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Best Cheap Multi Gym

The multi gym is often considered the creme-de-la-creme of the home weight training setup. As well as needing a dedicated space you are also going to need a decent sized budget – well that is, until now. It is not easy to find a cheap multi gym that packs a punch in the quality stakes, but we have found 5 top options that won’t break the bank completely.

In our quest to find the best multi-gym at the lowest price we had to set a few parameters. Firstly, we were looking for something that has a decent build quality – after all, no-one wants to be left with a home gym that resembles jelly when it is in use. Secondly, it needed to have enough going on that it afforded a full body workout – no chicken legs here please. Lastly, we flat out refused to go above the £500 mark – so all our multi-gyms on review here came in at under £500 (some considerably less).

What Is A Multi Gym?

Before we begin, it is probably a good idea to just clear up what we mean by the term multi gym. For the purposes of this review, we were looking at all-in-one systems that had their own weight stack, provides a workout for legs and upper body, has a cable or pulley based system and can be used for a range of exercises on each muscle group.

The idea is that a multi-gym is the closest you can get in a small(ish) setup that is like having access to a range of weight training machines at a gym. They are predominantly designed for weight training to elicit hypertrophy or strength increases.

Top 5 Cheap Multi Gyms

So let’s take a look at our favourite budget multi gyms…

Marcy Eclipse HG3000

Marcy Eclipse HG3000 Compact Home Gym with Weight Stack, 68 kg The Marcy Eclipse HG3000 by reputable brand Impex Fitness is without a doubt one of our favourites when it comes to budget friendly multi gyms. Whilst the HG3000 comes in at the higher end of our £500 price range, it has arguably the highest quality in its class. Impex Fitness have been making quality home gym equipment for over 35 years and in that time have developed a reputation for quality and functionality above all else.

This multi-gym features a 68kg stack, a two pulley system and is supported by an impressive heavy duty steel frame. Taking up 172cm x 91cm floor space and with a height of 210cm, the Marcy Eclipse HG3000 is small enough to fit in to a smallish room, shed or garage but large enough to be well suited to a wide range of body sizes – from the the more vertically challenged among us to taller home gym users. Every aspect of this multi-gym oozes quality and the padding is worthy of a special mention – definitely the most comfortable seat pads we tested and a preacher curl pad with 2.5″ of padding that provides ample support.

There are 14 plates in total that are stacked in 4.5kg increments. These are selected with a pin as you might expect but the fact there are 14 is welcome as this is often a place that the cheaper multi-gyms save on by offering less weights with bigger increments. The cables are made to last and can withstand 2000lbs of force and feature bearings in the mechanism for a smooth pull or push.

Whether you are looking for upper or lower body workouts (or both) you will be well catered for with the HG3000 with pretty much every muscle group catered for. The only real negative we found was that it was not the easiest to put together and some clearer instructions would have been helpful – that being said, most average flat pack furniture assemblers will have no issues and it is well worth the effort once assembled. The frame comes with a lifetime warranty whilst all other parts carry a 3 year warranty – pretty impressive stuff and a clear favourite of ours should your budget stretch that far.

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DKN Studio 9000 Multi Gym

DKN Studio 9000 Multi Gym Coming in just ahead of our budget, the DKN Studio 9000 is a good option for anyone searching for a cheap home based multi-gym. With a weight stack of up to 75kg, the DKN Studio 9000 has more than enough weight to provide a stern workout. Featuring a double cable system, this multi-gym can help you target pretty much every muscle group in the body and as there are two pulley’s there is no need to mess around with changing cable attachments when you want to switch between legs and upper body exercises. The machine actually allows for up to 165kg of weight on quad exercises and up to 78kg for upper body exercises.

What we liked about the DKN Studio 9000 was the robustness and quality feel of the whole system. It takes a while to put together (as all multi-gyms do) but once you have it set up you shouldn’t have any issues. We also liked the size of it – measuring up at 183cm x 98cm for floor space and sitting at a height of 208cm this multi gym is not going to dominate even a small room. We would recommend you have a good 2 metres square worth of space in order to operate the machine fully.

