The Wonder Core 2 – a fitness fad or a must-have? In this Wonder Core 2 Review, we rigorously test it out so that you have a verdict before purchasing. Here’s what we found…

Wonder Core 2 feature image

The Wonder Core 2 is pitched as a versatile home workout aid and despite its name it targets much more than just your core muscles. This Wonder Core 2 review aims to discover whether it actually lives up to the hype or whether there are better options for your home workout.

What Is The Wonder Core 2?

The Wonder Core 2 is a cleverly designed machine that offers 12 workouts from one device. With a firm focus on core muscle development, the Wonder Core can also cater for developing an array of upper body muscle groups including biceps, triceps, shoulder and back muscles, and can even be used for some leg exercises.

This product generally retails at less than £100 and promises the potential to completely replace the need for gym membership. Given the portable and compact nature of the Wondercore 2 it could be an absolute winner if it lives up to even half of the hype surrounding it.

This isn’t the first piece of exercise equipment we have seen from this company, with the Wonder Core Smart being the inaugural product and also having a fairly good track record from its users.

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Wonder Core 2 First Impressions

Wonder Core 2 with built in Twisting Seat and Rower

The Wonder Core 2 requires some assembly when you first receive it and although it is part assembled it will still take around 35 minutes to put together. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and most people will be absolutely fine in setting up this machine.

The first impressions are that the WonderCore 2 looks extremely well made. Manufactured from strong steel and featuring three foam rollers to support the back and one to support the shins, this piece of equipment can comfortably withstand 120kg of weight.

It is so well-made it actually wouldn’t look out of place in the gym. The design is pretty impressive as it includes a twisting seat (perfect for targeting those obliques), pulley-based resistance bands (with up to 6 levels of resistance), and the folding and spring-loaded frame allows you to perform movements that go beyond the 180 degrees that floor-based exercise might limit you to.

The frame of the Wonder Core 2 is very sturdy and easy to fold down for storage. It weighs just under 11kg and measures up at 102 cm x 89cm x 54cm when in use and just 112cm x 54cm x 32cm when folded.

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Wonder Core 2 Exercises

The Wonder Core 2 really does allow you to focus on a range of exercises that can provide you with a full body workout. Whether that will be enough for you to cancel your gym membership will really depend on your overall goals.

For anyone just starting out or for anyone really wanting to target their core then this is an excellent choice, but for those who want a higher level of resistance training then the chances are that this machine alone will not be enough. That being said, there are a lot of Wonder Core 2 exercises that can be performed to really bring about the gains.

The resistance bands can be used to provide a unique rowing system that can be performed either vertically or on an incline. They can also be used to perform resistance-based isolation exercises such as tricep extensions, bicep curls and the chest fly.

The main function of the back support is to allow you to push against the light resistance into a decline extension – this is something that you can of course perform on a bench, but the Wonder Core 2 gives a greater amount of support to the back as the foam rollers go beyond the sides of your back (unlike a narrow bench).

There is also an audible click that tells you that you have reached full extension and the back is semi-supported at all times, meaning that there is less impact on your joints and less chance of injury when performing sit-ups into a decline position.

The final element of this machine that we really like is the twisting seat. This allows you to target your abs and obliques through all planes of motion that allow you to target the muscle fibres in the direction that they travel through the body.

An exercise guide is included in the package as well as a DVD with example workouts. Here are just some of the exercises you might find yourself performing:

Wonder Core 2 with built in Twisting Seat and Rower
  • Push-Ups
  • Sit-Ups
  • Ab Tucks
  • Decline Stretches
  • Seated Row
  • Chest Fly
  • Bicep Curls
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Lat Pull Ups
  • Upright Row
  • Shoulder Press
  • Oblique Twists
  • And there are lots more…

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Does The Wonder Core 2 Work?

We used the Wonder Core 2 for one month with 3-4 workouts per week. We mainly used it to target our core muscles and also utilised a HIIT-style workout with air bike, scissor kicks and ab tucks as the main focus for this.

Under perfect testing conditions we would have wanted to test this for longer (and we may come back and revise this section of the review at a later date), but nevertheless we did see results after just 30 days.

During the testing phase our test subject dropped 4 pounds of body weight. There was a visible difference in the stomach area in particular, and the abs and obliques were feeling pretty solid. The tester had around 16% body fat to begin with and by the end the upper abs were starting to show more definition.

Of course, to physically see the muscles the body fat percentage would need to be significantly lower – but for most people they will be starting off with a higher percentage body fat than, say, 10%, so these results are likely achievable for most.

To answer the question ‘does the Wonder Core 2 work?’, we would have to say yes, it does. However, you could perform most of these exercises either at home with a mat or at the gym with the help of a few machines and accessories. The difference with the Wonder Core 2 is that you are getting access to a lot of different exercises from one machine, it can be used at home, and it allows you to push your range of motion further to provide your muscles with even more of a stretch.

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Should You Buy Wonder Core 2?

If you are trying to decide whether or not to buy the Wondercore 2 then you really need to assess your fitness aims. If you are looking to build muscle mass then this isn’t the accessory for you. However, for those looking to build lean muscle, shed body fat and/or apply high intensity interval training to their regime, then the Wonder Core 2 is an excellent choice.

The other factor to consider is where you intend to train the most. If you are predominantly going to work out at home and have limited space then this is perhaps the best all-round choice. For those who have a gym membership and are looking to supplement with some cardio or core work at home then for the cardio this isn’t really going to cut the mustard; however, for the core it certainly will.

The final factor to consider is that the lower body isn’t particularly well-catered for with the Wondercore 2. The range of exercises for the upper body is impressive though, so if you are going for a full body workout be prepared to supplement your lower body training with some lunges and squats – easily achievable though!

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We are not usually a fan of gimmicky-looking exercise aids, and whilst the Wondercore 2 does at first sight look like a gimmick or ‘too good to be true’, it is actually a very cleverly designed workout aid and for anyone who is looking to develop their core then this is about as good as it gets.

Being able to push a fuller range of motion whilst having the back well supported means that you can really feel the strain in a good way. If you approach your training with consistency and supplement it with good nutrition, then you will certainly see and feel the benefits of this system quickly.

For those seeking muscle mass then this isn’t for you. For everyone else, then the Wonder Core 2 needs some serious consideration.

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