Our editor Michelle Taylor explores this female fat burner in our Trimtone review. Find out how she got on with it here…

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Trimtone is marketed as a natural fat burning aid that can boost your metabolism and curb your appetite. After testing this supplement for one month, we are aiming to deliver a comprehensive Trimtone review to help you decide if this is the fat burner for you.

Everything about the branding of Trimtone is aimed at women.

But it’s fair to say that there is no specific ingredient that should only be taken by women or that only women will benefit from, so if you leaving the branding aside, everything we are going to discuss in this review should apply to men, just as much as to women.

About Trimtone

Trimtone is a Health Nutrition Limited product – that means you are buying a product from a UK registered company. The same company in fact, that develop some of our top rated supplements – so we did have high expectations prior to starting the Trimtone review process.

The company have been around for over a decade and have a solid reputation for producing highly effective supplements using natural ingredients, and for putting their customers first.

Indeed, one of the major benefits of buying a product such as Trimtone is that you get access to UK telephone support – not something that can be said for all supplement companies – so far so good.

Like most reputable (and safe) fat burning supplements, Trimtone is sold as an aid to weight and fat loss – not as a miracle pill that will elicit the desired results all by itself. In other words, to see results, you are still going to need to eat within a certain daily calorie range (a deficit of 200-500 calories should be ideal) and ensure you are leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

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How Trimtone Works

Trimtone has three key benefits that are designed to help with weight loss. These include:

  • Increasing your metabolic rate
  • Giving you higher levels of energy
  • Suppressing your appetite

Let’s break these down in to a little more detail.


Your metabolism dictates how your body processes the food and turns it in to energy. The higher your rate of metabolism, the more readily your body turns your food intake in to energy. If this is lower, then not only will you have less energy, but you are also more likely to store this unused energy as fat.

Trimtone uses a few natural ingredients in seemingly effective doses to help the body to naturally boost its metabolism. This is never going to be radical, but every little helps when you are looking to burn body fat.


One of the hardest parts of any calorie restricted diet is the lack of energy and the feeling of fatigue that kicks in as a result of eating less food. This can manifest itself in a number of ways but feeling mentally drained and having that sense of brain fog are common symptoms of a cut.

Trimtone seeks to address this head on with ingredients such as caffeine, green coffee and green tea. They have additional benefits which we shall discuss shortly, but the energy boost you get from these can be long lasting and highly impactful.

Appetite Suppression

One of the biggest barriers to success for any form of calorie deficit is hunger. That’s where appetite suppression comes in. If a fat burner can get this right alone, then the supplement is likely to deliver good results.

Luckily, Trimtone delivers on appetite suppression by using our most preferred ingredient for this – and that’s glucomannan. We’ll discuss it more in the next section, but essentially it’s a dietary fibre that keeps you feeling full for longer – meaning less hunger and potentially less snacking.

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Trimtone Ingredients

Many supplements that aim to achieve the same goal as Trimtone tend to go one way or the other when it comes to their ingredients list – they either go all out and include what feels like hundreds of ingredients or they go for just two or three.

Trimtone strike a good balance when it comes to their ingredients list with just 5 active ingredients included – but all of which have a very specific reason to be there.

Let’s take a look at them…


Here we see 120mg of caffeine anhydrous. Fat burners tend to sit one side of the fence or the other when it comes to caffeine, and Trimtone goes heavy on the inclusion of it. Most of the caffeine in Trimtone comes from caffeine anhydrous (around the equivalent of two cups of coffee) and it serves a few functions.

First and foremost it acts as an excellent thermogenic fat burner – in other words, it helps to increase the rate of thermogenesis and break down calories in to energy faster. Secondly, it can help increase the breakdown of fat cells (lipolysis). Thirdly, it acts as an excellent energy booster to help fuel your workouts which in turn will help you to burn more calories and increase your daily calorie deficit.

The only issue with the inclusion of caffeine anhydrous is if you either have a caffeine intolerance or if you enjoy drinking coffee or tea. If the former, then this is not the supplement for you. If you fall in to the latter category, then you are likely going to have to reduce your coffee intake to around 1 per day.

