to improve balance and coordination.

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