You’ve probably heard the phrase you can’t out-train a bad diet, and that’s a philosophy that we whole heartedly believe in here at Fitness Brain.

In fact, we believe that nutrition is the underlying principle that defines how successful we are with our health and fitness goals. That doesn’t mean we believe in crash diets or starving ourselves to lose fat – instead, we believe in sustainable healthy lifestyle choices that are not overly restrictive but still allow us to meet our goals.


Our nutrition should be the starting point when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. We have a range of resources here at Fitness Brain that are designed to help our readers make healthier nutritional choices that help them to reach their health goals.

We have dedicated PT’s and a nutritionist who oversee our nutrition based content – and you can see some of our top articles below – all of which are aimed at helping you to become a healthier and fitter version of yourself.


Some people see supplements as something negative. It is true – they can be. However, there are so many supplements that can help you achieve your fitness goals but it is how you use them (and choosing the right ones) that makes the difference.

Supplements should be used as exactly that – to supplement your training and to supplement your nutrition.

Simply eating multivitamin supplements every day instead of eating any vegetables is going to leave you deficient in certain micro-nutrients – and is something that most people would not consider healthy – we agree. But choosing certain multivitamins in addition to a balanced nutritional plan is certainly something that can help you become healthier and hit every macro and micro nutrient target going.

The same goes for your training. Simply consuming more protein shakes or natural testosterone boosters is not going to help you build muscle. But supplementing a structured and consistent strength training regime with these products can certainly help.

Below are a range of articles designed to help you make wise supplementation choices – again, all are overseen by our in house nutritionalist and personal trainers.