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Best Vertical Climbers

Looking for a vertical climber to use in your own home? We have you covered and have compiled a list of the best vertical climbers in the UK right now.

But before we dive straight in to the reviews, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of vertical climbers and give you the chance to assess whether or not one of these machines is right for you.

Vertical Climber Benefits

There are a number of reasons why vertical climbers are a good addition to your weekly workout regime and just three sessions per week will start to elicit results. The first point to make is that they can be used by almost anyone regardless of existing fitness level or mobility and the amount of strain on joints is minimal thanks to their low impact nature.

Vertical climbers really are an excellent cardiovascular workout and will allow you to expend a large amount of energy. In fact, some studies have shown that vertical climbers can allow you to burn twice the number of calories that you would on a treadmill when workout duration is the same. Part of the reason for this is that you are getting a full body workout as you are using your arms and legs at the same time – you are also using your core muscles a great deal more and the linear movement is ideal for engaging the abdominals.

Vertical climbers are easy to use and don’t take up a great deal of space – often able to fold down to be stored in a cupboard or against a wall. It offers low impact exercise that is accessible for all with an entry price level that is also pretty affordable.

Whether you are looking to tone your upper and lower body muscles or improve your cardiovascular fitness (or both), a mountain climber (as they are sometimes known) will soon become one of your most valued assets in your fitness regime. So let’s take a look at our top 5.

Best Vertical Climbers

Maxi Climber

Maxi Climber Vertical Climbing Cardio Exercise Machine by New Image Our overall top pick has to be the Maxi Climber. Suitable for both men and women and able to support up to 110kg of weight, the Maxi Climber is one of the most popular vertical climbers on the UK market. It is reasonably priced compared to the competition and is very easy to set up and is incredibly easy to use. The Maxi has 5 different height settings to allow you to change to a height that is right for you and it can be folded down after use for easy storage (it will even fit under the bed). Anyone up to 6’5″ tall will be fine when using the Maxi Climber.

This piece of equipment comes with a digital display that counts your steps and it also includes a diet and exercise plan and an exercise wall chart planner.

Overall, we found the Maxi to be well made, very robust and very easy to use – but with enough going on that a 15-30 minute workout can be challenging as you push faster. As with anything, using the Maxi to get the results you are looking for will require time, dedication and consistency on your part, but as far as at-home cardio workouts go, this is a top choice and is perfect for anyone wanting a good high intensity interval training workout.

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Confidence Fitness Vertical Climber

Confidence Fitness Vertical Climber Folding Climbing Exercise Machine The Confidence Fitness is one of the more budget vertical climbers available but it stacks up well against some of the more expensive alternatives. The steel frame can withstand up to 120kg of weight (10kg more than the Maxi Climber) and is pretty similar in overall design to our top pick. Like the the Maxi, the Confidence Fitness model is foldable which makes it ideal for home use – when folded it stands or lies at 41cm x 70m x 175cm. When unfolded the dimensions are 93.5cm x 70cm x 175cm-215cm depending on which height setting you have it set to.

With non-slip pedals and a steel wire rope driving the mechanism, the Confidence Fitness is built to last and we found it provided us with a smooth and challenging workout. This model is very stable and although it doesn’t feature a digital step or calorie counter you can easily do without this if you are well motivated.

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Relife Vertical Climber

RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Vertical Climber Climbing Machine for Home Gym Body Workout Folding Exercise Cardio Workout Machine Stair StepperAnother top vertical climber this time from Relife. The overall design of this model is similar to the first two vertical climbers we have featured with one key difference being the built in LCD monitor for tracking steps. Like the other two models, this VC can be folded away and stored easily under a bed or in a cupboard. The dimensions of the Relife model are 41c x 71cm x 183cm when folded so it’s not the smallest but is still pretty compact.

The steel frame is very well made and is one of the sturdiest we tested – it can also withstand up to 120kg of weight comfortably. One thing we really liked about the Relife model was that it comes supplied with extra grease and batteries which inevitably you will need. We found the movement of this climber to be very smooth and the five height levels were great for adjusting the difficulty of the steps as well as finding a comfortable height level. The non-slip pedals on this version have been widened and this was a common complaint on the previous model – still, good to see that the consumer voice has been heard and action taken to improve an already good setup. One aspect of the Relife model we didn’t particularly like was that the digital step counter is very difficult to see when you are actually using the machine, but you can of course check it when you finish or if you have a short break.

Like most climbers, the stationary handles are great if you need to rest your arms or just want a lower body workout and the sweat resistant foam is comfortable to the touch.

If you are looking for a good core, upper and lower body workout then the Relife comes with some suggested exercises to get you going and is more than capable of providing you with a challenge.

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Connect2Sport Vertical Climber

Connect2sport Vertical Climber Total Body Workout with Built In Monitor The Connect2Sport mountain climber is another budget option and again stacks up pretty well against the others on this list. There are of course going to be some minor issues when opting for a cheaper alternative but if you are going to be using this climber a few times a week then it is going to suffice for most users.

Fundamentally, this climber is pretty similar to the others we have reviewed and on first sight you might even mistake it for one of the more expensive options – however the main drawback of this climber is the build quality and stability. As it is designed with slightly thinner shafts some consumers have complained of minor warping which has led to a less stable platform to work from – we didn’t encounter this problem ourselves but if you weigh towards the upper ends of the recommended max user weight of 110kg then it might be better to opt for a more expensive model. The other main issue with this climber is that it can be a little noisy when compared to its rivals – a good oiling does help but it is still a little on the noisy side.

The drawbacks aside, this is an excellent climber that will have you in shape in no time at all if you use it consistently and combine it with good nutrition. We found the steel frame to be plenty sturdy enough (with a 78kg 6ft male using it) and it really did provide a stern cardio test. The handles can be adjusted depending on your size and how testing you want your workout to be and there is an LCD display which is located at the top of the machine meaning you can actually read the step counter during your workout.

Overall, the Connect2Sport is a good cheap mountain climber and if you pump up the music whilst working out (which is advised) then the noisy drive cable is not going to cause you too many worries.

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Capital Sports 2-in-1 Vertical Climber

Capital Sports CB Coup 2-in-1 Mountain Climber & X-Bike Height Adjustable Foldable The Capital Sports model is a little different to the other machines we have reviewed here as it actually has a built in exercise bike as well as the mountain climber element. As a result of this, the Capital Sports climber is the most expensive we reviewed and as we are focusing predominantly on climbers here we will focus on this part of the product – however it should be stated that the exercise bike part of the equipment works very well and has 8 levels of magnetic resistance.

As a vertical climber this was one of our favourites and the only reason it is in 5th spot is due to the price. What we loved about this model was the stability it had. As it has quite a lot of extra weight due to the bike, the whole frame is a lot sturdier than even the Maxi-Climber. It features 5 adjustable step positions with a max climbing size of 4ocm. It is completely foldable but is just over 200cm in length when folded – still, for what you are getting here it is very compact indeed.

There are two LCD displays (one for each side) and the climber LCD will give you key data such as steps, calories and duration of workout – the position of this makes it easily visible during your workout too.

We’d say that for anyone who is planning highly rigorous workouts then the Capital Sport is probably best equipped. As you have that extra feeling of stability you feel like you can really push harder and faster which for anyone undertaking a HIIT approach will be ideal.

Overall, we’d say if you think an exercise bike is going to be something you would use alongside a climber then this is an excellent choice – however, for anyone who won’t use this feature or already has a bike then opting for the Maxi Climber is probably the best choice.

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