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The Bluetooth Nero Pro Treadmill is an entry level folding running machine that appeals to the masses thanks to its fairly budget price tag and its compact design. It is a firm favourite among those in pursuit of effective home cardio options and as such we thought we’d get one in to test for a few weeks.

You can find out what we thought of this folding treadmill in our Nero Pro Treadmill review below.

Nero Pro Treadmill Specs

Nero Sports - Foldable Electric Motorized Treadmill with Bluetooth

It is perhaps unsurprising that this treadmill is not well suited to the most advanced of athletes so as we go through our Nero Pro review we shall try to keep that in mind – and so should you. If you are looking for something a little more high end then you might want to check out something like a Sprint 5 or our folding treadmills page here. However, if you are firmly in the market for a beginner to mid-ability treadmill that doesn’t cost the earth then this one could be well suited.

The Bluetooth Nero Pro (as the name implies) is bluetooth enabled – and this is pretty important as it lends a little more functionality to proceedings than would otherwise be the case.

The fundamentals of this treadmill are sound enough. It measures up at 122cm (l) x 60cm (w) x 125cm (h) when in use and 45cm (l) x 60cm (w) x 124cm (h) when folded. This is actually one of the most compact folding treadmills we have come across and it is pretty light in weight too. The entire unit weighs just 24kg and whilst this is great for the purposes of storage and moving it around it does mean there are likely some serious concessions in terms of performance – the most notable being the maximum user weight. The top range weight that the Nero can withstand is 110kg which will rule some users out. This is a shame as the Nero Pro is particularly useful for brisk walking which is an ideal form of cardio for anyone who is a little overweight.

The Nero does carry with it a 2 year parts and labour warranty which does give you a fair amount of faith in the build quality and from the outside everything looks and feels solid enough – with a tubular steel frame to hold it all together.

The 600w motor provides ample power although the top speed of 10km/h will be limiting for some users. There is a motorised incline version of the treadmill and although we didn’t get our hands (or feet) on that model, it is good to have an option – the standard model however does feature a 10% incline but this has to be manually set up using the feet attached. This is a quick and simple procedure but does mean you can’t really switch the incline on and off mid-run or walk.

The running track on the Nero Pro is not badly sized for such a compact machine and the width in particular is pretty generous (35cm). Those with larger strides and anyone over 6’2″ is likely to struggle to use this machine though as the length of the running track (105cm) will cause problems. Our 6’0″ male and 5’8″ female had no issues whatsoever though.

There is an LCD display with the Nero and although this is pretty basic it does allow you to get real time feedback on your key metrics (time, calories, distance etc.) and it also allows you to set up one of 12 pre-set programs to work through. The bluetooth connection allows you to connect to one of a choice of mobile apps which brings further functionality to the treadmill.

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Using The Nero Pro Treadmill

We took the Nero Pro Folding Treadmill on test for 3 weeks and in that time we managed to squeeze in 6 runs and a couple of short brisk walks. It doesn’t take long to get used to the Nero Pro and setup and installation is pretty simple too. The treadmill is incredibly easy to navigate with everything controlled using the centre console.

Nero Sports - Foldable Electric Motorized Treadmill with Bluetooth

Although the display and out of the box functionality is pretty basic it has enough to it to provide you with a range of workout options. The top speed is limiting but unless you want to really hammer some interval training or want to use it for sprints (this is not the treadmill for that) then you should be fine. The added option of a 10% incline is handy for when you want to increase the intensity and this really does make a difference and creates quite a tough workout at top speed and top incline.

Despite its light weight, the treadmill still feels very secure and the two protruding arms each side provide that all important added stability. You can adjust the distance of the arms and console which is quite handy for viewing the display and the arms also contain pulse sensors so you can measure your heart rate and train at a target heart rate. One point to note here though is that we found the arms to not be positioned perfectly for holding on to for a long period of time and running like this was uncomfortable – for brisk walking however this worked well.

Nero Sports - Foldable Electric Motorized Treadmill with Bluetooth

The running track is not the largest of the folding treadmills that are available but for the price point it is one of the better options. For anyone under 6’0″ tall there should be no issues and as you are not going to be running at very high speeds the width is more than ample – although it is still limited compared to some pricier models. Where the running track does excel however is in the grip, as you really do get a good sense of grip underfoot when using this treadmill. It is also very smooth in operation and although the motor is not the most powerful, it works well in tandem with the track to provide a good running and walking experience. There is also a good amount of bounce when running to provide some shock relief for your joints – and pleasingly this is not overdone.

There is Google Maps compatibility when using the bundled FitShow apps and you can also use other third party apps such as BitGym for even more training options. You can use the media holder to rest an iPad or tablet device (or mobile phone) and use your device as an extra screen. This works particularly well with Google Maps and brings a whole new dimension to your training – as you can actually track your run and see the surroundings in real time.

This treadmill is not particularly noisy in operation and you will be able to watch a video on your mobile device with or without headphones and have no issues hearing it. If using it on a first or second floor then there could be some noise to those below, but if using at ground level you shouldn’t cause any upset to your housemates or neighbours when using the Nero – even if it’s late at night or first thing in the morning.

Moving the treadmill around is easy enough and the folding mechanism is also easy to perform and allows upright storage in corner of a room with a minimal footprint. This is one of the key selling points of the Nero as well as the 2 year manufacturer backed guarantee.

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The Nero Pro is a good folding treadmill that is solidly made and makes for a good entry level option for beginners. Even intermediate users will find this treadmill limiting after a few months of use though and so unless you are planning on using this model for brisk walking or you are a true beginner, it could pay in the long term to look elsewhere.

There is enough functionality here to warrant consideration and the low price point will make it an attractive proposition for anyone wanting a short term cardio fix or for those who will never need to exceed the 10km/h top speed. The incline helps to add difficulty and the pre-set programs provide a good level of challenge for beginners.

All in all, this is a well made unit that is a bargain at the price. For those who need home cardio on a budget or for those who really need to take up as little space as possible then this is a top buy.

Check Latest Price Of The Nero Pro Treadmill