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It’s always a good idea to begin with a few trusted favourites of the industry, when you’re talking about home cardio equipment. These are companies and manufacturers with pedigree, a solid brand, and a reputation for quality and viability underpinning it all.

And, let’s be honest, JTX come top of the pack in this regard.

Their designs are great. They are well made, incredibly competitively priced, and suit pretty much any training regime or setting.

This is exactly what you get with the JTX Cyclo Studio. It is one of their best-crafted, most carefully and lovingly designed, most well-built models, that would look at home in any setting, from your basement to the poshest of studios or leisure centres. So we thought we’d take it on for a few weeks so we could bring you our JTC Cyclo Studio review.

JTX Cyclo Studio First Impressions

I really like the look of the JTX Cyclo Studio. This generally doesn’t bother me personally too much – an ugly duckling that performs to perfection will steal my heart every time (spoiler alert: the JTX Cyclo Studio does perform to perfection as well as being pretty).

However, if you’re going to live with something like the JTX Cyclo Studio out all the time (which it will be, as it’s too heavy to shift about too much), or if you want your nice new studio to look it’s best (and who wouldn’t?), aesthetics matter. It’s not just a machine – it’s a part of the furniture, and it needs to complement your décor.

man using cyclo studio

It’s nice to see a large yet sleek frame, finished in matt black stainless steel, ergonomically crafted and ready to go. It’s like a modernist statue.

The flywheel is also promising, too. A 25kg, good quality flywheel (as I’m sure it will be – this is JTX, after all) is always welcome. You want to be able to lay a bit of muscle down as you pedal, either releasing power through sprints or working with a good, smooth turn through longer distances. It got me excited as I read the specs for the first time.

Then you’ve got a couple of trademarked systems, alongside the usual gubbins you would expect of this kind of cycle – decent computer screen with a good few programming and data collecting points, adjustable seats, bottle holders, pulse sensors and so forth. These all look like they will combine to give a comfortable, efficient ride.

On first look, the JTX Cyclo Studio looks like a perfect marriage of form and function.

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JTX Cyclo Studio Specs

The JTX Cyclo Studio is, as the name suggests, an indoor upright cycle built to gym or studio standard. It is designed for durability, stability, and performance – acing these three is what a studio quality bike is all about.

In pursuit of this quality, they have made all the core components top-notch.

For example, the JTX Cyclo Studio has a large, Max Traction™ flywheel, designed to give a smooth, balanced ride. It is 25kg, perimeter weighted, and balanced for maximum utility. This kind of flywheel is essential to a good-quality bike – it gives a smooth, 360-degree pedal stroke, alongside greater efficiency during indoor training and great transferable benefit for road cycling.

The frame itself is pretty formidable. You get a heavy-duty crank with a sealed bearing system. This pairs with the large, 2” x 5” dimensions to give stability and grounding during even the hardest training. The JTX Cyclo Studio is finished with stainless steel throughout, meaning that it will last a lifetime no matter how much you sweat over it.

jtx cyclo studio handlebars and screen

There are a few trademarked gadgets involved with the JTX Cyclo Studio, above and beyond the Max Traction™ flywheel. They also have what they have called a Quadri-Set™ Adjustment System built into the design.

This essentially allows you to perfect posture and alignment. Handlebars and seat adjust vertically and horizontally using quick release handles, intuitively allowing you to refine your stance for a perfect set up, with no hassle involved. There is nothing too revolutionary about this – many bikes have similar set ups. It’s a good example of its kind, however.

The handlebars and dual bottle holder have a multi-position, ergonomic design, once more allowing you to perfect alignment and posture. Aside from the inherent safety concerns this mitigates, allowing for perfect alignment is key in cycling – it will enable you to bring your full power to bear when needed by putting you in the most mechanically advantageous position possible.

There is an advanced training computer, which I’ll get into in more detail below, with plenty of programmes and programmability – you should never get bored training with the JTX Cyclo Studio. Hand pulse sensors track your heartrate, which is displayed on the computer alongside all the usual metrics you would want – speed, time spend, pace, calories burned and so on.

