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Best Home Gym Mirrors

Watching yourself lift 20lb dumbbells or try a new yoga pose might be uncomfortable, but it’s not about looking good.

Forget vanity. It’s about safety and executing the right technique.

Ensuring the correct alignment of each technique and posture you execute prevents injury and allows you to target each muscle effectively.

To do this, you need a gym mirror. We know – gym mirrors are expensive. That’s why we’ll cover home gym mirrors in the UK ranging from the cheapest to premium options. As a bonus, we’ll also discuss what to look out for before buying one!

4 Best Gym Mirrors for Your Home Gym

Lets take a look at our best gym mirrors for the home.

Large Bevelled Gym Mirror 5ft x 3ft: Best Value

5Ft X 3Ft Large Bevelled Mirror Glass 152cm X91cm Home Gym Or Bathroom 4mm Thick

If you don’t need a huge wall of mirrors for your home, perhaps our best value pick is a better choice for your needs. Coming in at 5ft x 3ft, does it make a big difference from a 6ft x 4 ft mirror?

Yes, it does. A shorter and narrower frame will also mean having to buy more mirrors if you need to cover a large surface area. Additionally, you’ll most likely spend equal to, if not more, in the process. So what makes the large bevelled gym mirror different from our best overall pick? You get an excellent quality mirror, 4mm thickness, and a size that’s adequate for small to medium-sized spaces at a reasonable price. Not to mention its bevelled design, giving the mirror polished edges and an elegant, framed appeal.

Who Is This For?

If you’re looking to buy one or two gym mirrors for your home, this would be an excellent choice. For budget-conscious users, it’s even more beneficial on your part. Compared to our best overall pick, you can expect to save £60 per mirror! However, you’ll have to purchase the special adhesive used for mounting this gym mirror separately.

The corner brackets are also sold separately, which should cost around £10 for both brackets. All in all, by purchasing these separately along with the mirror, you can still expect to save £30 to £40 per mirror. Take note, though, this gym mirror would suit small-to-medium sized spaces. It’s not ideal for larger dance studios or if you’re planning to buy multiple home gym mirrors with a wider coverage area.



  • Great value
  • Beveled design ensures the safety of mirror edges
  • Free delivery and returns
  • Space-saver option
  • Elegant appeal
  • Some products arrived with a defect behind the glass

Fitness Studio Gym Mirror 6ft x 4ft (4 mm Thick): Best Overall

6Ft*4Ft 4mm Thick Safety Back Polished 4 Hole Mirror Glass Sheet 183cmX122cm

Being the largest gym mirror on our list, Fitness Studio 6ft x 4ft will easily cover your entire wall thanks to its wide and thick frame. 2 or 3 of these should be adequate for your home or if you have a home dance studio. If you want to cover an entire section, about 5 or 6 of these should be sufficient.

It’s also one of the few gym mirrors that come with a frameless finish. Most glass mirrors will have a framed or polished finish for a more traditional glass mirror type. Although frameless mirrors demand a higher price tag, you’re also getting the best value for your money in return. Frameless glass finishes provide a thicker and heavier build, among other glass finishes.

Considering Fitness Studio offers a 4mm thickness for this particular model, rest assured this gym mirror is stable and more heavy-duty in design. Additionally, frameless glass finishes have an aesthetic element for enhanced appeal. Mounting it shouldn’t be a problem either.

Lifting this gym mirror might be slightly challenging, but thanks to the holes in its corners and included screws & chrome screw head caps, mounting the Fitness Studio in your home gym is easier than you would expect. Even better, the chrome screw head caps add a nice finishing touch upon mounting it on your wall, enhancing the overall appeal of your home gym or studio.

Who Is This For?

For anyone with a large gym, space, or fitness studios, this 6ft x 4ft large mirror is an excellent choice. A larger mirror size is also highly beneficial for anyone looking to train with better form. Granted, it’s not the cheapest gym mirror. Then again, it comes with free delivery and free return services if you’re not satisfied with the mirror.

Aside from its price, the only drawback we found was its weight. Should you decide to get this gym mirror, we recommend installing it with a qualified tradesman. A 23 kg mirror is no joke, after all. Overall, it’s an excellent option for a large gym and wide enough to help you execute floor exercises or use rowing machines while maintaining the proper form.

