Sedentary lifestyles are arguably the world’s biggest killers. The adverse effects of following a sedentary lifestyle extend to far more than simple weight mismanagement and an inability to walk up the stairs without getting out of breath – you will likely experience severe physical and mental health consequences if you’re inactive.

This can include an increased risk from a plethora of chronic health conditions, such as heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, dementia, and plenty, plenty more, as well as decreased energy levels, low mood, heightened vulnerability to stress, and ultimately, a greater susceptibility to depression.

This is the tip of the iceberg. Trust me, the list goes on, and on, and on…

However, active lifestyles can be hard to manage. We are all busy, we all get tired, we all have plenty of responsibilities – how do we find the time? Well, aside from the fact that you can build exercise into your daily life, and that it takes far less exercise (in terms of both time spent and intensity worked to) to reap the benefits of an active lifestyle than you might imagine, there are plenty of handy gadgets to allow you to get moving whilst relaxing at home in front of the TV.

Walking pads are amongst the best of them. And Bigzzia’s is amongst the best low-price flat treadmill that money can buy.

First Impressions Of The Bigzzia Treadmill

All many of us need to get our daily dose of activity in, is a slim, portable walker. This is exactly what you get with Bigzzia’s treadmill. It is compact, easy to move, and pretty lightweight (which is surprising, especially when you see how powerful the motor is!). It comes completely Bigzzia Motorised Treadmill, Under Desk Treadmill Portable Walking Running Pad Flat Slim Machine with Remote Control and LCD Display for Home Office Gym Use, Installation-Free (Iron grey)assembled, which I love (I hate having to mess about with spanners and screwdrivers when all I want is to get a good workout in!), and looks genuinely sleek and stylish when you get it out of the box.

Reading up on the specs before use, I got pretty excited. It goes fairly fast for such a compact treadmill – which are generally better used for walking than jogging or running. It can get up to 10 km/h, which is far more than an average walking pace, and far more akin to an average medium intensity jog.

Then there are the techy bits, which don’t usually get me too excited, but upon which a lot of a machine’s utility will be based. Though inexpensive and simply designed (which I love), Bigzzia give you a smart LCD screen that gives you all the stats you want. The belt is clearly high quality, too, with an anti-slip, anti-static design, making it perfect for safely pounding away the miles.

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Specs And Key Features Of The Bigzzia Treadmill

So far so good, but how do the treadmill’s specs and key features measure up under closer scrutiny?

Simply put, they hold up incredibly well – quite astonishingly so for such a low-price, no fuss, no frills model.

You get a decent range of speeds, as mentioned above, with the treadmill going from 1 – 10kph. This is all adjustable using the remote control included and is easily viewed on the decent quality LCD screen. Other important data are readily, easily available, too, including all the usual suspects such as time, speed, calories burned, distance travelled and so on.Bigzzia Motorised Treadmill, Under Desk Treadmill Portable Walking Running Pad Flat Slim Machine with Remote Control and LCD Display for Home Office Gym Use, Installation-Free (Iron grey)

It is also genuinely streamlined and portable, which is vital in a machine like this. If it wasn’t, you may as well go for a better quality but static model. It lies completely flat and will fit under any desk or bed space. It can also easily be propped up in any decent sized cupboard. It only weighs 23.5kg which, alongside wheels incorporated into the frame, make it easy enough for most people to shift unaided.

The treadmill measures in at 120cm x 50cm x 14cm and has a top user weight of 110kg, which will make it perfectly appropriate for all but the largest of athletes.

Then there is the motor, which is great. It gives 1.5HP, which is adequate for the kinds of speeds expected of it. More importantly, it’s quiet. Though you’ll be noisy jogging with a heavy footfall, you will be able to walk for hours without disturbing anybody. This is always vital in making an at-home or at-work piece of equipment usable.

The treadmill has a shock absorption and noise reduction system in place. It consists in part of the solid, durable steel frame, which holds everything steady, and in part of a 5-layer shock-absorbing structure with an anti-slip, anti-static, lawn texture belt. This will cushion your joints, keeping your ankles, knees, and hips safe as you work out.

It all comes fully assembled, as mentioned above, which means minimal fuss or bother.

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Using The Bigzzia Treadmill

All of this shows when you get on the Bigzzia Treadmill and take it for a spin.

It is, as above, very compact and easy to move around. This, in turn, makes it incredibly easy to live with and use on a daily basis without having to sacrifice any meaningful floorspace. Realistically, this means that it’s achieved one of its principal objectives.