The seat and back rest are fully adjustable and the chest press also has changeable settings so no matter your size you should be able to work out comfortably. The mechanics of the DKN 9000 feel smooth and with proper maintenance should last well. The upper body exercises are catered for better than the legs, however there is an optional leg press accessory available should you wish to add this functionality.

Overall, the DKN Studio 9000 is an excellent choice of budget multi-gym.

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Fit4Home 7080A (68 KG) Multi Gym Home Gym Equipment Workout Station Home Workout... (Gunmetal Black) The Fit4Home 7080A is a cheap and cheerful multi gym that ticks all the boxes. The biggest downside to this model is that it has a maximum weight stack of 68kg but for most beginner and intermediate lifters this is going to be more than sufficient.

As the second cheapest multi-gym we decided to place in our coveted top 5 list, the Fit4Home model doesn’t have too many concessions to make which is pleasantly surprising. The seat pads are comfortable, the dual cable system works well and doesn’t require any mid-workout changing and there is the full array of expected exercises at your disposal. There is a preacher curl pad that allows you to also flex those biceps using the attached straight bar.

Measuring up at 168cm x 108cm floor space and at a height of 211cm this model is both compact and large enough to cope with providing an all encompassing workout. Our biggest concern with it is the lack of adjustable seats or positions so if you are taller or shorter than average you might find it somewhat uncomfortable.

Overall, we found the Fit4Home 7080A to be a robust piece of kit with plenty to offer at the budget end of the home workout scale.

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V-fit Unisex's CUG-2 Herculean Compact Upright Home Gym, Grey/Black/Orange, 72 kg The V-Fit CUG-2 is the cheapest multi gym that we reviewed and it was surprisingly impressive in its performance. First of all though we will start with a reason not to buy the V-Fit – if you are 5’11” or taller then this is not the multi-gym for you. Being slightly on the short side, you will find too many limitations to it if you are over 5’10” – especially the press and lat pull down. However, for everyone 5’10” and under – read on.

Like all of the models we have reviewed, the V-Fit is well made and its frame is constructed from heavy duty steel. With 72kg of weights in 10kg increments there is plenty of room for progressive overload – however, we would have liked to have seen the weight stack increments in 5kgs rather than 10kgs. The V-Fit has a well made pulley system that is connected to an upper body and lower body system. With the ability to target all major muscle groups and allowing you to perform compound lifts and presses as well as isolation exercises, the V-Fit is a great all rounder.

The dimensions of the CUG-2 are 140cm x 95cm for the floor space and a height of 189cm – as we stated, the machine is a little on the small side.

More advanced lifters might find the maximum weight a little restrictive but for everyone else this is a great piece of kit at a really low price point. The seat is comfortable and the foam rollers on the bars and handles are also made with comfort in mind.


V-fit STG/09-2 Herculean Compact ADDER Home Gym Our second offering from V-Fit and one that costs a little more than the CUG-2 model. Still sitting very much at the budget end of the home multi gym spectrum, the STG 09 Herculean system is a great option for those looking to complete full body workouts in their own home. Measuring up at 188cm x 131cm in terms of floor space and sitting at 214cm in height this model addresses most of the height issues associated with the CUG-2 (although those over 6 feet might want to look elsewhere) but still offers a fairly minimal footprint.

This compact multi-gym is well made and the standard tubular steel frame design has a Sandtex coating which is designed to protect the appearance. There is a mesh surrounding the weight stack and the usual F-Fit orange and black design completes the pleasing aesthetic look of this machine.

The double up cable system provides a real feel weight resistance of 100kg although these are found in increments of 10kg at a time – still there is plenty of room for progressive overload with this machine. In terms of the exercises you can perform with the STG-09 you will find the usual suspects with Lat pull downs, chest press, flys, leg extensions, upright rows etc. all there. The adjustability of this model is pretty good too with three positions for seat height and the same again for the press handle positioning.

The seat pad and handles are not quite as comfortable as some of the other models we have reviewed and there is only one cable shared between leg extension and rows so you will need to switch the cable mid-workout. It’s a pretty small price to pay though when you consider what you are getting with the STG-09 for a fraction of the cost of more premium models.

If you want to go big on the weights but small on price then the STG-09 is a great option.

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