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Best Weighted Vests

Weighted vests are one of the most effective accessories when it comes to increasing resistance in your workouts. Whether you go heavy on cardio, CrossFit, progressive overload training or have a mix, a good quality weighted vest can help add much needed intensity to your training and provide you with quicker gains thanks to more efficient workouts.

We take a look at the best weighted vests in the UK in our comprehensive buying guide and have assessed each one to give you the lowdown on what type of training it is best suited to.

Perhaps you are looking to build your stamina, or you might be looking to increase your strength – either way, there is a weighted vest that will allow you to add an extra layer of intensity to your training resulting in harder workouts that push your body to its limits.

Our No.1 Weighted Vest

Gravity Fitness have been making high quality weighted vests for years and this max 20kg adjustable weight vest is no different.

This British made vest is by far our no.1 choice thanks to the use of cast iron weights that are well balanced both front and back.

In terms of overall quality there is no better option.

Our Top 12 Weighted Vests

We have scoured the market, tested plenty of different options and have now been able to bring you 12 of the best weighted vests available today…

Gravity Fitness Weighted Vest

Gravity Fitness Weighted Vest - 20kg - Fully adjustable. Calisthenics, Crossfit, Strength Training, home and commercial use. (20)

Gravity Fitness are a UK based company that are quickly establishing themselves as one of the market leaders in quality fitness equipment. The Gravity Fitness Weighted Vest sits alongside the rest of their product range perfectly and is made from high quality nylon that is hard wearing and breathable. With 20kg of weight included, this is a vest that will allow you really push yourself and although it is by no means the cheapest on our list, it is by far and away the best we tested.

One thing that sets this weighted vest apart from the rest is the fact that it uses cast iron weights. Many of the cheaper brands use sand weights which take up more space and provide a bulkier feel to the vest. These removable cast iron weights provide a range of weights to be used making it a versatile training aid for a range of different uses.

This vest from Gravity Fitness also comes with a market leading 5 year warranty, although it is unlikely you will need to use it thanks to the high quality materials used in the production of this vest.

The padding makes it incredibly comfortable to wear and the adjustable straps mean the one size vest will be perfectly fine for pretty much all sizes.

The design of the vest features a shorter profile than many (again this is thanks to the cast iron weights) which means it is less intrusive on your workout – whether you want this for cross fit, calisthenics, resistance training, functional training or to add bodyweight to bodyweight exercises – this vest is suited to all.


The BodyRip weight vest comes in a range of weights from 10kg up to 25kg and the 10kg option comes in two guises; A and B. We tested the 10kg B option as we preferred the design of it, but the A option is the one that allows multiple weight options. This is another mid-range vest in terms of budget and it sports a similar design to those in its class with a double velcro strap used for support.

In terms of comfort and functionality, the BodyRip is an excellent option and does its job well. The weight is held close in to the body and your range of movement is pretty good with only a very small amount of impeding of movement caused by the material around the arms. We have had reports in some cases that the colours from the material can stain clothes if there is too much moisture but we didn’t encounter this problem when testing.

Like some of the other models on this page, the weights can be adjusted by simply removing them and the sandbags do stay in place very well with minimal chance of slippage even under testing conditions.

Overall, we really liked the BodyRip despite its slightly plastic looking shine.

JLL Vest

The JLL weighted vest is a mid-range option in terms of budget but offers a good range of weight options. Starting at 10kg vests up to 30kgs in 5kg increments, the JLL is going to be a serious option for most types of training. The vest is well made and features numerous pockets to add the sandbags to, allowing you to alter the weight as per your workout or to allow you to provide progressive overload over time.

Two large straps with velcro are used to keep the vest secure to your body and they are effective at this. The individual pockets also feature velcro straps although these are not so secure – this means any kind of exercise where you might be slightly upside down could prove problematic with a chance the sandbags could fall out.

For running, walking and adding bodyweight to muscle growth exercises the JLL is going to be a good option. It features a breathable design with breathable fabric to prevent sweating and it can also be machine washed as sweating invariably will happen. The price varies based on the weight option you choose but we found this to be a great training aid and well worth the money.

Jordan Weighted Vest – Various Weights Up To 30KG

The Jordan weighted vest is a product that we have recently tested and fell in love with almost immediately. It is affordable, available in a range of weights and is exceptionally well made, making this one of our favourite options for weighted training.

