DKN AM-E Exercise Bike

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When the DKN AM-E Exercise Bike hit the market we weren’t entirely sure what to expect. With some good DKN AM-E reviews hitting online retail outlets we thought we’d give this budget exercise bike a thorough test. Here is what we found…

Exercise is good for your health. No matter what, you should always find some time for a workout on a weekly basis. Of all the exercises that we do, cardio forms an essential part of our workout routine. Outdoors or indoors, cardio should form a key component of our weekly fitness regime. While parks and running tracks are best for outdoor cardio, exercise bikes are crucial for an indoor cardio workout – especially when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

The reality is that the world doesn’t need another exercise bike with a plethora of them available on the market.  Buying an exercise bike is a hefty investment (even if choosing a budget model) and it will pay to gather sufficient knowledge about different varieties – we would place the DKN AM-E model among the more budget options so bear that in mind if you are comparing it to higher end models.

Among all the other brands that exist, DKN has built a name for itself in the world of exercise bikes. Their reputation among the gym going community is quite high and people trust their products. In this article, we have aimed to review the DKN AM-E exercise bike for all those users looking for trusted reviews.

About The DKN AM-E Exercise Bike

According to the manufacturer, this exercise bike provides quiet operation to users. The bike that has an 8kg flywheel and 32 different resistance levels ensures that the users receive the best possible service. Versatile in use, this bike lets you challenge yourselves from time to time. The prices at which you get this bike are quite affordable and thus you won’t feel as if you are spending too much. The large LCD display attached to the bike ensures that users get feedback on their exercise as they are doing it. You get to know your speed, time elapsed, distance covered, calories burned, watts and heart rate. The bike is controlled by computer and therefore you can easily control the intensity of your training sessions. There are many pre-set programs that come with this bike. You can use them to adjust your training sessions.

The seat attached to this exercise bike is also quite comfortable. Covered with soft gel, the saddle isn’t one that hurts your butt while running. The ergonomics involved in the seat is such that you would find it very comfortable.

Our review

Since DKN is a fairly new brand in the market when it comes to exercise equipment on the whole, but they are much more well known for manufacturing budget exercise bikes. While focusing their attention on manufacturing budget bikes, the brand has made a name for itself. They are known for making high quality and affordable exercise bikes for their customers and the AM-E is one of their leading products.


It was refreshing to find that it is quite straightforward to assemble the bike. You can easily assemble it at your home by reading the manual. It won’t take you more than 30 minutes to assemble the bike. After assembling, you can start using the bike immediately. You will appreciate the design and build of the bike more when you assemble it. When you compare this exercise bike with others in the same price range, you will see that it is much more sleek and good-looking. The differences are quite significant.


The exercise bike has an 8kg flywheel built into it. If you have some knowledge of exercise bikes then you would know that this is not the heaviest. However, this flywheel is heavy enough and smooth enough to give a decent level of challenge. Like most home exercise bikes it uses magnetic resistance.


The seat of the bike is designed ergonomically. It is fully adjustable, both horizontally and vertically. With adjustable height, this bike is suitable for people of all heights. The comfort that people enjoy with seats differ from one individual to another. It is a personal experience and people give their reviews based on their comfort – however, overall we found it to be more than comfortable and the general consensus is that this is a well made seat that is suitable for longer rides.


This bike comes with 12 pre-set programmes. Now we won’t say that this is the maximum number of programmes a bike could offer but it isn’t bad considering the price point of the bike and for most beginner to intermediate users it will be more than sufficient. Additionally, the bike also has a manual user setting that can be changed on the go. The heart rate function of the bike is an additional feature that is quite popular and is an effective means to record your heart rate. If you want to increase your fitness targets gradually, this is a very good bike for you. The LCD screen of the bike allows you to select the programmes quite easily.

Monitor Functions

The LCD screen of this bike has almost everything that a customers might look for. You will get almost all the details of your workout on the LCD screen. It has six key readings on the display. These are speed, distance, RPM, pulse, recovery and time. All these parameters are essential for a person when they are working out. The pulse feature of this bike is extremely popular as it measures the heart rate using a sensor built in its handles. A polar wireless heart rate measuring system is built into the console of the bike. You can use any compatible chest strap to send the details to the bike. Another exceptional feature of this bike is that its resistance adjusts automatically according to the heart rate of the user if you wish to have this feature active. This feature makes it stand out from the rest of the bikes in the same price range. You can also use it with your phone with the app.


When you are exercising, you need to constantly push yourselves towards achieving higher targets. The bike offers you 32 levels of resistance. You can easily select your level of exercise on the LCD screen of the bike. There is one level for every individual. The variations in the resistance levels are sufficient to satisfy all levels of people from beginners to intermediates and advanced. If you are already a pro at exercise, you might find the resistance levels of this bike quite low. They won’t make you feel challenging enough. The bike uses magnetic resistance, therefore, it is not easy for it to wear and tear as more and more friction is applied.


Overall, the bike is a good buy at the price point. Here are some of the pros and cons of the bike.


  1. It’s body and build is quite strong. The bike is made to work quietly and efficiently. This means that now you can easily workout at home without the need of going out to the gym. The maximum weight capacity offered by this bike is around 140kg. This puts it into the category of sturdy bikes. If you are planning to go for some intense sessions, you can trust this bike. It won’t disappoint you at any point of time. Despite its sturdiness, the equipment itself is quite lightweight and feels the same. The equipment also has wheels in the front, making it easy for the users to move it inside their homes. The adjustable legs of the exercise bike are designed to ensure that the bike can lay flat on the floor.
  2. No matter what your fitness levels are, the bike is suitable for all of them. It has resistance levels that are best suited for people who have just begun exercising. It offers full flexibility to novices to adapt to the workout regime. The bike also has higher resistance levels for those who are highly experienced. With the wide variation of resistance levels offered by the bike, users can exercise at their own pace and increase their targets gradually.
  3. Comfort is the most important factor when working out on an exercise bike. With this bike, you can be sure of the comfort. The design of the seat is such that it aims to offer you utmost comfort. The handlebars of the bike are also designed ergonomically. This means that they can be tilted according to your comfort.
  4. An interactive console is what attracts the users the most. This bike’s console has almost all the parameters that a user would be looking for.


  1. Some users have reported that they found the seat uncomfortable. Now, this depends and varies from one user to another. While most of the users said that the saddle of the bike is quite comfortable, there were some who did not rate it quite as good when it comes to comfort.
  2. The chest strap that we talked about earlier is sold separately and does not come along with the bike. These chest straps are used to detect the heart rate wirelessly from the exercise bike.

Overall, this bike has impressed its users. Being a relatively new player in the market, this bike has gone beyond customers’ expectations. All our fitness tests have revealed that this bike is the best buy at the price it is available at. And we believe that even if the bike has certain shortcomings, they can be ignored considering the other benefits and features you are getting. This bike is a good purchase if you are looking forward to having a gym-like cardio workout in your home.