In this Hux Nootropic review, James Dixon examines just how effective this new supplement is and how it stacks up against the ever growing competition.

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James Dixon

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Fitness Brain is reader supported. Content may contain links and purchases made may earn us a commission. Find out more

Supplements tend to represent a very dynamic sector. There are new products coming to market all the time, and new businesses set up to create, perfect, and flog them. Ten years is a long time in this business – most of the top nootropics going are far younger than this.

Which brings us quite nicely to HUX Nootropics, one of the best, freshest nootropics I’ve come across in quite some time.

HUX Nootropics Explained

A company’s story, their founding myth, can tell you a lot about them. I’m always interested to find them out, especially with younger companies who will still be focussed on their original guiding principles. This is where I first get to express my complete admiration for HUX.

Nootropics aren’t their only product. Far from it, in fact. They have a good line of life- and wellness- improving supplements. All of them begins from the same place, however. The founders ask: What does ‘wellness’ mean? And to whom?

Everything else sort of follows on from there.

Their founders, Fadi, Damien, and Alistair found themselves eager to invest in their health. They want to find the right supplements for their own individual needs. Doing so proved tricky, however. It was confusing and stressful.

I’m not quite sure why this was the case. It certainly doesn’t need to have been. But I’m glad it was. It led them to the creation of HUX.

They set out to, in their words, ‘create a health company that inspires people to find their daily edge by making complex nutrition simple’.

They have certainly had a good go at it, with great success.

They wanted to reclaim the idea of wellness, of feeling good on your own terms. And they wanted to do so without health becoming boring, overly complex, or in any way uninspiring. They call health ‘beautiful, even aspirational’.

Their line is superb. Their nootropics follow in the same footsteps as their other supplements – something that has led us to class them as one of our ‘trusted suppliers‘ – having had numerous conversations with Fadi (one of the founding members) and after getting a real insight in to their business.

In them, HUX have brought together some of the best ingredients going, ingredients that always raise the game of any nootropic they appear in. Everything is clinically backed, proven to improve short and long term cognitive function whilst aiding long term health. All put together, the ingredients found in HUX should improve your brain health, give you sharper focus, and give you a lot more mental energy and stamina.

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HUX Nootropic Ingredients

As above, HUX use some of the top nootropic ingredients to give you one of the greatest all round nootropic compounds going.

The formula relies heavily on citicoline, one of the most potent nootropic ingredients for supporting mental energy, focus, and attention, and for maintaining longer term health. It appears in proprietary form as 500mg of Cognizin®, which has been clinically proven to give you every benefit HUX claim. It passes through the blood-brain barrier efficiently, and then helps in building cell membranes and protective coatings around nerves, whilst also balancing neurotransmitter communication.

This improvement to brain message carrying is boosted by the clever inclusion of soy phosphatidylserine and phosphatic acid. Both help with neurotransmitter communication, whilst the latter aids mind and memory sharpness and clarity. Both go some way to protecting braincells from damage.

HUX nootropic also contains lion’s mane mushroom extract and gingko biloba extract, two of the most common, most welcome nootropic ingredients going. Ginkgo improves blood flow to the brain. This in turn increases the amounts of nutrients being delivered to the brain, boosting energy levels. Lion’s mane mushroom, meanwhile, has been shown to help repair nerve damage, ward against dementia, anxiety, and depression, and boost your immune system. It has been linked to a decreased risk of heart disease, cancer, ulcers, and diabetes.

Both are potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

Meanwhile, Bacopa Monnieri has been a part of Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years, associated with various cognitive benefits. These include improvements to memory, treatment for epilepsy, and a reduction in anxiety levels.

I always like to see l-theanine in nootropics. HUX obliges, here, with a generous dose. Theanine can reduce the effects of mental fatigue, stress, and anxiety, whilst also improving cognitive function.

Then there is a good caffeine kick, which I always appreciate. HUX includes it as caffeine anhydrous, extracted from green coffee beans using water instead of ethanol, thus preserving its potency. It is a strong antioxidant and will give you a good energy kick.