This weighted vest ticks all the boxes and whether you intend to wear it for bodyweight exercises, cross fit or running – this vest lives up to the task. You can choose your maximum weight when ordering which means you only pay for what you need. With a maximum weight of 30kg this is one of the heavier vests (when fully loaded) but also works well at lower weights. The weights themselves simply load in to the front and back slots and they are made from solid metal which we prefer when compared to sand.

The front and back loading of weight provides you with a really balanced core which makes this vest ideal for a full range of exercises and it sits snug to the body which is ideal for more explosive movements. The size of the vest is suitable for all thanks to an adjustable strap and it is one of the most comfortable vests we have tested.

There is an impressive 2 year warranty with the Jordan vest and it can be used in domestic and commercial settings and still be valid for warranty purposes. With 4 different weighted options, a very affordable price tag and such a comfortable fit this is our go to weighted vest.

We R Sports XTR

We R Sports might not have the huge brand awareness that Adidas and some of the other brands mentioned on this page have but they have created a very good weighted vest. The beauty of the We R Sports vest is that it comes in a variety of weights, however you can still manage the weight easily once you have purchased the vest. This vest comes in 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg and 30kg weights and with each you will receive weighted bags that allow you to alter the total weight up to your selected max. Essentially, the higher the weight you buy the more the vest costs.

The We R Sports vest is another full body weighted vest but it is also one of the most versatile. This vest could easily be used by someone wanting it for running, walking or cycling as well as someone who wants to use it for body weight muscle growth exercises such as weighted chin ups or press ups.

The XTR vest features two large velcro straps to secure the vest in place and is suitable for chest sizes up to 50 inches. The weight feels secure thanks to the high quality velcro and the product comes with a 12 month warranty – although with regular use we think the XTR would have no issues with longevity.

In terms of usability and value for money the We R Sports XTR Vest is one of our favourites.

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Surreal Adjustable Weighted Vest

Surreal 20KG Adjustable Weighted Vest

The Surreal adjustable weighted vest is one of our top picks thanks to its versatility and comfort. With two rows of weights to the front and two rows of weights to the rear of the vest and with two large velcro straps to hold everything in place, this vest from Surreal offers the convenience of up to 20kg of adjustable weight along with a good level of balance and stability against your body.

The Surreal vest uses sand weights and is currently available in two variants – the 5kg vest which is ideal for running and CrossFit and the 20kg vest which is ideal for weight based exercise such as chin ups and push ups.

There is a good level of padding on this vest which is needed if opting for higher weights and it is one of the most comfortable we tested. It has a good level of breathability in the fabrics which also adds to the comfort level.

Overall, this vest is a good investment and is available at a very reasonable price – with solid online user reviews and from a respected manufacturer, you can’t go far wrong with this vest.

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Adidas Weighted Vest

The Adidas weighted vest is one of the top of the picks for us thanks to its stylish, comfortable and intuitive design features. There is one key drawback of the Adidas vest however and that is that it is limited to 10kg of weight so it is likely to be better suited to runners rather than those looking for serious progressive overload for muscle growth.

Adidas claim that this vest has been designed with the support of some of the world’s top athletes and it shows in the finished product. As a full body weighted vest it still manages to feel not too obtrusive around the body and will allow you to maintain a centre of gravity similar to if you were not wearing the vest – but with the added benefit of the extra weight. A full length zipper to front is backed up by a front strap and buckle that is adjustable to support chest sizes from 38 inches to 50 inches.

There is a real sense of quality materials throughout and although we only tested the vest over 3 cardio sessions there is every reason to think that it will stand the test of time. Online reviews are positive and indicate that this training aid is hard wearing and well made.

The weights come supplied with the vest and can be added or removed as required. The vest features 8 different weight pockets so you can adjust the weight as per your workout and/or progress over time. There are two D-rings to the rear of the vest to allow the attachment of a parachute if you need this option for more explosive workouts.

Looks aren’t the most important aspect when choosing a weighted vest but we think the Adidas vest is the best in that department so if you are looking for a weighted vest for cardio of any sort – e.g. cycling, running, walking etc. then this is probably the top pick. If you need a vest that can hold more than 10kg then read on.

