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Fortis are a UK based boxing apparel and equipment company based out of Burton on Trent (not a million miles away from Fitness Brain HQ) and they have been on our radar for some time. So we were thrilled when they asked us to review some of their products.

After taking delivery of a couple of pieces of Fortis apparel and proceeding to show it off everywhere we went for the next three weeks (we did wash it in between wears – honest) we are here to bring you our full Fortis review.

Read on to find out more about the company, the ethos behind their brand and for an honest assessment of the quality of their goods.

About Fortis

As mentioned, Fortis (found at are a British company with good old fashioned British values. They stock a wide range of boxing (and non-boxing) related apparel for both men and women.

Boxing is at the heart of what they do but their goods can be worn casually or for other training and sports.

A lot of their customer base will find them through the custom made boxing gloves they supply, but their range of clothing will appeal to pretty much everyone. They even have a kids range which is great to see.

fortis cap in black

Fortis also run a collection of clothing developed in association with professional boxer Josue Vargas and this limited collection looks pretty impressive – we wouldn’t be surprised if we start to see more collections of this nature from Fortis.

The ethos behind the company starts with the brand name. Fortis is a Latin word that roughly translates to ‘strong’, with ‘valiant’ and ‘powerful’ also being rough translations from its Latin origins. They also use a Lion within their logo which has similar connotations.

When browsing through their merchandise you can see these strong, bold and powerful designs coming through and so we think the branding is spot on.

Fortis go on to state that their logo is a symbol of quality, and as their clothing is far from cheap we would expect nothing less.

The company are all about giving back and 5% of each purchase goes to offer aid to less privileged countries through Penny Appeal.

That’s enough about the brand and company, you want to know how good their products are right? So, let’s take a look…

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Apparel & Equipment

Fortis offer a pretty wide (and ever expanding) range of clothing and accessories – some of which are specifically for boxing and some of which are not.

We took delivery of two pieces of clothing and having been offered two pieces from the entire range, we opted for their Couture Hoodie and one of their Twill Caps.

Both were delivered promptly (although did arrive separately) and upon first inspection looked great.

Fortis Couture Hoodie

The Couture hoodie is suitable for men and women (although there are hoodies designed specifically for women available too) and I opted for the size large, grey couture hoodie.

hoodie by Fortis

I am 6ft tall with a size 42″ chest and 33″ waist. The sizing for me was absolutely perfect with it having enough leeway for me to have a full range of motion in all directions but without it being overly baggy.

The design with the lion on the front is bold and I loved the fact it was just off-centre – it gives the design a certain edginess.

The hoodie is made from 65% ring spun cotton and 35% polyester with the outer layer being 100% cotton.

There is no denying the quality of this hoodie and having worn it through early to late spring and with around 8 washes in this time it is showing no signs of deterioration.

I wore this hoodie casually but in winter months I’d happily wear it for training – or at least to start a session. It is pretty thick and offers plenty of warmth so is ideal for outdoor wear.

This is one of the cheaper hoodies from Fortis so I would imagine the more expensive items of clothing would be of at least equal quality – and overall this is is testament to what Fortis are trying to achieve.

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Fortis Twill Cap

Fortis cap inside

The Fortis Twill Cap proudly sports the Fortis logo across the front and is available in 6 colours. It is also available in two sizes (S/M and L/XL) which is great for people like me who have a big head (physically not mentally you cheeky so and so).

Made from 63% polyester, 34% cotton and 3% spandex twill, this is a comfortable cap to wear. It features additional detailing with the lion stitched in to the side of the cap and sewn eyelets for additional comfort.

Again, the quality of craftsmanship on display with this product is impressive and I have worn the black version that I received on multiple occasions. Like any cap, it can get a little warm on very hot days but the design and materials used do go some way to mitigate this.

It’s another very solid effort from Fortis and again gives me every confidence in their entire range.


Fortis have a great brand and their values are spot on. Importantly, from the products we tested at least, the quality of their apparel aligns perfectly with their goals – the words strong, powerful and bold are perfectly applicable and therefore the name ‘Fortis’ is suitably apt.

Whether you are a professional boxer, amateur boxer, train in other ways or just want to wear their apparel casually, you will not be disappointed with Fortis.

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