The speed variation and upper limit are also both welcome. The belt size is perfect for walking and jogging at moderate speeds, which the motor accommodates. This is your limit – don’t buy the Bigzzia Treadmill expecting to be able to get up to any real fast paces.

Bigzzia Motorised Treadmill, Under Desk Treadmill Portable Walking Running Pad Flat Slim Machine with Remote Control and LCD Display for Home Office Gym Use, Installation-Free (Iron grey) However, this isn’t the point. Being able to get up to 10kph on a smaller belt is perfect for its target audience – those wanting to walk for miles without leaving the house, with the option of taking it a little bit further from time to time.

It does this admirably, achieving its other principal objective.

The speed controls are also pretty easy to use, especially for this kind of machine. Most treadmills have their speed controls set into their monitor and/or arms, both within easy reach. Obviously, a flat machine doesn’t have this option. There are no arms, and the monitor is at your feet. The Bigzzia Treadmill gets around this by including a remote, which is perfect. It works well, responds quickly, and gives you some great training options.

The monitor’s LCD screen is decent, if a little flimsy looking. It is easy to use, offers good visibility, and gives you all the stats you want. This is great, though screens tend not to excite me too much!

I tend to get excited more by performance. As above, the motor is good, giving you a good top speed. It is also incredibly comfortable, thanks to the cushioning and the sturdy frame, and is near silent. Also as above, this is crucial if you’re to use this around other people – which the majority of buyers will be doing.

There are always some pitfalls with folding, flat treadmills in this price range. The Bigzzia Treadmill is guilty of most of them. The low upper speed limit is always rubbish, meaning that you can’t really use it for much more than fast walking or slow jogging. There are no incline options, either, which once again diminishes the amount of intensity you can garner from it. A lack of pre-programmed routines also inhibits utility. Though you can use it perfectly well for long walks, you can’t get anything too fancy going.

However, these are all bugbears that users simply need to get over, for the most part. They are the trade-off involved in buying such a well-priced, easily stored piece of cardio equipment. They are baked into this kind of treadmill’s DNA as surely as any plus points are – and the plus points with the Bigzzia Treadmill are more than enough to compensate for them.

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Though they have brought out an exemplar of the form, there are plenty more flat treadmills out there than Bigzzia’s. I personally quite like Citysports’ Folding Motorised Treadmill, for instance.

CitySports are a very well-respected professional treadmill manufacturer, with plenty of products known for high-quality. This tells in their folding treadmill. Though it looks pretty basic and simple, it is incredibly usable and comes in at a great price, making it a perfect competitor for Bigzzia.

It has a silent engine, good shock absorption in its deck, decent safety systems in place, a lubrication system that reminds you to oil your band, and tell you when to, a range of techy goodness like Bluetooth connectivity, and a very elegant, foldable design.

The Citysports Folding Motorised Treadmill is also perfect for saving space, again making it ideal for comparison with Bigzzia’s treadmill. It has been designed specifically to store easily in an upright position, so you can simply slip it away in a spare cupboard when you’re not using it. It has no sides, which gives it a unique, quite nice look, whilst also saving on weight and space. It’s only a little over 26kg, so pretty comparable to Bigzzia’s 23.5kg model; with its wheels in place, it should still be pretty portable for most people.

The tread is also comfortable, with intelligent shock absorption technology, keeping your ankles, knees and hips safe as you train. It reaches a top speed of 6kph and offers no incline options. This is limiting, as you will never get more than an easy, light jog out of it.

Maximum user weight is on the low side, at just 100kg rather than Bigzzia’s 110kg. This may suit many users. However, heavier athletes won’t be able to use it, which is a shame, as walking on shock absorbent surfaces is perfect for those looking to bring themselves down from obesity. It also has a top speed of 6kph, making it much more of a walker than Bigzzia’s.

However, it is well-made, well-designed, usable by most for what it is designed for, and incredibly well-priced.


Bigzzia’s treadmill is fantastic. It is a steal at the price, setting you back barely anything at all, whilst delivering a lot. It features enough of a top speed to push most users through a bit of a jog, while at the same time keeping them safe and comfortable with its shock-absorption technology and quiet motor.

It looks good, takes no assembly, and stores very, very easily – paired with its quietness, this makes it ideal for home-use. It is a genuine pleasure to live with. I would push anyone looking to keep themselves safe whilst getting a little more active, perhaps losing a little weight, to seriously consider investing in one.

Not that they’ll have to invest all that much – again, it’s an absolute bargain!

Check Latest Price Of The Bigzzia Treadmill