The Body Power SP.IC14 Indoor Studio Cycle – a spin bike that has the functionality and long-lasting qualities of more expensive alternatives. It ticks all the boxes on paper and is affordable, so we couldn’t wait to try it and bring you our full Body Power SP IC14 Indoor Studio Cycle review…

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Body Power SP.IC14 First Impressions

The SP.IC14 may not have the catchiest of names, but what Body Power didn’t deliver in fancy titles they more than made up for in style and design. The SP.IC14 looks great and upon going through a relatively simple 20-minute assembly process you will more than likely be impressed with both the stability of the spin bike and its striking red and black design.

The frame of this Body Power spin bike is strong in terms of overall strength but also in terms of its character. Bold red lines and circles are complemented by the contrasting black frame. The bike itself sits atop an I-shaped base that manages to provide a stable platform at first glance and not take up too much space.

The only real negative in terms of the looks of this bike is with the LCD display. This is pretty basic but it functions well and gives you all the key data you would expect.

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SP.IC14 Specifications

The SP.IC14 centres around the impressive 14kg flywheel which provides a very smooth ride with varying degrees of challenge. It features a quick-lock friction pad to easily change the intensity of the ride, and has all the adjustments you need for a comfortable experience.

This spin bike is relatively compact and measures up at just 99cm(l) x 56cm(w) x 115cm(h) and can hold a user weight of 100kg, which is around average compared to other spin bikes.

The design of the SP.IC14 is all about making the ride as comfortable as possible for the user, and as such you will find well-padded handlebars that are also adjustable in height. With their large surface area, they have plenty of grip positions which also adds to the comfort afforded.

The saddle is also very comfortable thanks to good padding and suspension, and can be adjusted in terms of height and distance from the handlebars.

The level of adjustability really is impressive with this bike as it means that no matter how tall or short you are there is likely to be the perfect setup available for you. There are even adjustable straps on the pedals to complete the focus on comfort and it is worth pointing out that the pedals feature a good amount of grip and are pretty robust.

The LCD monitor sits conveniently on the crossbar of the handlebars and is perfectly positioned for ease of view during your workout. Although the display is pretty basic it has all the real-time data you need including EKG readouts from the built-in pulse rate monitors on the handlebars so you can track your heart rate. In addition to this you will also be able to see your current speed, distance, time and calories burned.

Although the SP.IC14 is sturdy at low speeds, as you increase the intensity you do start to find it can wobble a little.

It is easy to move around if you wish to store it in the corner of a room, thanks to some handy transportation wheels that are found on the base. Although this is not a foldable bike, it is much more robust thanks to its solid frame, and is still pretty convenient for storing discreetly.

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Using The Body Power SP.IC14 Studio Cycle

We had a blast using the Body Power SP.IC14. It really is a joy to use and as far as affordable spin bikes go this is right up there. In fact, it makes it hard to justify spending twice the price on other supposedly superior models as this just does all the basics really well.

Unless you really need Bluetooth connectivity and a quirky app to keep a record of your progress (you could still do this manually, by the way), then the SP.IC14 Studio Cycle should be firmly on your radar if you are in the market for a spin bike.

The flywheel is perhaps the most important aspect of any spin bike and the one on this Body Power model does not disappoint. It is smooth, well balanced and is heavy enough to provide a good challenge and fluid ride.

The adjustable settings on this bike make for a comfortable ride and allow you to push to your max. In terms of cardio workouts it is hard to beat spin cycles and this indoor spin cycle will have you reaching for your sweatband pretty quickly.

The LCD and computer are the only real drawbacks to the SP.IC14, but Body Power have provided you with a device holder which will hold mobile devices and tablets comfortably. This allows you to set yourself up with online spin classes if you need that added motivation, or if you are so inclined you could even just set up your favourite Netflix show – we’d perhaps suggest the former would be more conducive to a solid workout.

When it comes to value for money this bike has it in abundance. It is likely to last for years and consumer feedback is pretty much 5-star rated across the board. We love the stable ride that really allows you to push hard without fear of the bike collapsing or rocking. There is a domestic 1 year warranty included just in case, but service callouts are rare and we can see why.

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Body Power SP.IC14 Verdict

The Body Power SP.IC14 Indoor Studio Cycle is one of the best budget spin bikes we have tested and puts some of the pricier models to shame. If you can live without a fancy screen and Bluetooth and deal with the lack of stability at high intensity, then it is worth your consideration.

However, we prefer the JLL IC400 Pro thanks to its super stable base and excellent all-round usability. You can check ouT the IC400 Pro here.

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