Want to know if the Gymproluxe band and bar set lives up to the hype? Our Gymproluxe review will take you through all you need to know. From what the sets include, to the features, benefits and drawbacks, as well as who it is suited for.

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the Gymproluxe band & bar set

The Gymproluxe is marketed as the all-in-one portable gym. The Gymproluxe aims to achieve this by combining resistance bands with different attachments, such as a bar or handles, to allow you to train on the move. 

The company was founded by Ben Gulliver in 2020 in the midst of lockdown. His aim was to create a solution to gyms being off limits. I was one of those people searching for fitness equipment online during this time, so I certainly admire the initiative.

Gymproluxe believe they’ve created a revolutionary workout system that can be packed up into a small bag and taken pretty much wherever you go. An all-in-one portable gym is a bold statement to make. In my view, it’s a stretch to make this claim, but the number of exercises you can do with just bands and a bar is impressive.

The Gymproluxe band and bar set has grown in popularity. I believe this is in part thanks to TikTok videos and a feature on This Morning, which has helped its market appeal. Jumping on the back of this, it’s also been covered by the popular press – The Mirror, Daily Mail, Evening Standard and The Metro.

Impressive coverage, but I don’t think it’s a particularly great idea to take fitness advice from the reviews and shopping editors on these publications. No offence intended.

So, is the hype around Gymproluxe justified? Let’s find out. 

Quick Verdict: GymProLuxe Band & Bar Set

GYMPROLUXE BELT TUBES in different colours

The GymProLuxe bar and band set is a great addition to a home workout setup. Although it certainly has its limitations, it is a great all-in-one option for anyone short on space or who doesn’t want to fill their home with workout gear.

It has an impressive range of resistance – from 12kg up to around 120kg – and can be used to target upper and lower body muscles.

Hardcore strength training enthusiasts will likely find it lacking in some areas, but for the casual user or anyone limited to home workouts only – it is an excellent option that is well made and offers excellent value for money.

What’s Included In A Gymproluxe Set?

First up, what’s actually included in a set? 

When you hit the Gymproluxe shop, there are a couple of main set options:

Gymproluxe Band and Bar Set 2.0

This set includes:

Gymproluxe all in one portable gym
  • 1 detachable bar
  • 1 padded exercise belt
  • 6 adjustable belt tubes (up to 90kg resistance)
  • 1 carry case

Gymproluxe All In One Portable Gym

This set includes:

  • 1 detachable bar
  • 1 padded exercise belt
  • 5 HIIT-X bands (up to 90kg resistance)
  • 2 D handles
  • 2 ankle straps
  • 1 door anchor

To go with these two gym sets, Gymproluxe have a number of extras to make it possible to create a more well-rounded workout at home:

Gymproluxe Accessories Set

  • 5 HIIT-X bands (up to 90kg resistance)
  • 2 D handles
  • 2 ankle straps
  • 1 door anchor
  • 1 duffel bag

Gymproluxe Belt Tubes

These extra tubes allow you to add more weight to your bands. There are a few options – 12kg / 24kg / 36kg – and going up to 40kg / 80kg / 120kg

Gymproluxe also sell a couple of extra accessories (leg strap and Nordic strap), as well as a 28-day jumpstart guide

Overall, Gymproluxe have a good product offering. Alongside the standard bar and belt, the accessories do make this into more of a home gym.

Features of Gymproluxe Resistance Band

The Gymproluxe resistance band set is a versatile piece of gym kit. For those who work out at home or work out on the move as they travel, Gymproluxe has a number of good features and benefits to help you with your resistance training. 

Let’s take a look at the features of Gymproluxe.

Quality Kit


Gymproluxe state that they use high-end, premium materials to make their kit. For example, the bands are made from ‘layered latex’ that won’t wear down and weaken over time.

Resistance Range

The range of bands make it possible to create up to 90kg of resistance. That’s not bad at all for most people and will be enough weight to give you a good workout.

You can of course create much less resistance than this by using fewer bands. This flexibility is ideal when catering to individuals with varying levels of fitness and strength. There’s also room for progress.


Compared to most bulky gym kit, the Gymproluxe can be packed away into a duffel bag and taken wherever you go. This is a big advantage. Together, the band and bar set weighs just 2kg.


Gymproluxe estimate that you can do over 100 different exercises using the bands and bar. It lends itself more to upper body routines, but you can target some leg exercises too.

