The JTX Sprint 7 Treadmill – premium mean machine or all walk and no talk? We’ve got a good feeling about it, but only a rigourous 30-day test will tell. Here’s what we found in our JTX Sprint 7 Treadmill review.

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There are some types of fitness equipment and training accessories that can be made on a budget – sadly, the treadmill is not one of them and so it’s worth having a decent budget if you are looking to invest in a treadmill that is going to last for any length of time.

JTX Fitness have been manufacturing high-quality treadmills for a good while now and they generally manage to strike a good balance between cost, functionality and durability.

The JTX Sprint 7 treadmill is no exception and although it does sit firmly at the premium end of the treadmill spectrum, it is also not going to break the bank – it promises some killer features and a good-sized running track – so when we got our hands on one we were pretty excited.

We managed to test it for 30 days and hence we now bring you our full JTX Sprint 7 Treadmill review.

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JTX Sprint 7 First Impressions

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The JTX Sprint-7 treadmill looks beautiful. It is as simple as that. With its heavy-duty gauge steel frame, bold black lines and blue accent colours, it catches the eye immediately. A large 7-inch centre console dominates the eye line when in use and the control panel has an array of buttons to help guide you through your workout.

At the time of writing JTX were also including a free tablet holder which allows you to further improve the look of the Sprint 7 by adding your own display to the mix.

The JTX comes mostly pre-assembled with just some minor assembly to perform once it arrives. The instructions are very clear and setting this up should not pose a major problem. The unit itself is pretty heavy, weighing in at 85kg once fully assembled so you will need to assemble it in the room you plan to use it in.

Upon first inspection one cannot help but be impressed by the quality of the Sprint 7 and from the running track to the handles, every aspect of this treadmill appears to be well made.

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JTX Sprint 7 Specifications

The JTX Sprint 7 is a premium treadmill and as such it is made from heavy gauge steel construction and all of the internal parts and components are made from high-grade materials. JTX are well known for making good quality equipment that lasts and we expect that to be the case with the Sprint 7.

We tested the new upgraded 2020 model and in the time we had it there were no signs of any wear and tear and although we only had it for a month we really did put it through the (tread)mill.

The running track is often where many treadmills fall down but this one has a good-sized track that measures up at 51cm x 145cm which is ample for runners of all sizes – even those with larger than average stride length. The deck has a cushioned suspension and as with most brands JTX have a name for their technology which they call ‘CushionStep’.

The company claim that this cushioned deck can reduce the impact on your joints by up to 30% and although we cannot claim any hard figures what we can say is that the running deck definitely offers a lower-impact feel than many competitor brands.

The Sprint 7 is a folding treadmill and although we have had issues with folding treadmills in the past we have to say this is one of the most impressive folding mechanisms we have seen. What’s more, the fact that it folds seems to have no negative impact on the functionality of this machine when in use.

When in use, the JTX Sprint 7 measures up at 180cm (l) x 84cm (w) x 159cm (h). When folded, the running track folds up to give a length of 120cm with the other dimensions remaining the same – that saves a considerable amount of floor space when it’s not in operation.

The weight of this machine is 90kg and it can withstand a maximum user weight of 130kg, which is very impressive and considerably higher than other models. The suspension provided by the CushionStep technology has 8 suspension points and there are 15 levels of incline from 0-15% – this is all controlled mechanically and is done so at the touch of a button on the centre console.

Sprint 7 Display

The motor that powers the Sprint 7 is particularly impressive and has a total power output of 3HP continuous and 6HP peak. This again is more than enough for users of all weights up to 160kg and is a testament to the high-quality components that JTX have decided to use with this treadmill. The motor is fairly quiet considering its output levels and it provides an impressive top speed of 20KPH.

The LCD screen is 7 inches and displays all the key information you need and there are 8 quick start buttons that are easily accessible to make adjustments during your workout.

There are 43 pre-set programmes to choose from and you can also connect a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet to the treadmill using apps such as Kinomap to run pre-defined routes with the treadmill adapting to the inclines and declines as you run routes from some of the best locations across the world – this is a really impressive feature.

There are pulse rate monitors built in to the front hand rails and the Sprint 7 also has Polar connectivity if you wish to connect your own heart rate strap to work at target heart rate. To complete the lineup of impressive features the Sprint 7 also has built-in speakers, plus transport wheels to help manoeuvre the treadmill in to your optimum workout position.

JTX have also now released the Sprint 7 Smart Edition which offers full integration with Zwift via Bluetooth. This enables all your key stats to be pulled through directly from the treadmill and offers a lot more interactive functionality than you have with the standard Sprint 7. Both models are available through JTX.

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Using The Sprint 7

The Sprint 7 by JTX is one of the easiest to use treadmills of those at the higher end of the price spectrum and is even easier to set up. The unfolding mechanism couldn’t be simpler with a hydraulic system that once you click into place will automatically lower the running platform into position smoothly in about 10 seconds.

To fold the treadmill back to its storage position you simply lift it until it clicks which again is easy to do as you are assisted by the hydraulics.

When it comes to using the JTX Sprint 7 it really is a joy to run and walk on. The cushioned deck really does provide a good degree of shock absorption and so the impact on your feet and joints feels lessened. Whether you choose a pre-set programme or a manual programme it is easy to adapt during the run thanks to quick select buttons and the controls being conveniently placed within reach.

The incline and speed settings are all mechanically controlled and the highest incline of 15% is pretty challenging. A top speed of 20KMH is pretty impressive and again will challenge even the most competent of runners.

The Sprint 7 is designed to appeal to a wide range of users from beginners to those with lots of experience. There are four user profiles that you can set up and choose from which is ideal for those who are sharing the treadmill with others in the house.

In terms of overall comfort and ease of use it is hard to improve upon what JTX have done with this machine. The front handles that contain the pulse rate sensors are at a convenient height and the side handles provide extra stability and are comfortable to hold. The running track has an excellent grip and is made from an engineered fabric that can apparently last 50% longer than a standard running belt.

The added benefit of having a tablet holder above the central display is an excellent touch and means you can use your favourite running app, choose to play your latest music, or even watch a TV show while working out. The built-in speakers work well for this added connectivity and although they are generally better than the in-built tablet or phone speakers they are not going to win any audio awards. There are also two water bottle holders so you can stay hydrated on long runs.

The Polar heart rate and app connectivity are what really set the JTX apart from the competition at its price point. The Kinomap app which can be bought on either a monthly, annual or one-time fee is excellent and takes the functionality of the Sprint 7 to the next level.

We found the connection between the treadmill and the app to work seamlessly and loved how the treadmill adapted to the inclines of the route we were running – it really is a game changer in terms of motivation and keeping things interesting.



  • Impressive 3HP motor
  • Good sized running deck
  • Excellent cushioned deck
  • 3 year at home warranty
  • Up to 12% incline
  • Max user weight is 130kg

Check Best Price On The JTX Sprint 7 Treadmill

Our Verdict

The JTX Sprint 7 is a joy to use and the online user reviews stack up with our positive experience of it after a month of testing.

In terms of comfort, storage and functionality it is hard to beat at the current price, and when you build in the running app connectivity it really does launch this treadmill into being a competitor of the top premium models that are much more expensive.

There is a 10 year motor warranty and 3 year full parts and labour warranty which is pretty impressive and seals this as a top buy for us.

Check Best Price On The JTX Sprint 7 Treadmill