Finally, HUX Nootropic includes a solid vitamin B complex. This includes vitamins B5, B6, and B12, which together aid heightened energy levels, healthy nervous system and brain development, and protecting against brain atrophy. Pantothenic acid, meanwhile, is a B vitamin which aids normal brain function and has been linked with improvements to memory. Lastly, niacin is a B vitamin shown to help in maintaining normal psychological function.

Check Latest Price Of Hux Nootropics

Benefits of HUX

The benefits to be gained from HUX Nootropic are exactly what you would expect of any good quality nootropic. It will improve your overall brain function whilst keeping your brain healthy in the long run.

You should find yourself with greater focus and drive, improved cognitive energy, an improved memory, and improvements to any stress or anxiety symptoms you may suffer when you take it. It should keep you alert and functioning at your best every single day.

The energy should be long lasting. Though caffeine will give you a spike and then a crash, this is greatly mitigated and extended by the improved blood flow to your brain. This will keep your brain supplied with all of the oxygen and nutrients it needs to fire on all cylinders. 

How to Use HUX Nootropics

HUX is a very easy supplement to take. Simply throw back two tablets daily with a glass of water, preferably in the morning for lasting improved cognitive function throughout the day.

Using HUX Nootropic

A supplement can look good on paper, as HUX Nootropic certainly does. However, this doesn’t always mean that it will turn out to be good in practice. I’ve experienced this plenty of times – I get myself all excited for a supplement that looks like the next wonder drug, only to be thoroughly underwhelmed by the effects (and lack thereof).

I was therefore a little nervous in approaching this HUX supplement. I really wanted it to work. I didn’t want to skew my findings with bias, so I tried to keep a lid on it, but I really was rooting for HUX.

My excitement paid off. I was thoroughly, thoroughly pleased by my results on taking HUX Nootropic. It does everything it should do and more.

I found myself with long lasting energy and some to spare (at a time when deadlines were pinching, so this was really put to the test!) In fact, I found myself drinking far less coffee than usual – I simply didn’t need it. This energy was also accompanied by a great deal of mental clarity – no brain fog, no taking ages to come around in the morning, simply up and about, at my best all the time.

It was fantastic, on par with the best of the best.

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Pros and Cons



  • Very effective formula
  • High doses of some of the best ingredients going
  • Fantastic company with a great philosophy
  • Subscription discounts on offer
  • Reasonably priced
  • You get twenty days’ worth per pot, which is a bit odd


Do HUX Nootropics contain any caffeine?

HUX Nootropics contain 100mg of caffeine per serving. This is around half the recommended daily limit, or the equivalent of two large cups of coffee.

Can I use HUX Nootropic if I’m pregnant?

HUX Nootropic contains caffeine, which makes it unsuitable to pregnant and breastfeeding women. There are plenty of stimulant free nootropics out there, however, which should be perfectly safe.

Is HUX Nootropics suitable for children?

Again, because of its caffeine content, HUX Nootropics are unsuitable for anybody under the age of eighteen.

Is HUX Nootropics vegan?

Yes, HUX Nootropics are entirely vegan, as well as being gluten-free and non-GMO. They tick every box.

How does the subscription service work?

HUX’s subscription service is very easy to use. Simply select the ‘Subscribe and Save’ option on their website then checkout as normal. You will then get your subscription through (the same product) each month. You can cancel, update, or simply just pause your subscription any time.


I have rarely been so impressed by a newcomer to the nootropics market. They simply face too much incredibly high-quality competition. How do you go up against the likes of NooCube and Mind Lab Pro?

Simply: create HUX Nootropics.

It’s fantastic. The company are great. The subscription service is cost-effective and easy to navigate and use. Pricing is competitive.

All this, and the formula is absolutely top-drawer. It’s a winner on all counts.

Check Latest Price Of Hux Nootropics