Needless to say, if you have a smaller space or you don’t mind a smaller mirror for your home gym, the next options below might suit you even better.



  • High-quality mirror
  • Wide surface area coverage
  • Frameless glass finish
  • Included screw caps allow easy mounting
  • Polished edges ensure safety
  • Offers free delivery and free return services
  • Heavy
  • Expensive

Large Gym Mirror 6ft x 4ft Mirror Sheet: Best Budget Pick

4mm Glass Mirror 6ft x 4ft 1828 x 1220 Large Gym Dance Studio Bathroom Bedroom Mirror Sheet

Priced at under the £100 mark, it’s easy to see why we made this gym mirror our best budget pick. Manufactured by Sign Materials Direct, it sports similar features as our best overall choice, except you can save a whole lot more.

With a weight of 15kg, it shouldn’t be difficult to transport or carry this gym mirror around, let alone mount it on your own. Nevertheless, we recommend consulting a qualified tradesman to help you install it on your wall, seeing as how it doesn’t come with polished edges.

Although the gym mirror is 4mm thick and covers a wide surface area, you’ll have to spend extra if you want polished or beveled edges. It also doesn’t come with pre-drilled holes or safety backing. Pre-drilled holes may not be as necessary since you can use adhesive to mount it on your wall; however, safety backing is highly useful for safety reasons.

For one, safety backing prevents any injury from the glass in the event it breaks. In case of breakage, safety backing keeps the broken glass pieces together and will remain stuck to the wall.

Who Is This For?

With a wide surface area coverage and cheaper costs, this would suit anyone who’s tight on a budget and needs a large mirror for their home. However, if you want to ensure the highest safety of your studio or home, you’ll have to spend extra for specific design elements.



  • Ideal for those on a tight budget
  • Wide coverage area
  • Lightweight frame
  • Decent quality
  • Does not come with free delivery
  • Additional costs for polished or beveled edges

Gym Mirror 6ft x 4ft (3mm Thick)


Our last entry is a reasonably priced gym mirror that works just as well for any large home gym, space, or studio. However, it’s worth mentioning this gym mirror is only 3mm thick, making it thinner and less resilient than the previously mentioned gym mirrors.

Fortunately, moving this gym mirror around and mounting it on your wall should be simple and easy compared to a heavier model. It’s not safety backed either, so we highly recommend you get additional safety backing considering its thin frame and susceptibility to shattering.

Of course, a thinner frame doesn’t mean it’s any short of quality. You’ll simply have to be more careful when mounting this gym mirror and ensure it locks securely on your wall, whether you install it with adhesive or drill holes in its corners.

Who Is This For?

Thanks to its wide frame, this would be a great choice if you need one big mirror for your home gym. You should still be able to train with proper form and ensure you’re following the right pose even with one big mirror. Just be careful when moving it around and mounting it on the wall since its edges are quite sharp.



  • Reasonably priced
  • Large surface area coverage
  • Lightweight frame
  • Easy to transport
  • Not as thick
  • Edges are quite sharp

How Gym Mirrors Benefit Your Home Gym & Workout Sessions

Staying fit and healthy is an achievable goal anyone can reach. Through proper techniques, commitment, and patience, a healthy lifestyle and great body shape isn’t as hard as studying for an algebra test. So you have your workout routine planned, your diet plan set, and a home gym for your workout sessions. The only one element lacking would be a gym mirror.

Why, you might ask? Apart from using gym mirrors to help you keep track of your fitness goals and progress, they also boost your workout experience and help you crunch those ab workouts as effective as possible. The list of benefits are endless, and we believe this will help you understand the significance of installing gym mirrors in your home gym.

Gym Mirrors Help You Execute the Right Posture

Ever wonder why your ab workout doesn’t seem to work? On the road to achieving 6-pack abs, or even training your obliques to get rid of excess back fat, the wrong form is a common enemy for many.

Bicycle crunches are effective ab exercises, but when executed poorly, such as pulling your neck or relying on momentum instead of muscle strength, you give your abs a free pass. This can easily result in neck strain, injury, and a no-show for your abs. No matter how effective your workout session is, if it’s performed poorly, the results are little to none. Gym mirrors can aid the way you execute each workout significantly.

Even when running on a treadmill, if your back isn’t aligned with your spine, this could lead to negative effects over time. Gym mirrors are even far more effective for fitness newbies, since getting the basics and fundamentals down is more essential than the number of crunches you can do in a day.

