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The fitness industry never ceases to amaze me! It’s like a chameleon- forever adapting to feed the insatiable demand and appetite of exercise enthusiasts from exercise neophytes, fair weather participants to seasoned athletes. Exercise equipment manufacturers are forever busy with meeting upon meeting with their R and D teams brainstorming ideas in hope of creating the next “Holy Grail” in the world of exercise equipment.

Over my 3 decades as a Fitness Professional, I’ve seen nearly every exercise craze and exercise gadget, product and equipment come and go. Some are good, some are rather bad and some are darn right ugly! I’m perpetually amused when I do come across the latest “all sing, all dancing” product that promises to deliver XYZ to the consumer/user, only to fall short on their promises, leaving the user disheartened and de-motivated.

Conversely, there are many incredible products that have a proven track record and their longevity in the fitness equipment market is testimony to how effective and well-loved these products truly are.

But every so often, I encounter an exercise product that makes me sit up (pardon the exercise pun!) and think: “Wow! I wish I’d thought of that – I can truly see the immediate appeal of this and how it works”.

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Introducing The Ex-Belt

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Enter the “Ex Belt”. Upon perusing the Ex Belt’s website (www.exbelt.co.uk) at first blush, I said to myself: “I get this. I can see exactly how this works, its uses and benefits”. Okay, I may be commenting from the perspective of a “trained eye with thirty years of experience”, but when I showed the Ex Belt’s website pages to my two teenage sons and my wife, their immediate thoughts mirrored mine. The point is, they “got it” too – immediately!

Let me rewind a little and tell you the back story to this eye catching, nifty exercise product. During the original UK lockdown, a young, smart and enthusiastic runner named Tom Miles was on furlough. While out running one glorious day, he was pondering on the idea of how to introduce and incorporate upper body movement into running or walking. Water bottles? Done. Hand weights? Already thought of. Wrist weights? Done too! Besides, they’re all too cumbersome and what do you when you need to put them down temporarily? Eureka! The Ex Belt was born. Most interestingly, Tom isn’t even a fitness pro! He has another non allied profession, but out of desperation came his inspiration.

So what exactly is the Ex Belt? In essence, the Ex Belt is Revolutionary Resistance Training. It is the neatest, most compact exercise accessory available today. It is simply a well thought out and designed harness with resistance bands attached at the sides allowing the would-be user to utilise the bands to work the upper body in unison with the lower body while engaged in running or walking.

It’s been designed to be adaptable, versatile and multifunctional to suit all training needs for virtually everyone, regardless of age, gender or level of physical condition. It is very intuitive. The moment it’s un-packaged, it becomes obvious as to what it actually is. A well-illustrated instruction card on how to assemble the Ex Belt in literally moments is included.

Once you place the adjustable Ex Belt around your waist, your instincts guide you as to where to position your hands. Of course, if you really do get stuck, visit the Ex Belt website on how to use it and for a plethora of the Ex Belt’s uses.

Let’s be honest, unless you’re a running junkie, some exercisers find running somewhat monotonous. Pounding the ground stride after stride, mile after mile your legs just want to carry you in a homeward direction. By strapping on an Ex Belt you can now transform dull, tedious and repetitive running regimes into effective and goal-achieving challenges!  

The manufacturer claims you can get much more from your exercise by adding the Ex Belt to your run and apparently one can increase one’s calorie expenditure by up to an eye watering 30%!! These are strong claims, but trying is believing! One of the Ex Belt’s moto’s is “Boost Every Stride and Get More from Your Cardio” Can I dispute this claim? No way! On my very first outing with the product, the Ex Belt’s “Modus Operandi” could instantly be felt. My upper body was fully stimulated within a few minutes and I could truly feel the full effectiveness of this wonder product. I’ve never run with resistance prior to the introduction of the Ex Belt- and I would consider myself in very good physical condition.

My entire body felt challenged to a new dimension like never before.

There’s more! The Ex Belt doesn’t stop when the running stops. It seems that every step of your fitness journey, the Ex Belt has it covered!

See The Ex-Belt In Action and Check Latest Price

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Upon further perusing the website, it’s easy to become seduced by potential of this multi-faceted and adaptable ingenious fitness accessory. There are video demonstrations of using the Ex Belt for HIIT workouts, boxing and martial arts and even yoga moves!

Not only that, the Ex Belt is the fitness accessory that keeps on giving. As your progress grows, the Ex Belts grows with you. There’s a selection colour referenced Ex Bands that offers different resistance levels enabling you to ramp up your training for faster results!

The Red bands represent the lightest level of resistance offering 10 to 15 pounds. Next up the level are the Blue bands, providing between 15 to 20 pounds, followed by the Green bands with a respectable 20 to 25 pounds. For the ultimate workout, the Black bands gives 25 to 30 pounds of tension. To kick start your fitness quest, the Ex Belt comes with a generous package of Red and Blue Ex Bands. Additional Ex Bands to complete your set can be purchased at a very low cost.

If you’re very limited in the square footage of your domestic dwelling department, and I’m talking super small studio apartments and you want to exercise regularly, the Ex Belt is the answer to your prayers. Weighing in at a super competitive weight of less than 200 grams, it’s genuinely the most portable, take anywhere, multifunctional exercise product on the market and genuinely doesn’t require a large amount of space. It’s the perfect travelling companion for when you want to exercise on the move.

Hi- tech doesn’t necessarily guarantee high results. The Ex Belt is far from hi-tech, but it scores high on value, versatility, build quality, ease of use, portability and simplicity. It can deliver the results that one would expect from fitness items costing significantly more. In effect, the Ex Belt covers all bases. It’s a steal at just £24.99, not forgetting that two Ex Bands are thrown in for that price.

Tom and his team at Ex Belt are exceedingly proud that the Ex Belt is an exclusively British thoroughbred brand. From its conception, to manufacturing process and the logistical rollout, the Ex Belt can stamp its mark as 100% British with great pride.

Ex-Belt Verdict

In conclusion, you simply cannot go wrong with the Ex Belt. It’s one of those “must have” exercise products and you’ll always regret it if don’t have one, but you’ll never when you do! It can be used by anyone, anytime and any place.

There’s a saying that goes: “The best things come in small packages and “The best inventions are the simplest ideas”. The Ex Belt is a true embodiment of the above!

If it was a contender in the title for the “Best Exercise and Fitness Product of the Decade”, the Ex Belt would be declared the heavy weight champion!

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See The Ex-Belt In Action and Check Latest Price