JLL IC400 Pro Review

The JLL IC400 Pro is a home studio cycle that packs some heavy punches against pricier rivals. Having tested it’s younger sibling the IC300 we already had a rough idea of what to expect and you can find out right here in our full JLL IC400 Pro review.

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JLL IC400 Pro First Impressions

There are two models of the IC400 and the Pro is the top level model sitting just above the Elite model in terms of price and functionality. JLL are a UK based fitness equipment manufacturer and they have developed a good reputation for building equipment that is highly functional and built to last. The IC400 Pro is no exception to that and the first time you see it you will be able to get a good grasp of the high build quality and skilled workmanship that has gone in to its creation.

The IC400 looks great on the outside but is equally well made on the inside and we’ll cover that shortly. In terms of exterior looks and those all important touch points such as handle bars, seat and peddles, the IC400 excels. The black heavy gauge steel frame has a robust feel to it and even when spinning at maximum exertion you will feel completely stable. This bike weighs in at 53kg and that helps keep everything nice and solid.

There is a sleek black and red plastic moulding that hides the internal components away and this provides an overall aesthetically pleasing look to the IC400 Pro. When you receive the bike it comes in two boxes and assembly is fairly straight forward as all the complex parts are pre-assembled with full setup taking around 20-30 minutes and this can be performed by one person quite easily.

There is a short video below showing the entire process of assembly:

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IC400 Pro Specifications

The JLL IC400 Pro is a modestly priced spin bike that packs features way above its price point. With a heavy duty two way 22kg inertia driven flywheel this home indoor studio cycle will not feel too distant from those seen in a commercial gym and depending on what you are used to it may even outperform what you experience in your local gym. The flywheel really is the main driver of quality when it comes to spin bikes and this 22kg flywheel makes for a super smooth ride.

There is a strong rubber belt driven system that not only makes for a quieter experience than a chain driven system but also requires less maintenance. You get electronically controlled magnetic resistance that can easily be adjusted using the quick select dial on the main console and this simply adjusts the distance between the magnet and the wheel meaning you are not limited to a set number of resistance levels and that you are in complete control of how little or how much you increase or decrease the resistance.

Like all spin bikes the IC400 Pro is not foldable so it will need a permanent place to sit in your home gym or spare room. Luckily, the floor space required is not huge when compared to other forms of home cardio such as treadmills and there are also handy transport wheels that make moving the 53kg bike from one place to another – which is ideal for moving it from the corner of a room to the middle. It measures up at 130cm (l) x 54cm (w) x 141.5cm (h).

All aspects of the IC400 Pro that you would expect to be adjustable are so. The handlebar height has a good range of height as does the seat. You can also alter the distance that the seat sits from the handlebars which is a standard feature on indoor studio bikes.

The saddle itself is incredibly well made with a soft fabric outer and a comfortable padded foam inner. JLL also provide you with a soft touch gel seat cover as standard which adds to the comfort levels and means you will be riding and pushing those fitness levels harder than ever.

If you have a specific type of saddle you wish to use then this is replaceable and is made in line with standard road bikes. The pedals are also replaceable but the ones that come supplied are SPD compatible and they also have straps which means you have the best of both worlds and replacing the pedals (or saddle for that matter) really isn’t required.

The centre console is fairly small compared to some other models but it displays all the key stats that you would expect to find as well as heart rate which can be measured by the pulse rate sensors that are built in to the handles. The console also syncs up to third party apps such as iConsole using bluetooth and adds an extra layer of functionality to the bike.

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Using The IC400 Pro Indoor Cycle

The IC400 Pro is an absolute joy to use and even seasoned spin class goers will be impressed by most aspects of this home based studio cycle. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned veteran you will find plenty of challenge in the IC400 thanks to its good range of resistance but what stands out above all else is the quality of ride you will enjoy – it really is smooth and the inertia flywheel means you will feel like you are riding a real cycle but without the bumps in the road.

JLL IC400 PRO Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike, Direct Belt Driven 22kg Flywheel, Magnetic Resistance, 3-Piece Crank, 7-Function Monitor, Heart Rate Band Compatible, Adjustable Seat, 12 Months Warranty

JLL have really worked hard when it comes to comfort levels and it seems they have focused their attention on the things that matter most – ride quality and user comfort. The saddle is one of the comfiest we have used of any spin bike, let alone spin bikes at this price point and the included gel seat cover takes an already comfortable saddle and makes it even comfier.

The handles are ergonomically designed so that they can be held in a number of positions and for those who like to use their arms as a resting support when standing this is possible too thanks to the curved central supporting second bar.

The pedals on the IC400 Pro are perfectly acceptable and provide a good grip and for those who wish to use cycling shoes the SDP compatibility will be welcomed. The Q Factor (the distance between feet) is 175mm which is optimal for both comfort and attaining high speeds.

The adjustments that can be made to the saddle height and distance as well as the handlebars are generous and we tested the IC400 Pro with users who were 5’3″ and 6’2″ and both were able to find perfectly comfortable positions with room for more variance either way which makes this model one of the most adaptable for a range of users. The handlebars are solid but comfortable and have good quality grips that don’t induce crazy perspiration levels the moment you touch them – but don’t worry, you will be sweating buckets once you’ve spent 15 minutes or so on this spin bike – it really is a source of high quality cardio exertion.

The pulse rate monitors that are built in to the handles work well but if you really want to track your heart rate accurately then you can use a Polar compatible heart rate monitor and this works well with the IC400 Pro. In fact, the level of connectivity of this indoor cycle is pretty impressive and when combined with iConsole it gives you even more functionality which can help keep you motivated as well as helping track progress over time.

When testing spin bikes there are a few things we generally look for to give us an idea of the quality. First is the maximum user weight as the higher this is the more robust the bike should be – the IC400 Pro passes this test easily with a maximum user weight of 150kg. Secondly, we look to the flywheel weight and the smoothness of the ride this creates at low speeds and again we have a big tick next to this model for both of these. Lastly we look to high speed cycling and again, this indoor cycle passed this test with flying colours – it can get a little bit less refined at really high speeds but this is true of almost all bikes. Add to this the high levels of comfort that this bike affords and it is clear to see why it consistently performs well in user reviews.

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  • Excellent value for money
  • Impressive 22kg flywheel
  • Maximum user weight of 150kg is class leading
  • Suits a wide range of heights
  • Display is a little dated

IC400 Pro Verdict

The JLL IC400 Pro indoor studio cycle is a real gem in the mid-range category of spin bikes. It is an ideal choice for home users who need challenge, comfort and reliability. Considering the price tag you get an awful lot for your money and the powerful 22kg flywheel and 3 crank system powers a wonderfully smooth ride that is low on maintenance and high on enjoyment.

There is a good level of connectivity and good in-built features that give you everything that is essential and none of what isn’t meaning overall you are getting excellent value for money if your prime concern is the bike itself and not a fancy display.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced user the IC400 Pro should provide you with years of cardio at a very fair price.

Check Latest Price Of The JLL IC400 PRO Spin Bike