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Exile Gear Weighted Vest

exile gear

Exile Gear is a British company that focuses on creating high quality CrossFit and body weight training equipment and they have a very clear focus on weighted vests. In our opinion, the Exile Gear model is the best weighted vest you can buy right now thanks to it being made from some of the highest quality materials we have seen on any vest as well as a design that makes it ideal for explosive exercise whilst carrying enough weight to make it suitable for strength training.

The Exile Gear vest has a different design to any of the other vests we reviewed and this is what sets it apart. Exile Gear have used laser cut steel plates to add the weight to the vest and when you purchase you can select the weight you want from 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg and 30kg. You simply slot the weight plates (you can add more if you wish and these are available to purchase) in to the vest and away you go. They are incredibly secure and as they are all in one they are extremely well balanced which makes this vest ideal for CrossFit and running.

The vest itself is designed for tough environments and as such is probably the best made vest of all those we tested. You can choose from four different styles with camouflage, forest camouflage, black and grey colours all available. It is made from a breathable fabric that reduces perspiration and the front and back are both very well padded which means it is comfortable to wear even at heavy weights. It is fully adjustable so one size does fit all and there is also a quick release clip so you can remove it quickly if needed.

This is not the cheapest weighted vest we tested but it is in our opinion the best. If you are looking for a more budget option then read on, but if you want the best weighted vest then this in our opinion is it.

Mirafit Weighted Vest 10kg, 20kg or 30kg

weight vest by Mirafit

Mirafit is a high quality manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of home workout equipment and they have one of the best TrustPilot ratings of any UK fitness supplier (with a rating of 4.8 out of 5). Their weighted vests are available as 10kg, 20kg and 30kg options with the 10kg option starting at a very reasonable sub £50!

We tested the 20kg version which is probably the most versatile as it will allow enough weight for those who wish to really look to progressively overload as well as allowing those who wish to perform more stamina based exercises with lighter weights. The weights are added as 1kg cast iron blocks in the 20 pockets (10 at the front and 10 at the back) and this means you can get a really well balanced vest no matter how much weight you add.

The manufacturing quality of the vest is exceptional and is on a par with the Exile Gear and Gravity Fitness vests and the adjustable fitting (which allows for a nice snug fit) means you can comfortably use this vest for running and CrossFit alike. The fabric is breathable and well padded making it extremely comfortable to wear – even for prolonged periods of time.

You cannot argue with the value for money that this product offers and considering it comes from Mirafit it is well worthy of inclusion in our top 3 vests. Watch the video below to see it in action.

FDIT 20 Vest

The FDIT 20 weighted vest is a really good option for anyone wanting a lightweight full body outfit. There is only one variant so you won’t have a range of weights at your disposal but there is still some room for customisation.

The first thing that jumps out about the FDIT20 is that it looks and feels very well made. A dense ‘Oxford’ fabric is used to give a real sense of strength to the vest and it slips on over the head with two shoulder straps to help secure it in place. The shoulders are non-adjustable which is a bit of a shame but the side straps are and these allow you to achieve a really snug fit with no need for velcro.

In terms of weight, the vest comes supplied with sandbags that can carry a maximum of 10kg of sand. The vest is advertised as going up to 20kg but you will need to purchase a separate 20kg plate to take advantage of this level of weight. With that in mind, we would only really recommend this vest for anyone seeking a maximum of 10kg load.

Some people have suggested using other items to increase the weight such as coins, but we would recommend sticking to the recommended sand to add your weight.

Overall, the FDIT 20 is a good weighted vest and is super affordable.

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ViaVito Weighted Vest

The ViaVito is a shoulder weighted vest that is super lightweight. Perfect for those looking for just a small additional weight with just 2.5kg extra weight at the most. This vest will be well suited to runners, cyclists and walkers who do not want too much additional weight. Users of the ViaVito will benefit from its lightweight design as it is very comfortable and does not cause any friction with your body like some of the bigger vests.

There is no way of increasing or decreasing the weight which in many cases is the whole point of this vest. The fact that there are no additional weights to add means it is one of the most sturdy and well made vests we tested. It features a breathable material to the inner and to the outer has a pocket for carrying a water bottle or other items.

The ViaVito is one of the most comfortable weighted vests we tested and although it won’t suit all types of training, for long distance training or cross-fit with added resistance it is perfect.