Green Coffee

You get 100mg of green coffee bean extract per serving of Trimtone. Green coffee beans have not yet bean roasted, and as such they are rich in antioxidants that have an abundance of health benefits – the one of note here is the anti-inflammatory effects that comes from the beans.

In addition, green coffee beans are rich in chlorogenic acid which is thought to aid weight loss. There is some clinical evidence to support this but the jury is still out on a clear verdict.

Either way, the antioxidants are going to give you a range of health benefits so its inclusion here is warranted.

Green Tea

100mg of green tea is also a key component of Trimtone and again there is plenty of evidence to support its inclusion in this supplement. Aside from the metabolism boosting benefits associated with green tea, it is also rich in catechins.

There is evidence to suggest that catechins help the body to reduce the absorption rate of carbohydrates, which in turn means unused carbs are not being stored as fat.

Grains of Paradise

We see 40mg of Grains of Paradise in Trimtone. This is an ingredient that is well known in herbal medicine and comes from the ginger family. The key reason for it being included in Trimtone is to activate brown adipose tissue (BAT) which in turn increases our metabolic rate.

When we are younger we have lots of BAT, but as we get older this reduces and so the impact of it lessens. There is an additional benefit in that it can help to regulate blood sugar levels which in turn means less cravings midway through the day.

Trimtone highlight clinical studies that support the inclusion of Grains of Paradise and one in particular saw a significant reduction in belly fat for women taking it for a period of 4 weeks.


As mentioned, this dietary fibre helps to keep you feeling full between meals. We get 100mg of it in each serving of Trimtone which is enough to have a significant impact, but not enough to cause you any nasty stomach aches.

Glucomannan actually expands in the stomach and this is why it is so effective at helping you to feel full. On top of this, as it is a dietary fibre it means you are getting plenty of fibre in to your diet – which can sometimes be tricky when you are eating a calorie restricted diet.

All in all, this is an excellent inclusion to the Trimtone ingredient list.

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My Experience With Trimtone

For the purpose of this Trimtone review I took the supplement for one month. The first thing that really appealed to me about it was the fact that I only needed to take one capsule per day.

This makes taking it consistently super easy. You simply take one capsule before breakfast each day (or before your first meal) with water and that’s it – you’re done for the day.

The first thing I noticed was the initial caffeine hit. This kicked in after about 20-30 minutes and although it wasn’t an overly aggressive buzz, I definitely had a noticeable increase in alertness and energy. For anyone who works out first thing in the morning like I do, this was a real benefit as it helped push me through my workout much like a pre-workout supplement would.

I also noticed the feeling of being less hungry – which I am guessing came from the glucomannan. This was more noticeable in the morning and afternoon and less so in evenings. I tend to struggle more with cravings in the afternoons though so I felt this was a real help for me.

I’m no stranger to a calorie deficit, although usually I don’t go for much longer than a couple of weeks as I find my energy levels dip too much and I don’t like the way it feels.

What I noticed with Trimtone though, was that the longer I took the supplement, the more energetic I was feeling – especially in the afternoons.

Workouts were no problem. Afternoon focus didn’t seem to be an issue either. And crucially – I was losing weight.

All in all I took Trimtone for 30 days – which is what you get in a single bottle. I will likely take a couple of weeks off and then go again, maybe for a 3 month stretch this time.

I definitely feel like I could have gone for longer with Trimtone and given that I usually give up after two weeks, I feel at the very least it helped me to sustain my deficit for longer – and thus it led me to lose more weight.

In total, I lost 6.5lb over the four and half week period I was on it and so far that has stayed off (after 3 weeks so far).


Trimtone worked wonders for me. The simplicity of just needing to take 1 capsule per day made it simple to stick to and the energy it gave me meant I was able to stick the course of the month with relative ease.

I’m not entirely convinced as to why Trimtone market themselves purely to women, but for me, going forward, I wouldn’t attempt a calorie deficit without some sort of supplemental aid – and for now, that will be Trimtone.

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