Addsfit Massage Gun Review

In recent years there has been a growing trend in people seeking the most effective means of muscle recovery. From ice baths to saunas, there are a range of methods that are tried and tested – but more recently we have seen a huge increase in deep tissue massage as a means to increase muscle recovery times and prevent the dreaded DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness).

Anyone looking to utilise deep tissue massage on a regularly has two main options – to engage a sports massage therapist on a regular basis or to look for a home based method. Massage guns have increased in popularity as a result of people looking for home based methods. The Addsfit Massage Gun is one such device that promises all the benefits of deep tissue massage but with the added benefit of you being able to administer the massage yourself.

We decided to take this deep tissue massage gun for a test and bring you our full Addsfit Massage Gun review here.

Addsfit Deep Tissue Massage Gun Tech Specs

addsfit Massage Gun Deep Tissue, Quiet Professional Muscle Percussion Massager, 9 Speeds, 5 Heads, for Fitness Recovery, Trigger Point Massage, Athletes to Enhance Performance The Addsfit massage gun is not the cheapest on the market and it sits pretty much in the middle of the range in terms of price. Despite this mid-range price point the Addsfit is incredibly well spec’d and has many features that are usually found on pricier models.

The Addsfit has 9 adjustable speeds at a stroke depth of 12mm and a stroke force of 35 pounds. These are optimal figures for deep tissue massage but it is the 9 speeds that range from 1700 to 3300 percussions per minute that really make this an ideal model for self controlled deep tissue massage. It uses a high torque brushless motor to power each percussion and is made from military grade materials.

The Addsfit features an excellent Lithium Ion battery (2,500 mAH) that holds its charge brilliantly and provides up to 6 hours of usage on a single charge. Given that most people will use the massage gun for around 20-30 minutes at a time this means most people will get around 7-10 days of usage from a single charge.

In addition to the varying intensity levels you select with the 9 speed selector the Addsfit also comes with 5 massage head attachments that are all designed for different areas of the body. These heads are made from premium silicone and feel beautiful to the touch – it really is hard to describe just how smooth but robust the massage heads feel and it would seem there has been no expense spared in their production.

Some massage guns can be incredibly noisy and although this may not bother some people, the Addsfit is noticeably quiet compared to other models without compromising on the intensity of the massage it provides.

In addition to the massage gun, you will find a very handy and well made travel case, the battery pack, charger, manual, massage guide and 5 massage heads all included. There is also a 3 year warranty included which provides extra peace of mind.

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Using The Addsfit Massage Gun

Using the Addsfit is pretty simple and it can be used right out of the box with little to no instruction. The massage heads simply slot in to the connector which slots in to the front of the gun and they are quick and easy to change over.

Anyone who has not used a massage gun before should take care to read the instructions and we would suggest starting using the dampener attachment on the lowest speed setting. This attachment is designed for areas that might be more tender or have higher sensitivity and starting with a slower speed will allow you to feel your way in to the massage.

The first couple of levels are generally used for warming up the muscles and getting them ready for the more intense levels with most common usage taking place between 2100 and 2900 percussions per minute (ppm). The top two settings of 3100 to 3300 ppm are predominantly going to be used by those users with more athletic body types and are not going to be used for a long period of time.

Once you start to use the Addsfit you will start to get a feel for which areas of the body you will want to focus on more and which areas will require a higher intensity of massage and/or a different massage head attachment.

The included attachments are as follows:

Dampener – this is considered to be the most commonly used attachment and as such can be used over most of the body if so desired. We found it to provide a gentler massage thanks to the large rounded flat-ish surface and also found this a useful attachment for areas with less muscle density that were nearer to bones and tendons.

Thumb – the thumb attachment is ideal for targeting the lower back area. This provides a pretty intense deep tissue massage experience for this area and we found it was really effective at relieving muscle soreness in the lower back area.

Wedge – the wedge is similar to the thumb attachment but has a flatter contact surface area. This makes it ideal for targeting muscles around the shoulders and shoulder blades and again we found it highly effective at this.

Triggered Flat – this attachment has a flat area with small dimples protruding from the surface area. It is designed to be used on flat muscle areas with larger surface area such as chest, arms and legs. It provides a slightly more intense massage than the dampener and was one of our preferred attachments for really penetrating deep massage in to the muscles.

Fork – this is perhaps the least commonly used attachment (and certainly was for us) but it is a worthy addition to the package. As the name suggests it looks like a fork with two prongs designed to target u-shaped areas of the body such as the achilles tendon and parts of the upper shoulder. It works well in these areas but isn’t ideal for larger areas.

The Addsfit massage gun really is effective at providing a deep tissue massage. We enjoyed everything about it but if you are planning on replacing your sports massage therapist a massage gun then you might want to consider a couple of things. Whilst this deep tissue massage gun is ideal at preventing and relieving muscle soreness you might need to rope someone in to helping you use it – at least for some parts of the body.

Holding the Addsfit is easy enough. It isn’t too heavy and it is comfortable to grip. However, it is pretty much impossible to massage your own lower back and shoulder blades unless you have the limbs of a chimpanzee or the flexibility of a contortionist. This isn’t an issue with just the Addsfit – this is an issue with all massage guns. That being said, for massaging pretty much all other body parts this massage gun is ideal and the range of attachments and the range of speed settings means you can get a really intense massage that really penetrates deep in to the muscles. Having someone help you massage your lower back once or twice a week feels great and probably isn’t too much of an ask. Not only that, but you can target muscle groups on a daily basis if you like rather than having to cram everything in to one 30 minute massage once per week.

We found the battery to more than live up to the 6 hours advised battery length and charging the battery is pretty easy to do – simply detach the battery, plug it in and charge.

While the Addfit is not heavy it can feel a little heavy after holding for long periods of time so do bear this in mind. The battery essentially forms the handle but it has been ergonomically designed to be comfortable to hold and easy to grip.

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Addsfit Massage Gun Verdict

We really enjoyed using the Addsfit Massage Gun and found it to be highly effective at providing a deep tissue massage and relieving and preventing muscle soreness. The relief from muscle soreness was evident almost immediately after each massage and it is one of the best guns we have tested.

The Addsfit might not be the cheapest massage gun available but it is very well spec’d, comes with a good range of massage heads (all doing their job very well) and compares favourably even against higher priced models.

Being backed by a three year warranty all in all the Addsfit is a must buy for anyone serious about deep tissue massage at home.