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TNP 10-30KG Vest

TNP are not one of the best known names in the fitness industry but when we heard about the TNP weighted vest that has a maximum weight of 30kg we thought we’d give it a try. At £64.99 for the 30kg variant (10kg is £27.99) it wasn’t the cheapest on the market but it was still reasonably priced and it lived up to our expectations.

The TNP is well made and features sweat-proof fabrics for added comfort. The double strap velcro design is common at this price point and the TNP straps were easy to secure with high quality materials found throughout. A number of sandbags are used to increase the weight of the vest and you can adjust how many you use to alter the weight dependent on your workout.

One aspect of the TNP design that we liked most was the added padding to the shoulders – this is something that is sometimes overlooked and when using 30kg of weight the padding is pretty important. The overall comfort of the TNP weighted vest was very good and we found it easy to train with. Overall it was a hit.

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Now we’ve got a good handle on the best weighted vests on the market, let’s discuss the two main types of weighted vests.

Full Body or Shoulder Weighted Vests

There are two main categories of weighted vests. There is the full body weight vest and there is the shoulder weight vest.

Full Body Weighted Vests –  Full body vests are designed to carry much heavier weights than the shoulder vests. They are best suited for more static workouts and are perfect for building muscle and strength. They can also be used to build stamina but using less dynamic movements. Typically, full body weighted vests will provide a range of weight levels and can range from 10kg to 40kg+. They are designed to be well fitted and secure so the weight sits tight to your body – this helps the extra weight to feel at one with your body weight so there should be little pull in directions other than the intended natural gravitational pull downwards.

Shoulder Weighted Vests – Shoulder weighted vests are much more lightweight and feature a shoulder strap style design. Shoulder vests are designed for more active and dynamic activities such as CrossFit, walking and running. Typically, the levels of weight found on shoulder vests will range from 1kg to 5kg and these can also be used to increase endurance and strength.

The kind of weighted vest that is right for you will depend on what you intend to use it for, how often you intend to use it and how much flexibility you need in the level of weight.

Benefits of Weighted Vests

The main benefit to using a weighted vest is that it gives you an added layer of resistance. Anyone who is training for strength or hypertrophy will tell you that progressive overload through resistance is the number one way to elicit results. Weighted vests are particularly helpful as they are designed in a way that adds the weight to your mid section. This allows you to maintain balance and stability whilst adding considerable weight to your body.

For people who are undertaking bodyweight exercises such as pull ups, push ups, running or walking then a weighted vest can help you to continue to apply progressive overload once your own body weight is not enough to bring the results you need. The design of the weighted vest means that using one is one of the safest ways to apply extra weight to your bodyweight workout.

The other key benefit other than strength and hypertrophy is that it helps develop your cardiovascular fitness. Undertaking walking or running whilst wearing a weighted vest is a great way to add intensity to your training. It will help develop your muscles but it will also increase the intensity of your cardiovascular system as the body requires blood to be pumped around the body faster.

Weighted Vests: Key Features

There are four main aspects (or features if you like) to consider when purchasing a weighted vest. They are; the design, comfort levels, weight ranges and adjustability of the vest.

Design – Probably not the most important aspect but design should be considered. You might want to consider the design of the vest from an aesthetic point of view as well as from a functional perspective. Different vests apply the weights in different ways and as such the way in which you add the weight should be a consideration – this will often come down to the functional design. Does the vest use sand to add weight or does it use metal plates? You should also consider the way the vest looks – although this isn’t a deal breaker you will still need to feel comfortable wearing it. Adidas is our favourite design, but for you that might be different, so choose a design that you like.

Comfort – The comfort level of your weighted vest is going to be an important consideration. When you add heavy weights to a vest as you might imagine it can become quite abrasive against your body and skin. Look for well padded vests if you are opting for a vest that is going to be carrying in excess of 10kg for any prolonged period of time.

Weights – The weights of all vests will vary based on the design and exact variant you choose. Some products have over 6 different variants – these usually use sand to add or remove extra weight. Some vests that are one weight only will have the weight built in to the vest and some use steel plates for the weight. Choose a vest that has the type of weight that is right for you.

Adjustability – The adjustability of a vest also links in to the overall comfort of a vest but in the worst case scenario you might end up with an usable vest if it doesn’t fit you. Most vests offer some level of adjustability across the mid-section but if you have particularly wide shoulders or are particularly tall then you might want to look for adjustable shoulder straps too.

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