You get a year’s commercial warranty, or 3 years of home warranty.

Check Latest Price Of The JTX Cyclo Studio & Claim Free Extended Warranty

Using The JTX Cyclo Studio

I really enjoyed using the JTX Cylco Studio. I’m not much of one for sedate, steady state training. I never got into road cycling – I love power development through sprinting. Though the JTX Cyclo Studio is genuinely brilliant at both, it has the ability to stand up to a lot of punishment without breaking a sweat – that, I really appreciated.

side view of jtx cyclo studio

It’s 70kg, which will be around about what the average user will weigh. This, combined with its large frame and base, makes it incredibly stable. You won’t really want to move it around too much, as that kind of dead weight generally likes to stay in place, but if you’ve the room to keep it stationary then you couldn’t do much better.

You can push yourself as hard as you like on the JTX Cyclo Studio. Partly, this is because of the build quality and durability. Partly, it’s due to the fantastic flywheel. It’s as weighty as you would expect from a machine like this, making up a full 25 of the 70kg total weight. Those unfamiliar with flywheels might think this would make it sluggish – this is as far from the truth as you could get.

It’s weighty, for sure. But it’s even and balanced. The pedals glide because of it. You will be able to develop your own, incredibly smooth pedal stroke, no matter what level you’re training at. Make no mistake, I love pushing cardio equipment through sprints, but I always make sure to try them at all levels. This flywheel excels at even paced, steady state cardio.

I have been reliably informed that road racers and long-distance cyclists love the JTX Cyclo Studio’s flywheel because of this.

Their trademarked elements are great, too, in their own way. I don’t personally know why they are trademarked, or how they are distinct from other, similar designs. However, they work well.

jtx cyclo pedals

For instance, take the Quadri-Set Adjustment System. It allows you to shift everything around – the handlebars and seat adjust vertically and horizontally, using a neat little quick release handle. It took a bit of finagling, but within 5-10 minutes I had everything laid out perfectly for my build, helped along by the ergonomically designed handlebars themselves. This allowed me to really get my legs into each push, giving me a lot more thrust and staying power.

Many other bikes in the JTX Cyclo Studio’s price bracket also allow you to adjust the handlebars and seats, or at least the seats. It’s nothing to go on about in terms of uniqueness. In terms of execution, however, I can’t fault them.

The pedals are good. In fact, they are JTX SPD Clip-in Pedals that usually retail for around eighty quid, so to get them as standard is terrific. They are flat on one side, with a clip-in system on the other. Clipping in allows you to put power into the upward component of each pedal, effectively doubling (or close to) your output.

The software itself is none too impressive. However, with a decent, workable tablet holder, you can access any number of apps and classes. Try out Peloton, Bitgym, Aaptiv or something like that for a bit of inspiration. I generally prefer high quality preloaded programmes, but these days there is no burning need for them.

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  • Range leading 25kg flywheel
  • One of the most well built and stable bikes in the range
  • Impressive 3 year home warranty
  • 160kg max user weight
  • Dual pedals as standard
  • Software is limited for the price


I hope you can tell by now just how much I like the JTX Cyclo Studio. As I said at the beginning, it’s a proper pairing of form and function. It is sleek and elegant, almost beautiful, and will look fantastic in any modern household. It also handles amazingly well thanks to the finer details that JTX have covered.

No one thing makes the JTX Cyclo Studio a winner. The frame is good, but not ground breaking. The trademarked bits are well executed but hardly novel. The software is lacking, though the quality of the hardware more than makes up for it.

The flywheel might make it a winner, come to think of it…

However, it’s the mix of all of these things, combined and crafted to perfection, that would make me happy to recommend the JTX Cyclo Studio to anybody. It’s a wonderful machine, designed and built with care and expertise. You will have any number of fantastic workouts with it – I promise you.

Check Latest Price Of The JTX Cyclo Studio & Claim Free Extended Warranty