Gym Mirrors Help Perfect Your Technique

Whether it’s a new yoga pose you’re eager to try or a new program to help you get back in shape, gym mirrors help you assess what you’re doing wrong and correct it. For fitness junkies who perform dumbbell lifting, perfecting your technique couldn’t be any more crucial. One slip can lead to a broken back. Worse, the dumbbell could collapse on your chest if you don’t pay attention to your posture.

Even advanced yoga poses can benefit from the use of gym mirrors. After all, a fair majority of the world are visual learners. Visual learners can use gym mirrors to aid in better visualisation and gain a clearer view of the proper alignment for each pose and the right placement for different areas or parts of the body.

Gym Mirrors Add Light for Darker Areas

Mirrors also aid in spreading light in darker areas of the room. Setting mirrors in the right areas of your home gym or space can so add inspiration to your surroundings. Sometimes, we take our surroundings for granted. A poorly lit gym isn’t as motivating or inspiring than a well-lit room.

Gym Mirrors Add Value, Space, and Aesthetics to Your Home

Imagine walking into a gym with a barren space, drywall with mould and holes punched through it, and a few hanging lightbulbs. Doesn’t sound appealing at all, does it? You might even lose motivation and skip to cheat day for all we know. A clean, contemporary environment carries a certain impact on our perspective. Often times, perspective can make or break the last rep that pushes you to complete your goals.

While mirrors aren’t the only design element responsible for creating this positive impact, it’s a finishing aesthetic touch to any home gym. Mirrors can add a roomy vibe to any space and make your home gym appear bigger and more open-spaced than it its. For smaller spaces, mirrors are even more beneficial.

A barren space can easily make you feel unsafe and restricted. By adding a few gym mats and installing a few mirrors on your wall, you’ll see a transformation that encourages you to visit your home gym often and boost your morale into completing your workout sessions.

How to Choose the Right Gym Mirror

Even with all the benefits gym mirrors provide your home or space, choosing the right mirror is equally significant. Choosing low-quality mirrors negates most of the benefits and also results in added costs and maintenance fees.

If you’ve only recently built your home gym or fitness facility, choosing the appropriate mirrors for your space is an investment you don’t want to spend a costly amount for. You might have to spend a steep amount for high-quality mirrors, but rest assured and unlike low-quality mirrors, you gain the most value for your money’s worth.

The appropriate mirrors for your home and space also ensure a longer product lifespan, durability, and reliability overall. To help make the selection process easier, we’ve outlined 6 factors worth considering before choosing the best gym mirror for your studio, home, fitness facility, or space.

Consider the Size of Your Wall

The size of your wall impacts the placement of the mirrors and how you plan to fit the mirrors in your home or space. Measuring your wall appropriately will give you the number of mirrors you will need along with the proper dimensions needed.

Let’s take a 20 foot wall as an example. If you plan to install your mirrors from one end to the other end, you’ll need 5 6ft x 4ft mirrors. Since the width of the mirror falls at 4ft, 20 feet divided by 4 feet gives you 5. If you plan to leave a 1 foot gap in between each mirror, this will also affect the number of mirrors you will need for your wall.

A 6ft x 4ft mirror is adequate for most walls, however, if your wall is not as wide or as tall, a 5ft x 3ft mirror should be sufficient. Some mirrors can go as tall as 8ft; however, you may need to consult a glass company for a proper quotation or if you prefer the mirror to be at 7ft, you can also have it cut to meet the exact dimensions.

Furthermore, measuring your wall will also help you allocate costs and expenses properly. A 20-feet wide wall will need 5 6ft x 4ft mirrors, but if you wanted a shorter mirror like a 5ft x 3ft, you would need 6 mirrors in total. Without these dimensions, it’s easy to for many to end up spending extra for one or two additional mirrors they don’t need.

Mirror Thickness

The thickness of your mirrors are one of the most crucial factors to look out for. The more thick your mirrors are, the more stable and sturdy it is. You don’t want mirrors that are prone to flexing or easily crack. For larger spaces, such as a studio or fitness centre, studio mirrors should meet a thickness of 4mm at the very least.

For home use, 3mm should suffice. However, if you can find mirrors with 5mm thickness, this would be excellent for larger-sized spaces.

