In this Testonine review, after 6 weeks of testing, James Dixon gives us his take on the natural supplement designed to increase testosterone levels in the body.

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James Dixon

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Fitness Brain is reader supported. Content may contain links and purchases made may earn us a commission. Find out more

Low testosterone levels can be crippling, both to your physical and mental wellbeing. Symptoms include low libido and a lack of sexual potency, atrophy (or at least an inability to elicit hypertrophy), low mood, low drive, a lack of focus, and excess body fat, among others.

Though clinically low levels of testosterone should be treated by a healthcare professional, there is a market for optimising testosterone levels in healthy men. This will lead to improvements in athleticism, body composition, mood, drive, focus, and sexual function.

This is where supplements like Testonine come into play. Testonine contains all-natural ingredients aimed at optimising your body’s natural testosterone output whilst also boosting the benefits associated with high testosterone – improved sexual function, improved mental wellbeing, improved athleticism, and so on.

It’s a great addition to any man’s supplement regime, with potentially quite profound benefits to be gained for your overall health and wellbeing. Let’s find out just how good it is and how well it stacks up against the competition in this Testonine review.

Quick Verdict: Testonine

Testonine is a great product. It should enable healthy adult men to optimise their natural testosterone output whilst enhancing all the benefits of higher testosterone levels – improved body composition, improved strength and athleticism, better mental health and cognitive focus, heightened libido and sexual function, and so on.

Its ingredients are all completely natural and scientifically justified. Though the formula as a whole hasn’t been clinically tested, the ingredients included in it all have been. They all rest on a wealth of clinical data attesting to their efficacy.

Taken as a whole, they should inspire your body to create more testosterone, leading to a healthier, happier you.

About Testonine

Testonine is a potent, dual-purpose, all-natural supplement designed to both optimise natural testosterone levels in healthy adult men whilst also enhancing the benefits of high testosterone levels.

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It includes some of the leading ingredients in the field, all with known, scientifically justified benefits. Trusted compounds like ginseng, Tongkat Ali, and maca sit alongside amino acids like l-arginine to elicit best results.

Many of the ingredients can directly influence your natural testosterone production, optimising and boosting the amount of testosterone your body creates. Others will directly contribute to muscular growth, strength, and athleticism, whilst some are known for their antioxidant properties and ability to improve blood flow and improve your mood.

The formula as a whole is relatively under-studied. There are as yet no clinical studies looking into its effects. However, its component parts have all been widely studied. There is plenty of data attesting to their efficacy.

You would expect this kind of scientific validity from Testonine’s manufacturer. It is designed and made by Health Nutrition Limited, a UK-based company.

They aim always to streamline supplementation, simplifying whilst optimising their users’ health and fitness needs. They have a great track record in this regard, with products like PhenGold, Brutal Force, and Testogen under their belt. Everything they make is completely natural, with no artificial colours or flavours, and no additives.

Testonine is made in a US-based facility that is very strictly FDA-regulated, with intense quality control conditions in place. Everything is stringently tested for quality and purity. 

We can happily therefore see a good formula properly made with Testonine, all scientifically coherent, justified, and potent.

How Testonine Works

We’ve already seen that Testonine is something of a dual-process supplement. It works in a couple of ways.

Firstly, as you would expect of a good quality testosterone booster, it helps by optimising natural testosterone output. Do note that this is only in healthy adult men. If your levels are clinically low, you will likely need some form of exogenous testosterone – synthesised testosterone that you will add directly to your system as a topical gel.

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It’s easy to have your testosterone levels checked out. Talk to your healthcare provider who will be able to arrange this for you.

However, if your levels are in a healthy range, but you want to boost them (as you should – the potential benefits are tremendous) then Testonine will be perfect.

It doesn’t contain testosterone.

Rather, its ingredients simply enable your natural endocrine system to create more, all within a healthy range.

For instance, both Tongkat Ali and maca root are known for their benefits to hormone regulation, circulation, and hypertrophy. Meanwhile, both zinc and l-arginine are there for their ability to support healthy natural testosterone output whilst also aiding body composition and sexual performance.

These additional benefits, above and beyond simply raising testosterone levels, take us onto Testonine’s second role.

Its formula seeks to enhance the benefits enjoyed by those with high testosterone levels.

Many of the ingredients will improve circulation, for instance. This will allow for greater nutrient circulation and athleticism. It will also improve blood flow to your extremities, leading to potentially higher quality erections.

This is backed up by known aphrodisiacs like ginseng, which should naturally heighten your libido and overall sexual health.

Many of the ingredients have also been associated with greater muscle mass, improved body composition (ratio of fat to lean mass), and strength. Testonine should improve your athleticism, which is exactly what you would expect from high testosterone output.


Testonine includes a roster of some of the most important testosterone boosting ingredients going.

This includes zinc, which should be something of an auto-include in any testosterone booster.

All men should be supplementing with it daily, especially those over the age of thirty. It is an essential micronutrient, a mineral, that plays several important roles in the body.

These include facilitating DNA synthesis and cellular recovery, as well as maintaining immune health, all of which are important to anybody looking to live an active life.

More importantly for Testonine, however, is its role in optimising natural testosterone output. You will likely never find somebody creating adequate amounts of testosterone if they are in any way zinc deficient.