With these features in mind, it’s clear that a Gymproluxe set can be really useful for those who struggle to make it to a gym. With just a couple of small, lightweight pieces of equipment, you can manufacture yourself a decent home workout with resistance that goes up to 90kg. For these reasons, I can see why it has grown in popularity.

Benefits of Using the Gymproluxe Resistance Bands

The Gymproluxe band and bar set does offer several advantages for those seeking a versatile and portable workout solution. 

The product is clearly designed to cater to various fitness levels, although I would say it’s much more suitable towards the beginner end and for those who generally want to keep fit. If you love a barbell and dumbbells, the Gymproluxe isn’t for you.

Gymproluxe in use for Bench Press

Resistance bands are a useful piece of kit to have at home. The main thing is that they provide resistance for a movement, which is important for strengthening muscles. The main drawback is that this maximum resistance only kicks in at the top of a movement.

For example, if you’re performing a double-handed bicep curl, the start of the curl may feel easier, but the top part of the curl will feel hard. A short period with maximum resistance, although it does help to spark quite a deep burn at the peak. 

Resistance bands can offer tension throughout the movement, but this is not quite the same constant tension that you get when using cables, for example. For me, a resistance band is not as good as a cable and weight stack

You may read on their website that “Gymproluxe provides greatly varied resistance through each movement, enabling you to recruit more muscle, produce higher HGH levels, and drive greater gains”. I don’t want to say this is an outright lie, but it’s backed up with zero evidence. If you’re going to make a very bold claim like this, supply the science behind it. 

Despite this unverified claim, there are a number of benefits to the Gymproluxe set:

Portable and space saver

One of the main advantages of Gymproluxe is that it’s entirely portable and compact. I’ve taken resistance bands away with me in the past when I’ve been travelling, and they’ve been useful. Now, the Gymproluxe is more than just a band and would be even more useful, without the bulk and weight as your standard gym kit.

Ever tried carrying around a set of 20kg dumbbells on your travels? Absolutely not, but with the Gymproluxe you do have ready-to-go resistance packed into a 2kg bag. Very handy.

Even if your Gymproluxe is staying at home, it will take up very little room and can be packed away into a cupboard.

Less chance of injury

The resistance gears up as you perform a movement, which means muscle fibres are gradually recruited. This is different from performing a bench press or curl, when you take the full load straight away. From an injury risk perspective, Gymproluxe can offer advantages.

Exercise variety

Gymproluxe weighted pushups

With the standard band and bar set, you can perform over 100 exercises. With the all-in-one set that comes with extra handles and attachments, you can perform over 150 exercises. Although you won’t be able to hit the big compound moves as well as you can with dumbbells and barbells, you get a lot of exercise choice with Gymproluxe.

Variety is good to keep your muscles guessing. Popular moves to perform with Gymproluxe include floor bench press, hip thrusts, bicep curls, upright rows, bent over row, chest flies and lat raises.

As well as strength training, you can perform yoga and Pilates with help from the bands.

Home workout circuits

If you’re a fan of workout circuits but don’t have all the necessary kit at home, the Gymproluxe band and bar set can fill that gap. The sets are easy to adjust in terms of resistance and you can strap on and take off handles easily.

Value for money

Gym kits for home can become very expensive. Whether it’s a small set of dumbbells, a single kettlebell, cable machines or an Olympic bar and plates, you’ll be forking out a small fortune. For the versatility that comes with Gymproluxe, I think the band and bar set offers decent value for money.

Negatives of Gymproluxe

There are also a few drawbacks to consider with the Gymproluxe. 

If you enjoy strength training and are looking for a complete replacement for the gym, I don’t think the Gymproluxe is it. 

Yes, it offers a good alternative for resistance training and it is versatile, but I don’t think it compares to the variety of machines, cables, dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells and other kit you can find at any good gym. 

The Gymproluxe falls down on compound exercises. It is still possible to perform versions of the bench press, deadlift and squat, but they’re not as good. I’d say the Gymproluxe band and bar set is good for targeted, isolated moves like bicep curls, face pulls and tricep pushdown (with the door anchor). 

I used a few resistance bands during lockdown when I couldn’t hit the gym, which worked well and helped me maintain a certain level of muscle mass. Something like the Gymproluxe would have been ideal during the time. 

If you don’t have a gym membership, can’t get there, you’re travelling, or you simply don’t like going to a gym, the Gymproluxe can help you to work your muscles and keep healthy.