Choose Between a Glass or Acrylic Mirror

There are two types used in the construction of mirrors: glass and acrylic. Glass mirrors provide better reflective properties, while an acrylic mirror allows the mirror to be designed in a custom form. When choosing glass-type mirrors, ensure they’re shatter-proof or come with a protective film to keep the glass pieces together should it crack or break.

For acrylic mirrors, one should exercise caution since these types are usually thinner and don’t reflect as well as glass types. For this reason, acrylic mirrors are better to suited for home gym purposes.

Safety Design Elements

Safety design elements include polished edges and safety backing to keep the glass shards intact in case it breaks. Polished edges are essential to protect you from razor sharp edges that may lead to cuts when moving or transporting your mirror.

Make sure these safety elements are part of the mirror upon purchase. If not, we recommend spending extra for safety backing and polished edges, especially if you plan to use these mirrors in commercial spaces.


Weight influences the convenience of transporting mirrors around your home during the mounting and installation process. A heavy mirror also means its stable and durable; however, this also means it requires a two-man job to mount and install on your wall.

Delivery Charges & Return Policies

It’s worth noting that some manufacturers offer free delivery, which can help you save a lot on costs and expenses. The same goes for returns.

Upon receiving your package, you might notice a chipped piece or crack. In cases like these, a returns policy can be useful. Take note if the mirror you’re buying has a return policy or free delivery service. These may not seem as important right now, but in times of need, these features can be lifesavers.


Should I Install the Mirror Myself?

Installing a mirror requires skill and experience. If you’re installing one mirror, it’s possible to install it yourself; however, if the mirror weighs more than 20kg, we strongly advise you don’t.

If you plan to install multiple mirrors in your gym or home, we recommend consulting a tradesman to perform the installation. Any slight mistake or discrepancy can lead to the mirror loosely fitting the wall and in between the other mirrors. An improper installation will also lead to an ugly V-shape gap. Even with strong DIY skills, it always helps to consult a professional tradesman to ensure the best results.

How Much Should You Pay a Tradesman to Perform the Installation?

Service fee depends on how hard it will be to install your mirror and the number of mirrors you want installed. If the mirrors are heavy and you’re planning to install multiple mirrors in your gym or space, expect to pay around £150.

The average cost or service fee to get the job done should cost between £100 to £150.

What Is the Proper Way to Install a Gym Mirror?

When installing a gym mirror, make sure the wall is absolutely flat. Any bumps in the wall can lossen the fit of your mirror, which is dangerous especially in commercial spaces.

To ensure the wall is flat, you can apply Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) before installing the mirror. Once you’ve applied MDF to your wall, there are 2 ways to install your mirror: through a solvent-based adhesive or a drill bit. Some mirrors come with pre-drilled holes, screws, and screw caps to make the pre-installation process easier on your part.

Between the two, drilling holes in the corners of your mirror and using screws & screw caps ensure a tighter, secure fit. Adhesives work just as well, and are inexpensive methods. However, make sure you don’t apply to much adhesive that it becomes visible as you press the mirror against the wall.

Although using adhesive is a more common method for installing mirrors, if safety is your highest priority, we recommend installing the mirror with screws and screw caps.

Our Top Picks

Rounding up all the factors we discussed in the previous sections, two mirrors stood out among our 4 best picks:

Large Beveled Gym Mirror 5ft x 3ft: Runner Up

The large bevelled gym mirror is an excellent choice for small-to-medium sized spaces. Considering its reasonably priced, is 4mm thick, and comes with beveled edges, it’s no question as to why we consider this mirror as our second best pick.

Even better, this large beveled gym mirror is perfect for budget-conscious users!

Fitness Studio Gym Mirror 6ft x 4ft (4 mm Thick): Winner

Where do even begin? Not only is the quality excellent, but it also comes with pre-drilled holes for a more secure installation. This also makes mounting the mirror easier, and helps you save on costs to purchase additional tools or materials needed for the installation.

Granted, it’s not the cheapest option on our list, but it comes with all the necessary features you would need for residential or commercial places. What’s more is, the frameless finish adds stability and durability to the overall frame. Not to mention the free delivery and return services.

What more can you ask for?


Before you go, we’d love to hear your thoughts below! If you have any questions about our review or any information you’d like to ask us about, don’t hesitate to leave us one in the comments section.

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