Next up, we have a traditional remedy used by several native Asian populations, Tongkat Ali. Its role in traditional forms of medicine all relate to improving natural testosterone output and sexual desire.

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It has also been found to improve semen concentration and morphology, thus improving fertility in men. Recent data suggest that it can increase testosterone production speed by the Leydig cells in the testes, whilst also inhibiting testosterone conversion into oestrogen.

It’s common enough to find ginseng in testosterone supplements. Testonine uses MACA, or Peruvian ginseng. It’s a well-known herbal aphrodisiac thought to aid erection health, working as an adaptogen to improve libido (though do note that it has little to no androgenic effect on men). 

Testonine also uses regular ginseng and eleuthrococcus, previously called Siberian ginseng.

These are both adaptogens and are good at inhibiting production of cortisol, the stress hormone, among other benefits. Elevated cortisol can cripple testosterone output, making these very worthwhile inclusions.

Testonine makes good use of the semi essential amino acid l-arginine, which plays a central role in the production of nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is a vasodilator – it improves vascularity and, thus, blood flow through the body. This means that more oxygen and nutrients will be able to make their way through the body, aiding athleticism, recovery, and adaptation. It may also lead to stronger erections – it certainly shows promise as a remedy for mild to moderate symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Then we come onto a part of the formula that I’m not too keen on. It isn’t bad – far from it, I actually suspect that it’s rather good. There is just no way of knowing, as it’s a proprietary blend.

For me, proprietary blends spell trouble.

Though you will be able to see what goes into them, you can never tell how much of anything is included. This means that you don’t have full control of what’s going into your body. It also means that you don’t know whether or not you’re taking effective doses of any given ingredients.

This being said, the proprietary blend is at least made up of worthwhile, high quality ingredients which have all been shown to help in optimising testosterone output.

Several herbal extracts and minerals included are really very good, in fact. For instance, pumpkin seed extract has been shown to inhibit testosterone’s conversion into a metabolite known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT). So too has nettle extract. Both are included, here; both should contribute to maintaining higher levels of free testosterone.

Then there are several ingredients contained in the proprietary blend that have been shown to have aphrodisiac properties. They can heighten your sex drive and libido. These ingredients include Tribulus terrestris, catuaba and oat straw extract, all of which are always good to see in this kind of supplement.

It’s a bit of a thin formula compared to some of its competitors. I would also like to see actual, full dosing, without anything hidden behind the words ‘proprietary formula’. However, from what we can see, everything that is included more than earns its place. It’s actually quite a neat little list.

Does It Work?

Testonine works very well. I typically have average to low testosterone levels when I don’t use testosterone boosters. I’m also in my early thirties, which is a worrying time for testosterone levels.

Men typically begin to lose a small percentage of their testosterone output year on year after about the age of thirty, which can stack up to create some significant health problems later in life (not least a lack of athleticism).

I therefore generally use some form of testosterone booster – there are, after all, plenty to choose from. And my experience with Testonine was very promising. It’s up there with the best of them.

I know what my general testosterone output should be when taking any of the leading testosterone boosters. I get it checked every six months or so for my own peace of mind, and can always see when any given booster works. Testonine added a couple of points to my natural testosterone levels, which is consistent with what I would expect of a good testosterone booster.

My bloodwork checked out, in short – Testonine’s first role, boosting testosterone output – seems a success.

But what about Testonine’s secondary role, boosting those benefits? Well, they worked quite well, too.

I can always feel the difference to my athleticism when I’m on a good testosterone booster (though you should note that there may be a bit of a lag between optimising your testosterone levels and seeing the results in the gym). I can lift more, push myself harder, and recover faster, with far less severe DOMS (delayed onset of muscular soreness).

This is quite a minor aspect for me, however. The main benefit I always look for is in my mental and cognitive health.

Low testosterone levels can lead to low mood, even lapsing into depression, with a lack of drive, focus, and clear-headedness. I tend towards low moods and brain fog without a good testosterone booster, for example.

There was none of this while I was taking Testonine. It was far from the best effect I’ve ever experienced on a natural testosterone booster, but it was still very profound. I was alert. I could wake up quickly in the mornings with little sluggishness. I drank less coffee, which is always a telltale sign. My mood was far more even, with greater happiness and wellbeing, and far less stress and anxiety, than when I go without a good testosterone booster.

In short, its secondary role seems to work well, too. Of course, the two roles are very much interlinked – how much were the benefits down to the added extras and how much down to my improved testosterone output is debatable. But it’s a very academic debate. The long and short of it is that I felt a lot better on Testonine.


I would thoroughly recommend Testonine to any healthy adult man looking to improve their health, wellbeing, and athleticism. It should add just that little bit extra onto your natural testosterone output. And that little bit extra goes a long way – the results can be profound.

You should find yourself a little happier, a little stronger, with greater body composition, a clearer head, less stress and anxiety, and improved sexual health by boosting your natural testosterone output by an average of just a point or two.

Testonine may be just the thing to give you this extra point or two. Its formula is clinically valid, filled with plenty of well-researched, well-justified, natural ingredients that have been proven to work.

Again, it won’t help anybody with clinically low testosterone levels too well. It may add that extra point or two, but you will need something far more drastic. You will likely need exogenous testosterone supplied by your healthcare providers.

For everyone else, however, Testonine is solid. It’s a great product.