The DKN EzRun Treadmill is pitched at the premium end of the market and as such comes with a pretty premium price tag. As such, it does promise some killer features and some impressive technical specifications. We took it for 3 weeks for a full testing. Find out what we thought right here in our full DKN EzRun Treadmill review.

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DKN EzRun First Impressions

On paper, the EzRun treadmill has everything going for it. It has a hydraulic folding mechanism, mechanical incline, large running area and has good app connectivity. Despite having reservations about the name, the EzRun looks like a great piece of kit and has clearly been made with premium-grade materials and high-quality internal components.

There is a large central console that is well lit with the buttons conveniently positioned to help you make adjustments mid-run if you are following a manual workout, and it has built-in speakers, an AUX port for device connectivity and Bluetooth too.

There is a tablet holder and two water bottle holders (which can also double up as a handy location for storing your mobile phone if needed).

It is a heavy piece of kit and it does require some minimal assembly when you take delivery, but this is easy to perform and although it is a two-person job due to the weight you should have your treadmill installed within an hour.

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EzRun Specifications

We are generally not a fan of folding treadmills but the EzRun strikes a good balance between having the convenience of a folding treadmill and the functionality and the stability of a non-folding treadmill.

Considering the generous dimensions of the running track the EzRun measures up at just 116cm in length when folded and has a height of 159cm in its stored position. When unfolded the size stacks up at 183cm (l) x 85cm (w) x 143cm (h) which again is still pretty compact considering the running track size.

The running belt measures up at 140cm in length which means even taller runners or those with a longer stride will be able to run comfortably on this treadmill. More impressive is the width of the belt which measures up at 52cm – making it one of the widest at this price point.

The treadmill is powered by a true 1.75HP continuous duty motor with a 3.5HP peak. Although this is considerably less than its nearest rival the JTX Sprint 7, it does surpass the 1.5HP minimum that we would be happy to recommend at this price point and it is cheaper than its competitor. It does match the JTX Sprint 7 for speed though and can reach a top speed of 20KPH.

The mechanical incline is impressive and can be controlled manually or as part of one of the 15 pre-set programmes.

There are 12 levels of incline to choose from with a range from 0-12%. You can use the quick select buttons to control this or if using one of the compatible running apps such as Kinomap or the pre-sets the inclines adjust automatically for you.

There are pulse reading sensors on the central bars which are also conveniently angled in a way that makes it very natural to grab them. If you prefer to use a chest strap heart rate monitor (which is also much more accurate), then you do have Polar connectivity too which is beamed straight to the display and your device if you are tracking. You can then use this to follow the specific heart rate pre-sets and keep yourself working within your target heart rate range. There are three heart rate pre-sets built in as standard.

The EzRun features a cushioned running deck which is easier on your joints than outdoor running. We found the shock absorption to be less noticeable than on other models, but this might suit runners who prefer a more solid running platform.

The central display console measures up at 5 inches of screen size and is surrounded by easy-to-use controls to help make quick speed and incline selections as well as to cycle through the data and choose your favoured programmes.

The DKN EzRun weighs in at 86kg but does have built-in transport wheels to the rear which helps with making minor adjustments to its location – for example, moving it from the corner of a room to the middle. The maximum user weight is 130kg which is line with most treadmills at this price point.

Check Latest Price Of The DKN EzRun Treadmill

DKN EzRun In Use

The EzRun treadmill is an enjoyable cardio assisting tool to use. Considering the affordable price point, you are getting a fair bit for your money and it fares well against the competition. There are more than enough programmes to use it as a standalone unit, but when connected to running apps such as Kinomap it levitates it to the next level.

The heart rate programmes work really well and the Three Peaks Challenge and Fartlek Training are challenging but enjoyable workouts that are built in as standard.

Unfolding and folding the treadmill is easy and anyone can do it, so there is no need to be put off by the weight of the overall unit and the one-touch mechanical and motorised incline works effectively.

We would have liked to have seen a few more degrees of incline for more advanced runners but for most the 12% will be sufficient.

The running track is firm with some give which means you feel stable and secure at all times but also enjoy some shock absorption to alleviate pressure on the joints and the shins.

There are side handle bars as well as the central angled bars with the built-in sensors and these are convenient to use. The side bars are a little short which takes a little getting used to, but they do offer good stability and are very solidly made. There is of course also a safety cord which you should attach to yourself when running which will shut off the motor in case you fall and this works quickly and effectively.

The speakers are probably the worst feature of the EzRun and although they do offer some improvement on a mobile phone speaker they do not provide what we might deem as high-quality audio. This is often the case with in-built speakers on fitness equipment and we would rather the budget be spent on other internal components such as the 1.75HP motor, which is certainly up to the task.

Overall, the DKN EzRun provides exceptional value for money and will be a good purchase for anyone looking for a good-quality piece of home cardio equipment.

Check Latest Price Of The DKN EzRun Treadmill

Our Verdict

The DKN EzRun is a solid choice for beginner and intermediate-level runners, and for anyone looking to undertake cardio in a target heart rate range can do so right out of the box. The added connectivity options propel the EzRun to a higher level and so long as you can live with a 12% maximum incline this offering from DKN is a really good purchase.

Check Latest Price Of The DKN EzRun Treadmill